When To Buy Gas Logs

There are a few reasons to get gas logs. The main ones are:

  • You are tired of dealing with wood and ashes.
  • Burning wood is now illegal where you are for safety or environmental reasons.
  • You bought cheap logs that didn't last.
  • You want to upgrade your ignition system.
  • You're ready for a different or better-looking fireplace.

Terry, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale

By Terry,
Gas Logs Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

One of Hansen Wholesale's Gas Log Experts, Terry helps you know when it's time to pull the trigger on a new Gas Logs system for your fireplace. There are many reasons you might want gas logs or replacement pieces for your existing setup, and Terry spells them out for you so when you're ready, you'll know what to do.

When To Buy Gas Logs

December 16th, 2016

Let's take a look at each of the situations you might want to buy new gas logs in more detail.

Tired of dealing with wood?

Nothing can replace the aroma of a true wood fire. But finding wood (perhaps buying it), storing it, tending to it, chopping it, hauling it, and then cleaning out the fireplace and chimney regularly - that all gets old. Often my customers prefer to press a button and have a beautiful fire - and that's it! No wood, so no smell, but no smoke, no ashes, no cleaning. Just a beautiful fire.

It's now illegal to burn wood in your municipality

Some States, Counties, Cities and districts now outlaw the burning of wood. This is done for environmental and safety reasons, usually. Check your local legislation, it might be time to change. If so, we have great, long-lasting gas logs that are beautiful for your fireplace. There are a lot of questions to answer as you make your choice, so give me a call and I'll guide you. I've dealt with the best gas logs for years, so I'm happy to help.

Cheap Gas Logs - Oops!

Often, people opt for the cheapest up-front cost without realizing this will have long-term implications. Other times, people bought gas logs that are too big for their fireplace because they didn't talk to an expert first. That destroyed their burner. Cheap gas logs last only a few years when they start to break down and look awful. Over-sized gas logs systems almost always overheat and cause you problems. Call me and I'll walk you through how to avoid both of these situations, as we sell only quality gas logs.

Ignition/Ignitor Upgrade

As my colleague Erick talked about last week, a lot of people tire of getting down and into their fireplace to get their fire started. We offer electronic ignition systems with remote controls that can set the height of the fire and start and stop it with the press of a button. I'm an expert in the field of gas log control systems, too.

Gas Logs Look

Sometimes, it's just time for something different. If you already have a quality burner system that is properly sized for your fireplace, you can completely change the look just by changing to a different style of logs. For example, changing out your old oak gas logs to a new white birch gas log set can give your fireplace a completely new and refreshing look. We offer a ton of high-quality gas log sets that will look beautiful in your fireplace and accent your home perfectly. But not all logs work with all burners, so I will help you choose which logs can work with your current setup.

There are a lot of reasons you might want new gas logs or a new gas log burner system. I can help you with that. I've been doing this for fifteen years, so I know all about the best gas logs, what is safe and what to look out for and, most of all, how to get you the best deal. Call me, Terry, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale 1-800-201-1193, extension 134 and I'll get you started.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps!

- Terry
800-201-1193 x134
Gas Log Expert, Hansen Wholesale