Who makes the most realistic gas logs?

R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs are the most realistic gas logs because they are meticulously hand-crafted to resemble natural wood and carefully designed and arranged to produce a flame that looks just like a real wood fire. Peterson also makes gas logs in many styles duplicating trees from all different terrains, ensuring accuracy to setting.

Andrew, Gas Log Expert at Hansen WholesaleBy Andrew,
Gas Logs Expert
at Hansen Wholesale

Hansen Wholesale's Gas Logs Expert Andrew is on tap today to talk to you about the most realistic gas log sets on the market. Andrew has been dealing with Gas Logs for years, so he knows who makes the best looking logs (R. H. Peterson) and those who make a substandard product.

R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs are the Most Realistic Gas Logs

January 13th, 2017

Straight up, without hesitation - I answer this question all the time and I don't even have to think. It's R. H. Peterson. Peterson makes the most realistic gas logs.

R. H. Peterson has artists and designers that really take their time crafting and hand-painting beautiful gas log sets. Their products not only look great new, they stand up to the test of time.

The folks at Peterson refine their product through many years of trial and effort. The result is a rugged design that distributes heat well. Their designers arrange the wood stack around the burner to look just like real wood burning in your fireplace. They've figured out how to mimic natural wood. All of this work culminates in the most realistic looking gas logs on the market.

R. H. Peterson makes a beautiful bark texture, as you can see in their Golden Oak Designer Plus log set. This set is so in-demand, they make both vented and vent-free. And, they even produce a low stack version. They hand-paint a beautiful wood grain that looks exactly like the inside of chopped wood, as in their Split Oak Designer Plus logs. Peterson's artisans are also adept reproducing smoke and char markings that look just like a real piece of wood that has been burnt. A great example of their char technique is their Charred Rugged Split Oak log set.

Peterson goes to a lot of effort to make sure the tree styles you have available to you match your setting. When you look for a gas log set for your beach house, you might prefer a waterfront look, re-created nicely in their Coastal Driftwood log set. Or, if you want gas logs in your ski cabin, you might like a mountainous wood. A good example of how they reproduce mountain wood with exacting detail is the R. H. Peterson Charred Oak gas logs set. Perhaps your cabin is at a higher elevation, then Mountain Birch gas logs might be just perfect for your fire.

So as you can see, R. H. Peterson goes through a lot to make sure they have an excellent product that matches your surroundings and will compliment your fireplace perfectly.

I'm Andrew and I can explain how to get the most realistic gas log set that best fits your home. I've been a Gas Logs Expert at Hansen Wholesale for years, and I can tell you which logs look the most realistic and which ones look fake. You can reach me at 1-800-201-1193, extension 137.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps!

- Andrew
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