Lightovation 2018

What's New in Lighting for 2018!

Greg Tillotson - Webmaster for Hansen Wholesale
By Greg,
Webmaster for Hansen Wholesale
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Janurary 6th, 2018

Every year the lighting industry has a huge convention at the Dallas Market Center in Dallas Texas called "Lightovation". This year it will be held January 17-21, 2018...and yes, we will be there. We have attended this convention faithfully for over 15 years now and always look forward to it because it is the place where every major lighting manufacturer shows off their latest greatest products for the new year.

Every year we see some basic theme driven by current trends in interior design. Whether it be a particular style, finish or technology, what we see at this convention jump-starts our plans for the year and helps drive what you see on our website. The last couple of years LED lighting has been a huge focus and this year we expect the category to explode. The technology is advancing rapidly and consumer awareness of their energy savings has grown as well. Using LEDs in lighting opens up a whole new world of design possibilities, and I'm sure every lighting designer has dreams and visions of previously unimagined ways to use them...and we will see many of those dreams come true this year!

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Here's a video that recaps last year's Lightovation 2017

Get a little tasted of what Lightovation is about.

Look for more blog posts after the convention!

- Greg

Webmaster, Hansen Wholesale