Starting a small business isn’t easy. It takes courage, hard work, and an entrepreneurial spirit. However, the benefits are worthwhile, as the founder helps their entire community to thrive. In fact, nearly 50% of jobs are created by SMBs, making them the lifeblood of the American economy. Here are a few more reasons to buy from a small business, whether you need new furniture or a ceiling fan.

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How Shopping at a Small Business Helps the Community

1. Entrepreneurship

By starting a venture, a small business owner creates jobs for those who live nearby, helping members of the community to move from low-wage gigs to the middle class. In fact, SMBs are so vital to local economies that many cities and towns create organizations to encourage entrepreneurship, providing resources and loans. Additionally, small businesses help create vibrant commercial centers, as employees will eat at local restaurants and enjoy bars in the area. This leads to a tight-knit, socially active vibe and keeps money within the community.

2. Community Involvement

Small businesses understand the impacts they have on their community, and they consider that when making decisions. For example, they typically put in extra effort to protect the environment and work with other vendors in the area, stimulating the local economy. Also, they often get involved in the lives of the community, including sponsoring little leagues, raising money for charity events, and contributing to local non-profits. Some SMBs even donate products to those in need, whether it’s clothing, computers, or ceiling fans.

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3. Personal Relationships

Small businesses have the capacity and desire to foster relationships with community members. In fact, many owners develop friendships with customers over the years. When was the last time an employee at a large chain knew your name?

Additionally, SMBs pride themselves on offering unparalleled customer service, going the extra mile to make sure every buyer is happy. It’s common for small businesses to answer questions after hours, supply personalized products and services, and give customers honest answers—even if it means losing business.

Why Support Hansen Wholesale

Most of our employees have been with us for a decade, some for over 30 years. This makes them experts in our products, allowing them to provide insights to our customers that you just cannot get anywhere else. We take pride in offering an extra level of personalized service that isn’t available at large home improvement chains.

Our employees are like family to us; they thrive when we thrive and hurt when we hurt. Supporting our business has a direct and real impact on their livelihoods. So, when you hear us tell you we appreciate your business, these aren’t words lightly spoken; they’re from the heart.

“We sincerely thank you for shopping at Hansen Wholesale.”

Greg Tillotson,
Director of eCommerce

If you’re looking to support a community-oriented, small business, contact Hansen Wholesale. We offer high-quality ceiling fans from top brands, such as Fanimation® and Craftmade®. To speak to a member of our team, call (800) 201-1193.