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  1. How to Turn Your Patio Into a Party Area

    When the first beautiful day of spring rolls around, it makes you want to bust out the patio furniture and invite over the neighbors for a barbecue. Before you can soak up the sun in your backyard with friends, though, you likely need to perform some much-needed updates to your deck or patio and maintain it after months of cold weather. If you don't know where to start with creating the perfect outdoor party space, here's how to bring your vision to life.

    Outdoor patio with a ocean view


    Essential Features of an Outdoor Entertaining Space

    Add Lighting

    Black Hanging Outdoor Lantern - San Marcos

    Seen above: San Marcos Chain Hung Lantern In Black w/Antique Copper Accents — ML-72494-68

    With summer days comes later sunsets, but for those evenings when the party continues after the porch light comes on, you'll need outdoor lighting around your living space. Patio lights can have a massive impact on the entire look and feel of your yard. They set the mood for a relaxing and comfortable lounge space while providing much-needed task lighting for more active areas.

    If you plan on installing an outdoor kitchen, for example, a series of pendant lights over the prep space creates illumination over your grilling. For general lighting, outdoor f

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  2. 3 Ways Shopping Small Business Benefits the Community

    Starting a small business isn’t easy. It takes courage, hard work, and an entrepreneurial spirit. However, the benefits are worthwhile, as the founder helps their entire community to thrive. In fact, nearly 50% of jobs are created by SMBs, making them the lifeblood of the American economy. Here are a few more reasons to buy from a small business, whether you need new furniture or a ceiling fan.

    Two happy young women working together while two men shaking hands and smiling

    How Shopping at a Small Business Helps the Community

    1. Entrepreneurship

    By starting a venture, a small business owner creates jobs for those who live nearby, helping members of the community to move from low-wage gigs to the middle class. In fact, SMBs are so vital to local economies that many cities and towns create organizations to encourage entrepreneurship, providing resources and loans. Additionally, small businesses help create vibrant commercial centers, as employees will eat at local restaurants and enjoy bars in the area. This leads to a tight-knit, socially active vibe and keeps money within the community.

    2. Community Involvement

    Small businesses understand the impacts they have on their community, and they consider that when making decisions. For example, they typically put in extra effort to protect the environment and work with other vendors in the area, stimulating the local economy. Also, they often get involved in the lives of the community, including sponsoring little leagues, raising money for charity events, and contributing to local non-profits. Some SMBs even donate products to those in need, whether it’s clothing, computers, or ceiling fans.

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  3. 4 Home Décor Ideas for Creating a Warm, Inviting Space for Family & Friends

    If you’re hosting the festivities this holiday season, you want your home to feel as inviting as possible for your guests. When you don’t know where to start design-wise, though, you may be concerned that your space is lacking that crucial “cozy” feel. With a few inspired home décor ideas, though, you can convert any space into a welcoming abode.

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  4. Modern Living: Benefits of Adding a Fireplace to These Rooms

    One hundred years ago, a fireplace was a staple in every room of the house. The necessity of using them to heat a room created innovative fireplace cover designs and architectural elements. After all, no one wants the most dominant feature of a room’s layout to be unsightly.

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  5. The Ultimate Guide to Pendant Lighting

    ultimate guide to pendant lighting

    Maxim Hi-Bay Pendant Light

    Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new home or you’re upgrading lights that are already installed, pendant lighting is one type of fixture that you ought to explore. From kitchens to dining areas, bedrooms to foyers, pendant lights have a penchant for fitting in no matter where you need a little illumination.

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  6. 24 Inspiring Designs with Rustic Lighting

    inspiring designs with rustic lighting

    Welcome to the new generation of rustic lighting, where fixtures are as chic, modern and earthy as you want them to be! Traditionally, rustic light fixtures have distinctly down-to-earth finishes in old bronze, antique copper, wood, forged iron and antique or distressed metals. Details like leather shades with stitched trim, woodland cutouts and deer antlers make these lights utterly ideal for any lodge-like setting. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for statement lights for your cabin or if you’re simply trying to make your home feel like one, rustic lights are an ideal place to start your search.

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  7. Everything to Know About the Room Settings Viewer

    If you’re a longtime customer of Hansen Wholesale, you may have noticed that we recently unveiled a new feature called the Room Settings Viewer to help you envision ceiling fans in your space. We have always been committed to helping consumers shop online for ceiling fans and light fixtures, and a big part of our commitment to that is recreating some of the helpful aspects of retail in an e-commerce environment. We will always do our best to ensure that you get the absolute perfect product for your space, style and budget. This handy, new tool is our way of fulfilling that promise!

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