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Welcome to the new generation of rustic lighting, where fixtures are as chic, modern and earthy as you want them to be! Traditionally, rustic light fixtures have distinctly down-to-earth finishes in old bronze, antique copper, wood, forged iron and antique or distressed metals. Details like leather shades with stitched trim, woodland cutouts and deer antlers make these lights utterly ideal for any lodge-like setting. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for statement lights for your cabin or if you’re simply trying to make your home feel like one, rustic lights are an ideal place to start your search.

What’s the formula for a good rustic lighting scheme? It’s all about introducing natural and vintage finishes. We’re talking all things wood, including finished and unfinished wood, and plenty of animalistic accents, like antlers and leather. Round chandeliers are an absolute must for modern rustic design, as they imitate old-fashioned candelabra fixtures to perfection. You’ll also want to look for lights that integrate earthy textures, like rope, concrete or tinted alabaster glass. Be sure to follow all the basic lighting principles for the most functional, stylish lighting design possible in your woodsy living space.

modern rustic living room


As you’ll see from the designs below, you don’t have to go explicitly rustic to capture this aesthetic. The best rustic lighting brands infuse elements from contemporary, traditional, glamorous and industrial lighting styles to create all-around gorgeous examples that suit absolutely any scheme. For the most stylish and high-quality rustic lights, trust the following brands:

  • Meyda Lighting—This Upstate New York brand makes rustic lights featuring hand-crafted stained glass and faux leather shades. You’ll also appreciate their whimsical colored glass animal accent lamps, which are perfect for side tables and mantels.
  • Vaxcel Lighting—Producing distinctly rustic style light fixtures with motifs perfect for the lodge or cabin, Vaxcel lights feature burnished bronze features with cutouts of fish, stars, deer, bears, evergreens and other lodge-like themes.
  • Kichler—This Cleveland lighting authority makes indoor and outdoor rustic-meets-industrial light fixtures. Their collections with Olde Bronze offer a sophisticated, high-style approach to rustic fixtures.
  • Other Designers—If you don’t find what you’re looking for from the companies above, be sure to consider rustic-style lighting from ELK Lighting, Maxim Lighting, Murray Feiss or Designers Fountain, among others.

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  1.  Over-the-Top and Earthy—Who says chandeliers have to be reserved for glamorous spaces? This exquisite and original rustic chandelier from Meyda Lighting’s Greenbriar Oak Collection is meant to honor the natural feel of the outdoors, with motifs honoring leaves and a statement-making acorn-shaped shade.

meyda tiffany flushmount

Meyda Tiffany Greenbriar Oak Flushmount

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  1.  Slim, Metal Frames—This exceptionally chic kitchen island light brings an old-fashioned, candle-style appeal that perfectly complements a farmhouse-style island. A linear light with multiple fixtures is the perfect way to illuminate any piece of rectangular furniture.

feiss island chandelier

Feiss 8-Light Island Chandelier

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  1.  Traditional Meets Rustic—This chandelier from the Maxim Lighting Aspen Collection fuses traditional, European flourishes with undeniably rustic finishes, including dark metals and textured, golden glass shades. It’s an excellent pick for those looking to play to the European-rustic feel.

maxim aspen 6 light chandelier

Maxim Aspen 6-Light Chandelier

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  1.  Antler Ceiling Fan with Lighting—Talk about a statement light! This exceptional antler ceiling fan with lights is perfect for a low-ceiling log cabin thanks to its low-profile design. Integrated chandelier-style lights help cast a romantic glow on the linear dining table.

monte carlo great lodge

Monte Carlo Great Lodge

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  1.  Black Finishes—Rustic design is all about dark finishes and black is a surprisingly effective way to make any room feel gothic and commanding, even when you’re trying to channel an earthy aesthetic.

maxim 5 light chandelier in black

Maxim 5-Light Chandelier in Black

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  1.  Unfinished Wood Farmhouse Lighting—Now for a lighter approach! Decorating your rustic, farmhouse style space with some unfinished or light-colored ceiling fixtures is the perfect way to capture a light and bright rustic style. This unique chandelier comes from one of Maxim Lighting’s many wood-heavy collections.

maxim old world 4 light chandelier

Maxim Olde World 4-Light Chandelier

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  1.  Mod Finishes Against Reclaimed Wood—Kichler brings us an excellent example of how you can combine modern or transitional lights with ultra-rustic features in this chic bathroom. The four-light vanity fixture offers a straightforward silhouette and design to highlight the complexities of the wood grain and texture.

kichler cora bath 4 light

Kichler Cora Bath 4-Light in Chrome

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  1.  Lakeside Lodge Lanterns—Your log cabin needs some rustic outdoor lights to help bring it to life at night! The American-made rustic wall lanterns from Meyda Lighting offer an expressly natural vibe thanks to the combo of dark, sturdy metal and gold-glowing shades. Styling your porch lights (or in this case, dock lights) in sets of three helps create a clean, cohesive design.

meyda fulton branches sconce

Meyda Fulton Branches Mount Wall Sconce

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  1.  Whimsical Bronze Cutouts—Another thoughtful, rustic light from Meyda Lighting, this circular ceiling light exhibits the brand’s signature colored glass shade beneath distinctly rustic finishes. Earthy evergreen branches over glowing, tinted glass make Meyda’s Whispering Pines Collection a popular pick for rustic dining rooms and kitchens.

meyda tiffany whispering pines

Meyda Tiffany Whispering Pines Inverted Pendent

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  1.  Linear Wood Statements—This wood island light courtesy of Kichler proves that it’s possible to create a totally modern yet rustic kitchen design. The wood from this hand-crafted collection comes from old factories and warehouses, so it also tells a special story to honor your restoration kitchen style.

kichler 5 light wood chandelier

Kichler 5-Light Linear Wood Chandelier

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  1.  Glamorous, Feminine and Earthy—As you can see from this exceptional rustic-mod kitchen light from Maxim Lighting’s Bodega Bay Collection, soft circular lights are perfect for naturally inspired spaces, too. The warm, wood finish makes it wonderful for up-to-date cabin designs.

maxim bodega 6 light chandelier

Maxim Bodega Bay 6-Light Chandelier

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  1.  Modern with Rustic and Industrial Finishes—This industrial-style chandelier and earthy can make any living space a design anomaly. It’s simultaneously light, bright, contemporary and earthy, with the rustic lights and finishes bringing big depth.

crystorama 5 light chandelier

Crystorama 5-Light Chandelier

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  1.  Commanding, Euro-Rustic Foyer—Another great example of how ornate, European designs can inform rustic living spaces, this grand entryway benefits from the artful texture and aesthetic of a large, eight-light chandelier. This light is a great choice for traditional and Tuscan slash rustic interiors.

maxim 8 light chandelier

Maxim Aspen 8-Light Chandelier

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  1.  Rustic Chandeliers Styled as Pendants—We love the way the interior designer used a trio of Meyda Lighting chandeliers in this totally rustic kitchen. Installing them in sets of three allows them to serve more as pendant lights than chandeliers, bringing a unique and unconventional approach to this rustic and eclectic kitchen.

meyda four light chandelier

Meyda 4-Light Chandelier

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  1.  Glammed-Out and Down-to-Earth—This delicate, circular chandelier from Kichler provides a gorgeous way to fuse glamour with earthiness in the bedroom, foyer, dining room or kitchen. The room showcases the gorgeous Kichler Bensimone Chandelier, which has a black finish to play against the dainty, slim metal features.

kichler 8 light chandelier

Kichler Bensimone 8-Light Chandelier

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  1.  Layers Upon Layers of Lamps—In contrast with the often straightforward, clean designs of modern rustic light fixtures, this large chandelier from Maxim Lighting offers multiple tiers of textured shades and flowing arms for a truly unique overhead feature.

maxim axis 15 light chandelier

Maxim Axis 15-Light Chandelier

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  1.  The Modern-Rustic Farmhouse Look—If you’re looking for a way to make your lodge or cabin a little lighter and brighter, consider aiming for the farmhouse aesthetic. The country-inspired pocket doors, exposed brick and eye-catching wood-finish chandelier make this farmhouse office a design wonder.

maxim 6 light wood chandelier

Maxim 6-Light Wood Chandelier

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  1.  Flourishes and Feminine Finishes—Another take on the rustic farmhouse feel, this classic and ornate chandelier works beautifully alongside shabby-chic furniture and fresh greenery. This pairing proves that you don’t have to ditch the dangles or crystals when you’re going subtly rustic!

maxim manor 5 light chandelier

Maxim Manor 5-Light Chandelier

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  1.  Geometric Shapes Surrounded by Soft Finishes—This geo-rustic ceiling light is perfect for those who love rustic accents but don’t prefer an overtly lodgey design.

meyda geometric light

Meyda Geometric Pendant Light

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  1.  A Rustic Ceiling Fan Slash Light—If your design goal is to bring in big style and big function, then you can’t go wrong with a rustic ceiling fan. You can barely tell that the ceiling light styled in this grand living space is also a fan. The gorgeously appointed chic-meets-rustic space is pulled together by the Maxim Lighting Bodega Bay Ceiling Fan.

maxim bodega ceiling fan

Maxim Bodega Bay Ceiling Fan with Lighting

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  1.  Round Chandeliers and Vaulted Ceilings—This black, round chandelier makes the perfect addition to vaulted ceilings.

sea gull lighting round chandelier

Sea Gull Lighting 9-Light Round Chandelier

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  1.  Large, Airy Chandeliers—Sometimes it’s the sheer magnitude of a light fixture that makes it so impressive. This gorgeous thin metal candle chandelier offers expansive light and an attractive overhead art piece.

elk lighting 16 light chandelier

Elk Lighting 16-Light Chandelier

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  1.  Dark Finishes in the Foyer—Make for a grand entrance with a rustic, round chandelier in the entryway. This gorgeous fixture pairs perfectly with rustic and masculine wood finishes.

meyda tiffany rustic chandelier

Meyda Tiffany Rustic Doyle Chandelier

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  1.  Cage-Style Lights for an Earthy Dining Space—Caged pendant lights remind us of hanging birdcages! The subtle, rustic charm allows them to play perfectly in this natural and sophisticated open dining space, while the soft-glowing shades provide romantic ambient light.

kichler 6 light cage pendant

Kichler 6-Light Cage Pendant

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