What is the best Gas Logs Burner?

The R. H. Peterson G46 Gas Logs Burner is great for many reasons. You can fit a larger log set in most fireplaces, it's available with all of the best control and ignition options, it's extremely efficient and ANSI certified. This burner also makes for a very realistic looking fire.

Terry, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale

By Terry,
Gas Logs Expert
at Hansen Wholesale


Terry preaches this week all about the best gas logs burner. In his opinion (and in almost all of his customers') it's the R. H. Peterson G46. The Peterson G46 Gas Logs Burner has all of the options and the most popular sizes.

What is the best Gas Logs Burner?

December 30th, 2016

For the money, I like the R. H. Peterson G46 gas logs burner for a lot of reasons, and my customers are pretty hot on it, too.

Maximum Gas Logs Size, Hides Controls

Perhaps the best thing about this

Standard Ignitor, Full Options Available

It also has the piezo ignitor, which is a simple push-button operation. Instead of holding the safety pilot while lighting with a match, you just press a button. Of course, the G46 works with all of the ignitor and control types, so you can have electronic ignition with a remote and a flame you can adjust, too.

Efficiency, Maximum Heat, ANSI Certified

Another great thing is that it's extremely efficient. R. H. Peterson has really designed it well, so it produces more BTUs (heat) with less gas. Peterson makes both natural gas and propane models, and it's of course ANSI certified.

Embers for Ultra-Realistic Look

On top of all that, it comes set up to burn embers beneath the log set, just like a real fire. When you pair this gas logs burner with one of Peterson's detailed, hand finished log sets, it just looks amazing.

All up, the G46 burner is a great gas burner for your log set. My customers are always happy with this burner and I often have customers that are really pleased they upgraded their old burner to it. If you're looking for a G46, call me and I'll get you all of the functionality you want and the best deal on the market. I'm Terry, and I'm a Gas Logs Expert at Hansen Wholesale - you can reach me at 1-800-201-1193, extension 134.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps!

- Terry
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Gas Logs Expert, Hansen Wholesale