How to Properly Size Gas Logs

Sizing Gas Logs properly is extremely important and can be a little tricky. The main consideration is the size of the burner you have, and what space is required for your ignition system. A common mistake is getting gas logs that are too large for your fireplace, and this will cause your gas log system to malfunction.

Steve, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale

By Steve,
Gas Logs Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

Hansen Wholesale is back today with more helpful advice. Gas Logs Expert Steve will guide you through the steps to properly measure your gas logs so he can size what you want for you. Steve has been at this for a very long time! Knowing exactly which of your 5000 choices will fit in your fireplace is his business!

Gas Logs Sizing and Measuring:
Gas Log Pro Steve's Best Method

November 25th, 2016

It's important to properly size gas logs. Just about the most common mistake people make when ordering gas logs is they get them too big. They think that getting nice big gas logs that completely fill their whole fireplace will look impressive.

In truth, it ends up looking awkward - and worse: it can cause your fireplace to stop working.

You actually need a little space around your logs to breathe. It sounds funny to some people, but you can make your fire too hot for your fireplace. It happens easily when you get the wrong size gas logs. More importantly, your fire may get too hot for your gas valve. Replacing the gas valve in your fireplace is usually not most people's idea of having a nice relaxing time.

First, measure the fireplace's footprint. Measure:
1) the width of the back wall,
2) the width of the front opening,between the inside walls,
3) the depth from front to back (don't forget to account for the depth of any screens you normally have in place),
and last 4) the height - from top to bottom.

Once you have done all your measuring, call me at 800-201-1193 x114 and tell me the measurements you've recorded. I'll tell you what works and what all your best gas log options are. It's actually a little bit complicated (there are nearly 5000 choices, depending on the options you want), so this is the easiest thing to do - I've worked with gas logs for years!

There are situations where a 16 inch burner is all that will fit in a 40 inch fireplace! But for the safety requirements, that's what works. That's what it has to be. Other times, it will be 30 inches. It just depends on the kind of burner and pilot and gas you use.

The good news is when you call me, I tell you about all your options and I can, over the phone, beat anybody's price anywhere. So measure everything, (don't forget the old adage, "measure twice and cut once"), and call me - 800-201-1193 x114 - and I'll help you. We set you up with exactly what you need and want - and for the best price.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps!

- Steve
800-201-1193 x114
Gas Log Expert, Hansen Wholesale