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Gas Log Blog

  1. How to Choose the Right Gas Logs for Your Fireplace: 7 Questions to Help You Decide

    Love the rustic appeal of a crackling fire but loathe the clean-up? Need the heat your fireplace puts out, but longing for a sleeker, more contemporary look? Gas logs are a safe, energy efficient, budget-friendly alternative that are designed especially for wood-burning fireplaces.

    Ready to sit back and relax instead of stoking kindling? Read up on gas logs now.

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  2. 5 Reasons to Install Fireplace Doors

    Anyone who has an open fireplace knows that fire can be dangerous and damaging to whatever’s in the immediate vicinity—flooring, furniture and people! With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to equip your fireplace with glass fireplace doors to better contain fires and to add a stylish finish to the focal point of your living space. These kinds of doors are better than screens because they help regulate heat, contain smoke and prevent rogue sparks. A set of custom fireplace doors work well with both wood-burning and gas fireplaces regardless of the size, aesthetic or shape of your fire feature.

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  3. 5 Questions to Ask before your Gas Logs Installation

    5 Questions to Ask before your Gas Logs Installation

    What questions should I ask before doing a Gas Logs Installation?

    Before your gas logs installation, ask your plumber:

    “What types of gas log burner have you installed in the last six months?”

    They are likely not qualified if they don’t answer with R. H. Peterson, vented and ventless. There are other questions (below).


    Felix, Crystal Ceiling Fan Expert at Hansen Wholesale
    By Felix,
    Gas Logs Installation Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale
    Felix knows his gas logs and gas logs installations. When you sell as many gas logs as Felix does, we hear all sorts of crazy stories. It’s crazy how many problems come up with these inanimate objects. Often, it’s because the installer doesn’t know what they’re doing.

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  4. Modern Gas Fire Place Inserts

    Modern Gas Fire Place Inserts

    Updated: February 10, 2022

    A fireplace is the center of the home, where friends and family assemble to talk, relax, and stay warm. However, traditional units are challenging to maintain, leading many people to allow the existing fireplace cavity to go unused. Now, modern fireplace alternatives can fit into your current masonry. These inserts offer the same cozy warmth and light while also being cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Learning more about the different insert options will help make your purchasing decision much easier.

    What Are the Benefits of a Self-Contained Fireplace Insert?

    Environmental Friendliness

    A self-contained unit is inserted into an existing fireplace and can vent through a chimney with an approved flue liner. However, consumers have a choice. These fireplaces have both vented and ventless options to accommodate your heating needs and aesthetic preferences. While both variations are visually very similar to traditional fireplaces, there are significant mechanical differences.

    Inserts use controlled ventilation and combustion to provide an efficient and effective form of supplemental heat

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  5. A Beginner’s Guide to Fireplace Logs

    If you’re referring to ceramic gas logs, you want high-quality gas logs. Get fireplace logs that are long-lasting and carefully engineered. R. H. Peterson makes the best product by a large margin. I’ll guide you through the ins and outs of what to look for.

    Erick, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale
    By Erick,
    Outdoor Gas Logs Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Erick knows his gas logs. He’s been working with them for nearly fifteen years. He knows all the brands and the pros and cons of each. Today, he shares the knowledge and insight he’s gained in his years of deep experience.

    A Beginner’s Guide to Fireplace Logs

    September 1st, 2017

    As you are aware, there are a lot of fireplace logs available to buy. Perhaps you came here because you bought cheap ones. The logs you bought at Home Depot or Lowe's already disintegrating. Or maybe it’s your first time and you want to learn before making an investment in your home.

    There are a few rookie mistakes I will guide you past.

    1. You need to know if your fireplace can use gas logs.

    2. Not all Fireplace Logs (otherwise known as Gas Logs) are the same!

    3. You can’t use a typical fireplace gas lighter with gas logs, you need the correct purpose-built gas log burner.

    4. You have to b

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  6. The Top 5 Outdoor Gas Logs - Log Sets for an Outdoor Gas Fireplace

    What are the Best Log Sets for an Outdoor Gas Fireplace?

    1. Split Oak Designer Plus
    2. Rustic Oak Designer Plus
    3. Mountain Birch
    4. Golden Oak Designer Plus
    5. Charred Rugged Split Oak
    The Top 5 Log Sets for Outdoor Gas Fireplaces are all hand-made by R. H. Peterson. When paired with Peterson's Stainless Steel Burner system, they make beautiful, rugged, outdoor gas fires for many years.
    Erick, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale
    By Erick,
    Outdoor Gas Logs Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Erick has sold Outdoor Gas Fireplace Logs for many years. He knows which ones satisfy the tough customers, and which ones break down over time. Erick will help you decide what is best for you so you can save money and have a beautiful outdoor fireplace.

    The Top 5 Log Sets for an Outdoor Gas Fireplace

    February 16th, 2017

    My customers love their electronic ignition systems, and those who don't get them for their gas logs often wish they had.

    You know, one little match can start a forest fire. But somehow you need an entire box to get a camp fire going. Well, not when you have a gas log fireplace.

    A critical component of your outdoor gas fireplace is the log set you choose. Prefabricated outdoor fireplace kits often come with cheap gas logs that quickly break down. R. H. Peterson makes the best gas logs for outdoor gas fireplace applications. They're lovingly hand-crafted and made with materials that last.

    I'll take you through the top five according to my experience selling thousands

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  7. The Best Gas Logs for a Double-Sided Fireplace (or, See-Through Fireplace)

    For your double-sided fireplace, no gas logs offer greater durability, versatility, or a better look than R. H. Peterson. My favorite styles are the Split Oak Designer Plus gas log set, Charred Oak gas logs, or American Oak logs. There are many other great choices, but these three look and perform the best. For a see-through fireplace, you won't find better choices.

    Andrew, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale

    By Andrew,
    Fireplace &
    Gas Logs Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Andrew knows double-sided (better known as see-through fireplaces). He's put together many before, so he knows exactly what logs and burner to get to make a beautiful fire. Take his advice and you'll have yourself the perfect see-through fireplace.

    The Best Gas Logs for a Double-Sided Fireplace (or, See-Through Fireplace)

    February 10th, 2017

    See-through fireplaces offer unique challenges when outfitting them with gas logs. First, you have to have the right kind of burner. The typical burner for see-through gas log fireplaces is rectangular, not trapezoidal. Also, it has three burner tubes producing a much higher BTU rating. And of course you have to have logs to suit. Front and rear logs are normally different - with these sets they are the same. They also have more detailing applied, usually the rear logs don't need as much intricacy. Manufacturers make standard gas logs to look great from one side. But, they need to design "see-through" log sets to look great from any angle.

    You have the same choices of control and gas with see-through or double-sided fireplaces as with

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  8. The Real Cost of High-Quality Custom Fireplace Doors

    Quality tempered glass fireplace doors for wood burning fireplaces cost on average about $600 and $900 and as much as $3000 for the best fireplace doors. This number depends mostly on material and size. Very large or commercial fireplaces need custom doors that may cost over $5000. The best way to learn is to call and discuss your situation with an expert.

    Steve, Gas Log Expert at Hansen WholesaleBy Steve,
    Gas Logs Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Steve, one of the great Gas Logs and Fireplace Experts here at Hansen Wholesale - Fireplace Doors, explains the basics of pricing quality fireplace doors. Steve recently had a "run-in" with inferior fireplace doors, so he knows all about them.

    The Real Cost of High-Quality Custom Fireplace Doors

    February 3rd, 2017

    We have so many great options for fireplace doors, I'm tripping over them! No, literally, I just tripped over one and smashed the glass. Don't do that.

    On the plus side, my co-workers loved it... (At least it was a display set and not intended for a customer.)

    So let's get back to talking about fireplace doors, shall we?

    If you're looking for an attractive, narrow frame, you need custom fireplace doors. The only fireplace doors anybody stocks these days are inexpensive ones. They aren't very attractive because they're made to fit many applications. And they're not made very well.

    When it comes to material, the main differences are aesthetics and durability. Understand, the material you choose substantially plays

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  9. Who makes the best fire glass?

    R. H. Peterson makes the best fire glass you can buy. Convert your wood burning gas fireplace into a beautiful contemporary looking glass fire. Peterson makes their vibrant fireglass crystals and certified, high performance gas burners in the USA. With many options and glass colors, you can create your best glass burning fireplace.

    Here's a side note from Greg Tillotson, our webmaster at Hansen Wholesale:

    Something that is often overlooked is the reason why it is important to buy glass or other objects made specifically for burning in a fireplace. If you just take ordinary broken glass scraps, they are not heat treated and they will crack and pop and become dangerous sharp little projectiles heading who knows your eye? The glass crystals and gems that Peterson supplies are heat treated and tested. They will stay intact and safely remain in your fireplace while shining with extra brilliance. Same for the geometric shapes and balls which are made of specially formulated ceramics. The stones are not real stones, although they could have fooled me. It is not safe to just put anything over a gas burner and call it a decorative fire. Be sure that you use only materials like those made by R. H. Peterson that have been made for that purpose.

    Felix, Gas Log Expert at Hansen Wholesale

    By Felix,
    Gas Logs Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Felix, Hansen Wholesale's Gas Logs and Fireplace Expert, shares valuable information about the best glass fire looks. He also shares other choices for your fireplace or fire pit. If the traditional wooden log or stone look does not fit your

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  10. Review of the D1-30 Direct Vent Fireplace Insert

    Review of the D1-30 Direct Vent Fireplace Insert

    The D1-30 is my choice for direct vent gas fireplace insert because it makes your old fireplace into an odorless, efficient heater. Heat your room without any soot or smell of gas. The included remote gives you control over the burners and blower to heat the area. It's a sealed unit, so there's little cleaning or maintenance after install. Just sit back and enjoy your warm fire.

    Erick, Gas Log Expert at Hansen WholesaleBy Erick,
    Fireplace &
    Gas Logs Expert
    at Hansen Wholesale

    Hansen Wholesale's Gas Logs and Fireplace Expert Erick wants to tell you about the R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert D1-30. In his opinion, it's the best in the business and it gives you an easy, beautiful fire.

    D1-30 Direct Vent Fireplace Insert Review

    January 20th, 2017

    If you're thinking of remodeling your fireplace, you should know about the D1-30 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert. R. H. Peterson makes this great unit creating a beautiful fire without any of the negatives that can be associated with other types of gas fireplaces.

    What's great about this fireplace insert is the construction completely contains and seals the fire. It is a direct vent insert, which means that no soot or smoke will ever come into the room, so no carbon monoxide and no gas odors come from this gas fireplace - just clean heat.

    With your remote and from your

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