What are the Best Log Sets for an Outdoor Gas Fireplace?

  1. Split Oak Designer Plus
  2. Rustic Oak Designer Plus
  3. Mountain Birch
  4. Golden Oak Designer Plus
  5. Charred Rugged Split Oak
The Top 5 Log Sets for Outdoor Gas Fireplaces are all hand-made by R. H. Peterson. When paired with Peterson's Stainless Steel Burner system, they make beautiful, rugged, outdoor gas fires for many years.

Erick, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale
By Erick,
Outdoor Gas Logs Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

Erick has sold Outdoor Gas Fireplace Logs for many years. He knows which ones satisfy the tough customers, and which ones break down over time. Erick will help you decide what is best for you so you can save money and have a beautiful outdoor fireplace.

The Top 5 Log Sets for an Outdoor Gas Fireplace

February 16th, 2017

My customers love their electronic ignition systems, and those who don't get them for their gas logs often wish they had.

You know, one little match can start a forest fire. But somehow you need an entire box to get a camp fire going. Well, not when you have a gas log fireplace.

A critical component of your outdoor gas fireplace is the log set you choose. Prefabricated outdoor fireplace kits often come with cheap gas logs that quickly break down. R. H. Peterson makes the best gas logs for outdoor gas fireplace applications. They're lovingly hand-crafted and made with materials that last.

I'll take you through the top five according to my experience selling thousands of gas logs over many years. You need to consider the natural surroundings to get the right look, of course. But in the end it's a subjective choice, so I'll explain the merits of each.

#1. Split Oak Designer Plus Outdoor Gas Logs

Split Oak Designer Plus Gas Logs for Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

The Split Oak Designer Plus Log Set has a great look from every angle. You can also buy a version made for double-sided fireplaces. The Split Oak Designer Plus is great for outdoor gas fireplaces because it has a natural and rugged look. One customer told me they really like the wood grain.

#2. Rustic Oak Designer Plus Outdoor Gas Log Set

Rustic Oak Designer Plus Gas Logs for Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

If you prefer the look of bark, the rustic oak might be best. The bark has great detailing and looks like a real wooden log. And you can tell it's not dogwood by its bark. Some prefer the darker look of the Rustic Oak to go in their outdoor fireplace.

#3. Mountain Birch Gas Logs for Outdoor Fireplaces

Mountain Birch Gas Logs for Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

The Mountain Birch gas logs are popular because they have a distinctive look and are pretty. If you want a look that matches the terrain and isn't what everyone else has, I recommend the Mountain Birch.

#4. Golden Oak Designer Plus Gas Logs for Outdoors

Golden Oak Designer Plus Gas Logs for Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Golden Oak Designer Plus is a popular set because it looks great in a large outdoor fireplace. The Golden Oak Designer Plus log set is available up to 60 inches (that's right - five feet!) If you are looking for a log set that makes an impact in your extra large fireplace, Golden Oak Designer Plus is best.

#5. Charred Rugged Split Oak Outdoor Gas Lots

Charred Rugged Split Oak Gas Logs for Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

The Charred Rugged Split Oak set is another popular log set for outdoor gas fireplaces. It's the combination of natural textures and the way the flames wrap around that win people over.

To go with great gas logs, you need a great gas burner. The Stainless Steel G45-SS Gas Log Burner is a great match-light burner. As it's made of stainless steel, it can withstand the extra outdoor moisture. Other burner systems may be cheaper but they will rust out leaving your system unsafe. Unfortunately, you can't get remote control systems for outdoor gas logs because they don't hold up due to the moisture. Most people prefer match light anyway for outdoor fireplaces. The G54-SS has the great "triple-t" burner system everyone loves. The flames surround and go through your log set when it is properly set up.

And you definitely will not need a whole book of matches to get it lit.

Tell me where you live and what kind of outdoor fireplace you have when you call me. I'll help you choose the right one for you and answer any questions you have.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps!

- Erick
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