One hundred years ago, a fireplace was a staple in every room of the house. The necessity of using them to heat a room created innovative fireplace cover designs and architectural elements. After all, no one wants the most dominant feature of a room’s layout to be unsightly.

Thanks to the advent of central heat, you no longer need a fireplace in every corner of a house. But they still make a fantastic focal point and can add ambiance to a room. Plus, from fireplace screens to andirons to items you place above the mantel, fireplaces have a lot of accessory options to create any aesthetic you want.

The living room or family room is the traditional location for a fireplace. But let’s take a closer look at some benefits of adding fireplaces to different rooms of your house.

Black Cast Iron Cat Andirons

Uniflame A-1251 Black Cast Iron Cat Andirons with Reflective Glass Eyes

Master Bedroom

Installing a fireplace in your master bedroom is a great way to add some architectural interest to what can typically be a purely functional room.

Most adults use their bedroom for sleep and getting ready for the day. Turn this room into a sanctuary by adding an element that will make you want to enjoy it more. Who doesn’t love curling up by a fireplace with a good book? You can unwind from a stressful day by lounging in front of a fire in the sanctuary of your bedroom.

There are so many types and designs of fireplaces available that it is easy to find one that will fit seamlessly into your bedroom décor.

Stardust Summer Screen

Stardust Summer Screen - PC - Roman Bronze


You don’t need a fireplace to keep the kitchen warm in the winter, but as the most popular gathering spot in the house, this room is perfect for adding a decorative fireplace.

You don’t need much space to install a small fireplace. Gas would be the best choice here since it is unlikely there is room for the larger chimney required of a wood-burning fire. Many slim profile options can add a lot of character to a functional kitchen. You can get one with sleek lines that complement your stainless-steel appliances. Use small glass rocks as a decorative filler in a color that coordinates with the kitchen décor.

Choose a decorative fireplace cover to add some visual flair and keep little ones from accidentally touching a hot surface.


Fireplaces can be readily integrated into many types of outdoor living setups. And outside, you can get creative with the building materials, size and layout.

You can have a fireplace custom built out of stone to match a patio, or you can install a factory-made metal one for a contrasting look. Fireplaces are perfect for adding against an outside wall covered from the elements. With the addition of such a patio fireplace, you can enjoy using your outdoor space for longer than just the hot, summer months.

White Birch Gas Logs

White Birch Gas Logs


Nothing is more sumptuous than adding a fireplace to your bathroom. The ultimate in luxury, a fireplace bathroom makes an impact.

A remote-controlled gas fireplace would make an excellent bathroom addition. Not only does it pack a visual punch, but it can quickly warm up the cold tile floor on chilly mornings. Or, why not go all out and set a small fireplace at the end of the tub? You can soak the day away with a crackling fire to keep you company. Dim the lights and relax by firelight into the bubbles.

Home Office

You may need a dedicated room in the house to work from, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel like an office. Adding a fireplace is a great way to bring some coziness to a work area.

A fireplace in a home office is an excellent structural counterpoint to a desk. It keeps the room from feeling too lopsided. Often, a home office is in a room without the best views. Adding a fireplace gives you something pleasing to look at when you need a break from the computer screen, especially if you hang your favorite artwork above the mantel.

It can be helpful to use the home office fireplace as a starting point for other design elements in the room. Perhaps that means building a bookcase surround or setting up a comfortable seating area in front of the fireplace for meeting with clients.

Fireplaces don’t need to be relegated to the main living room. There are numerous benefits to adding a fireplace to almost any room of the house, even if they are sometimes more for decoration than heating a room.