Fireplace raised in the wall

If you have a fireplace that is raised in the wall, you are probably having trouble finding a fireplace screen. Due to the odd proportions, Most off-the-shelf screens are going to be too short or simply won't look good. You are most likely going to need a custom made fireplace screen and a little imagination to properly dress this fireplace.

Check Out These Fireplace Screen Ideas for Raised Fireplaces below:






1) The Folding Screen with Doors

3 Fold Fireplace Screen with Mesh Doors

Shown Above: TFD33 Solid Brass 3 Fold Screen with Doors and Fleur Del Lis Ornaments (by Stone Manufacturing). The frame is made from a solid brass rope casting and is adorned with Fleur Del Li ornaments. The mesh is silver colored, which makes it more difficult to see through when there is no fire, thus hiding the unsightly raised fireplace. The doors are functional so that you do not have to move the screen aside when tending the fire. There are many choices for Custom Folding Fireplace Screens.


2) Magnetic Glass Doors

Custom Fireplace Glass Doors

Shown above: Brookfield ZC Deluxe Custom Fireplace Door with Scroll Louvers in Rustic Black (by Design Specialties). This example shows a fireplace glass door can be made to fit over the entire black metal face of the fireplace. Doors like this are custom made and have many different louver patterns and finishes to choose from. You can also have sliding mesh curtains or wire mesh backup doors behind the glass so you can burn the fire with the doors open or closed. The frame attaches to your fireplace with magnets, making it a super easy way to really dress up your fireplace and make it more functional.


3) Magnetic Mesh Doors

DV Refresh Door

Shown above: DV Refresh Mesh Door with Prairie Window Pane in Vintage Iron (by Design Specialties). This is a wire mesh door without glass. This door also attaches with magnets, so there is no installation required. This is a very simple way to somewhat conceal the metal fireplace while making it more functional.


4) A Frame Screen with Andirons

Custom Fireplace Frame Screen

Shown above: Custom Curtain Frame Screen with Labyrinth pattern and MAN-10 andirons (by Stone Manufacturing). This is a combination of the Labyrinth Fireplace Screen and a Curtain Frame Screen. Hand crafted from solid brass and nickel plated to create a jewel-like finish. The Labyrinth pattern and andirons offset the wide marble at the bottom to help bring things back into proportion.


5) A Spark Arrestor with Andirons

Free Standing Screen with Decorative Ornament

Shown above: 1P10M-66 Bellini Spark Arrestor with ORN-6 Lg. Royal Crest Ornament and AR-AN16 Marseilles Andirons (by Stone Manufacturing). This is a custom made solid brass spark arrestor with andiron cutouts. We used a double weaved mesh to help conceal the firebox. The height of the andirons and strategic placement of the ornament provide balance. Check out the variety of Castings and Trims that can be used to make custom screens like this.


5) Plain Black 3-Fold Screen

3-Fold Fireplace Screen in Black

Shown above: Carolina 3-Fold Fireplace Screen in Black. This is the least expensive custom folding screen we offer. See our Custom Folding Screens.


5) Plain Single Panel Screen

3-Fold Fireplace Screen in Black

Shown above: Carolina Single Panel Screen in Natural Iron. This is the least expensive custom single panel screen we offer. See our Custom Single Panel Screens.


Get Your Own Ideas...

If you email us some pictures, we can show you how various options will look on your fireplace just like we did here.