If you’re a longtime customer of Hansen Wholesale, you may have noticed that we recently unveiled a new feature called the Room Settings Viewer to help you envision ceiling fans in your space. We have always been committed to helping consumers shop online for ceiling fans and light fixtures, and a big part of our commitment to that is recreating some of the helpful aspects of retail in an e-commerce environment. We will always do our best to ensure that you get the absolute perfect product for your space, style and budget. This handy, new tool is our way of fulfilling that promise!

home view feature

To try Room Settings Viewer now, scroll to the bottom of any ceiling fan product page on the Hansen Wholesale website. For a quick demo using the info below, head to the bottom of the Minka Air Gear Ceiling Fan product page.

What is the Room Settings Viewer?

The Room Settings Viewer is a unique room viewing tool that allows you to see how a certain ceiling fan looks in your specific environment. You can place fans in a number of pre-populated photographs or add a photo of your own room by emailing us using the Add Your Room feature (more info on that below). In short, the tool provides you with a real-life view of how your room will look with your new ceiling fan so that you can see if the size, finish, design style, proportion and height work in your space. It’s a virtual reality tool for fans!

Where Do I Find the Room Settings Viewer?

When you’re considering a certain fan, head to the bottom of the fan’s product page to find the Room Settings Viewer section. You can also add the tag #viewer to the end of any ceiling fan product page to automatically scroll down to the part of the page with the viewer.

How Do I Use the Room Settings Viewer?

To see how a ceiling fan will look in your space, we have provided a selection of room photographs that mimic common room setups. Choose from the dropdown menu or slideshow at the bottom of the feature to see a living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room or outdoor space. Each room has buttons at the bottom right of the photograph, allowing you to move the fan left, right, up and down and to make it bigger or smaller. To revert back to the original view, simply click the round button at the far right of the button panel.

 home interior room settings viewer

How to Add Your Room to the Room Settings Viewer

We’d be happy to mock up how a ceiling fan will look in a specific space if you send a photograph of your room to us via email. For a custom view featuring your space, email your pictures to designservice@hansenwholesale.com with subject "Room Settings Viewer.” We will email you a unique room number to enter above so you can see how this fan looks in your own room!

How the Room Settings Viewer Helps

When you’re shopping for the right ceiling fan, you already know that aesthetic isn’t the only thing you have to consider. Fans are a particularly tough item to envision in your home in terms of proportion, width and how far they extend from the ceiling. Finding the right size ceiling fan is an important facet of ensuring that your new feature doesn’t appear too large or too small for a certain space. Height clearance is also important for safety, especially if you have tall family members or visitors! This tool saves time and prevents you from having to install a brand-new fan just to see how it affects the look of your room. Hopefully, it will also prevent you from having to return ill-fitting fans.

ceiling fan home viewer

More Ways to Ensure You Find the Perfect Fan

In addition to this unique new viewer, Hansen Wholesale has developed a variety of useful tools and resources designed to help our customers find the right fan for any interior design style, budget and environment. Try our buying guides and calculators—including a fan size calculator, cost of operation calculator, wind speed calculator and more—for even more insight during the fan-buying process. Don’t forget that you can always Talk to an Expert for personalized advice at Hansen!