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Janurary 26th, 2018

Lightovation Report: This is our fist blog post about what new and exciting things we saw at this year's 2018 Lightovation convention. In this blog mini-series, we will discuss the following trends and topics from the show:

  1. Gold is "Back in Black"
  2. Ice Glass - The Coolest Look
  3. Ceiling Fans Stymied By Regulations
  4. LED Take Over in Lighting
  5. Edison Bulbs Still Strong
  6. Reclaimed Wood is Good

Topic #1: Gold is "Back in Black"
Or should I say "Bronze in Black"

OK, I'm not referring to the 1980's hit from the rock band AC/DC, although this particular trend was actually popular at that time. Gold, aged brass and similar gold toned finishes started making a comeback last year, but the twist this year is adding black, or bronze or even chrome back into the mix. We saw a lot of fixtures that had combinations of finishes like black and gold, bronze and gold, black and brass, brushed nickel and gold and so on. But the most predominant are black and gold, and even more, bronze and gold. This is definitely a 1980's throwback trend in both lighting and home decor with many manufacturers showcasing products with these features. So keep your eyes out for this look in upcoming design and decor magazines. We will be adding more examples to this page as these new products become available.

Addendum: As I looked through the new products from various brands, I began to realize that this trend is definitely Bronze and Gold, not Black and Gold. But I just could not find myself changing the title of this blog since it would have made the AC/DC reference meaningless. So I added "Or should I say "Bronze in Black".

Here a some examples of items with mixed finishes

Kichler Moorgate Island Model 44082BK
. This fixture is mostly black but captures the trend by introducing a bronze/gold tone into the mix with the bulb sockets. Subtle, but distinct.

Kichler Moderne Pendant Chandelier Model 42992OZLED
. This fixture features LED lighting that reflects off the gold interior parts of the fixture. This is a much less subtle contrast with the dark Oiled Bronze outer finish.

Maxim 35055BZGTGLD Weave Foyer Pendant
. This fixture is a combination of Bronze and Gold and also uses LED lighting to reflects the gold interior

Here are some other examples:

Items from ELK that are coming soon!

Look for more blog posts after the convention!

- Greg
, Hansen Wholesale