R. H. Peterson makes the best fire glass you can buy. Convert your wood burning gas fireplace into a beautiful contemporary looking glass fire. Peterson makes their vibrant fireglass crystals and certified, high performance gas burners in the USA. With many options and glass colors, you can create your best glass burning fireplace.

Here's a side note from Greg Tillotson, our webmaster at Hansen Wholesale:

Something that is often overlooked is the reason why it is important to buy glass or other objects made specifically for burning in a fireplace. If you just take ordinary broken glass scraps, they are not heat treated and they will crack and pop and become dangerous sharp little projectiles heading who knows where...in your eye? The glass crystals and gems that Peterson supplies are heat treated and tested. They will stay intact and safely remain in your fireplace while shining with extra brilliance. Same for the geometric shapes and balls which are made of specially formulated ceramics. The stones are not real stones, although they could have fooled me. It is not safe to just put anything over a gas burner and call it a decorative fire. Be sure that you use only materials like those made by R. H. Peterson that have been made for that purpose.

Felix, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale

By Felix,
Gas Logs Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

Felix, Hansen Wholesale's Gas Logs and Fireplace Expert, shares valuable information about the best glass fire looks. He also shares other choices for your fireplace or fire pit. If the traditional wooden log or stone look does not fit your contemporary style, Felix knows the best choices to make your fire stand out.

The Best Fire Glass & Other Alternatives to Gas Logs and Fire Pits

January 27th, 2017

The homey look of traditional gas logs is great, but, if you're seeking a more contemporary look for your fireplace or fire pit, you have many choices to fit your taste. R. H. Peterson makes the best fire glass and contemporary fireplace log alternatives.

Fyre Gems & Diamond Nuggets

First, there are what we call Fyre Gems. Fyre Gems are heat resistant colored glass, shaped like small flat smooth stones about an inch in diameter. Diamond Nuggets are similar, but they're shaped more like traditionally cut diamonds. Rather than sharp edges, their edges are smooth and they're much, much larger than traditional diamonds. Some have a translucent coating to give them lovely reflective subtle rainbow colors. Fyre Gems and Diamond Nuggets make a dramatic, unexpected and beautiful effect, especially with a gas fire running through them.

Fyre Glass (often referred to as fire glass or fireglass)

Even more dramatic - and a bit of a feel like a Superman movie - is Fyre Glass. Fyre Glass looks like crystal or shattered glass on the floor of your fireplace or fire pit. Some people put these in with logs, while some people have just the burner under the glass, like the fire was coming from the glass itself.

Fyre Spheres & Geometric Stones Fyre spheres make a very neat look. They almost look like cannon balls sitting in your fireplace, with a gas fire all around them. You can get different colors and geometric shapes, from pyramids to obelisks or cones. These are all made of fire resistant materials that will not burn or discolor over time.

Traditional River Rocks

Or, if you'd rather have simple stones, you can get those, too. You can get smooth stones in different colors, or all the same color. And they come in many different sizes, too.

You need the correct burner to give your glass fire a great look. You have many options, but the burner you want will depend on specifically which look you're going for and what control options you want. Call me and I'll guide you through getting the right size burner for you. Also, I can show you our calculator to determine how many pounds of stones you'll need to fill your fireplace.

I'm Felix and I'm an expert in Gas Logs for fireplaces and fire pits and all non-traditional contemporary looks. I've dealt with fyre gems, glass, stones, and geometric shapes for gas fires for years at Hansen Wholesale. I'm happy to guide you through your options and help you decide which will work best for your gas fire. Reach me at 1-800-201-1193, extension 136.

Thanks for coming by. I hope this helps!

- Felix
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Fireplace and Gas Log Expert, Hansen Wholesale