If you’re hosting the festivities this holiday season, you want your home to feel as inviting as possible for your guests. When you don’t know where to start design-wise, though, you may be concerned that your space is lacking that crucial “cozy” feel. With a few inspired home décor ideas, though, you can convert any space into a welcoming abode.

How to Incorporate Warmth & Character Into Your Home Design

1. Warm Lighting

In your home, lighting can make or break the tone of a room. When trying to hit a cozy note with your space, warm light from a variety of fixtures will set the mood while providing ample brightness. For overhead fixtures, put them on dimmers so that you have control over the intensity of their lighting. Then, add task lighting like floor lamps and pendant fixtures to supplement the warm, inviting glow.

Dog laying in from of stone fireplace mantel with custom fireplace doors

2. Fireplace Design

A crackling flame in your fireplace is the epitome of comfort during the holiday season. Besides providing physical heat, a fire can also create a warm ambiance to the room it occupies. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, make it the focal point of the space, designing the room around it. Opt for beautiful fireplace doors, curate a collection of paintings or knick-knacks above the mantle, and situate all seating towards this comforting design element.

3. Inventive Bookshelves

A lot of what makes a space inviting is the individual design choices that reflect a homeowner’s personality. Bookshelves are a perfect home décor idea to do just that. Using your favorite books and family keepsakes, you can curate each shelf to express a sense of what home is to you. From leather-bound tomes to souvenirs from past trips and former homes, you create a time capsule that not only invites close friends into your existence but also prompts them to ask and learn more about it.


Sitting area with hardwood floors and fireplace with custom fireplace screen

4. Natural Wood

To soften up a bigger space in your home, a popular home décor idea is to opt for natural wood finishes. The texture and warmth that this material can offer will balance out the size of the room as well as provide a decorative function. Offering a more natural feel to the clean lines of a contemporary space makes it feel cozier despite the minimalist palette.




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