Lighting in your home is more than just a functional necessity. When used right, it can be a standout design choice and a focal point of any given room. In recent years, lighting design has shifted to trends that can endure the test of time, opting for modern twists on classic fixtures. Here’s what interior designers are leaning towards in 2020.

Illuminating Options for 2020

Geometric Design


Black modern lamp with geometric design wire base

Shown above: Pedregal 1 Table Lamp In Matte Black — EG-202131A

Lighting design is taking a leaf from a geometry textbook for fixtures in 2020. Featuring lamps and chandeliers comprised of intricate collections of shapes, interior designers are incorporating this style as a way to give statement lighting a more casual feel. From hexagonal table lamps to rectangular candelabras, this design choice provides a versatile option for your home.

Oversized Fixtures

White pendant hanging light
Shown above: Graham 1 Light Pendant In White with Silver Leaf — SV-7-800-1-123

The mission of light fixtures in 2020 interior design is to create a centerpiece and a lasting impression. Going big in your home with oversized overhead lighting is a popular iteration of this mentality, particularly in open-concept spaces. Whether used in pairs over a kitchen island or as a singular statement chandelier over a dining table, oversized fixtures signal a welcoming central gathering space in a home.

Matte Black Fixtures

floor lamp with black brass tripod legs
Shown above: Cromwell Floor Lamp in Black - Brass — DL-D3367

In the clean-lined, mid-century resurgence camp of design the past few seasons, matte black finishes on fixtures are an enduring staple. They abandon the standard shiny, metallic classics that traditionally dominate lighting, and they instead provide a sleek feature best juxtaposed against a monochrome aesthetic.

Textured Glass


Small modern candelabra
Shown above: Uttermost 19569 Lamya - Candelabra — UT-19569

With lighting, textured glass can add an element of rustic sophistication to a more classic piece. This stylistic choice opts for a muddled glass fixture rather than a clear one. From candle holders to pendant lighting, a smoked glass, in particular, can play to the open flame feel of a warmer toned bulb.

Contemporary Candelabras

Hanging Foyer light in aged bronze
Shown above: Cubic - 4 Light Foyer - Aged Bronze Brushed — CF-41534-ABZ

The formality of a traditional candelabra can often feel out of place in a modern home, which is why lighting designers have turned to more streamlined iterations. Relying on clean lines and sharper renditions of this classic fixture, a contemporary candelabra hits that sweet spot of using a staple in a new, exciting way. Whether housed within a geometric cage or stemmed from right angle arms, this fixture transforms the notion of what candle-inspired lighting can be.

Mixed Finishes

Modern Chandelier in black and brass
Shown above: Campbell 21 Light Chandelier In Vintage Black with Warm Brass — SV-1-2902-21-51

Lighting is no longer a one metal game, as mixing color combos continues to dominate this area of design. Fixtures like matte black chandeliers with gold chrome sockets continue to be a popular choice this year as they play to multiple design tastes. Paired with Edison bulbs, they find common ground amongst those with industrial and playful tastes, offering a little flash to a modern fixture.

Multiple Pendants

With the enduring popularity of kitchen islands, lighting for this space can be particularly tricky. A favored solution is the use of multiple pendant lights lined up over this area for dedicated task lighting. Whether parents are prepping dinner or kids are doing homework at this central gathering place in your home, these grouped fixtures add a stylish and functional component to the space.

How to Use These Lighting Trends in Your Home


Dining Room

A proper dining room always calls for a statement chandelier hung over the table. The oversized trend caters perfectly to this space, signaling the destination of family gatherings and delicious food to be had in its midst. Resting on the table, set the mood with a textured glass candle holder for an adding glow. For subtle, supplemental lighting, flank artwork or a decorative mirror with wall sconces, like the matte black ones above.

Modern Lighting trends with Dining room furniture for 2020


Living Room

For most homes, the living room is cozy and personal, possibly housing a warm fireplace to curl up near after a long day. To flaunt your personal style, install a mixed finish, oversized chandelier to mark the location of a central gathering place, like a classic coffee table, sofa, and armchair combo. To tie this seating area together, try a functional table lamp that rests on a flanking accent table for some much-needed task lighting. Opting for a geometric base for these types of fixtures are a simple way to infuse a little attitude into a living room.

In more open-concept spaces, there’s more to a living room than a seating area. For a reading nook or other dedicated space, additional task lighting is essential. A classic floor lamp can illuminate and provide structure that makes other areas distinct from the main living space in the room.

Modern Lighting trends with Living room furniture for 2020



As mentioned earlier, multiple pendants are a popular choice over a kitchen island. For a twist on this look, designers are trying two oversized pendants rather than three narrow ones for a fun design choice in this typically functional space. If your kitchen allows for a breakfast nook, don’t shortchange this casual area when it comes to lighting. Choose a sleek supplement to the other fixtures in this room by playing with the contemporary candelabras that are on-trend at the moment.

Modern Lighting trends with Kitchen Island and table for 2020


A bedroom tends to be the space where an individual’s personal taste shines the most, making room for design choices that don’t always work as well in other parts of the house. For a unique take on industrial chic lighting, a floor lamp structured similar to a standing mirror can make for a fascinating talking piece. Where the mirror would be, a series of matte black angled arms extend Edison bulbs into the rectangular wired frame. What results is a fixture that doubles as a piece of wall décor, both illuminating the space and providing a distinctive design element.

When it comes to lighting a nightstand, sometimes it’s not as simple as throwing a lamp in the mix and calling it a day. When your bedside table needs a better solution, a pendant light can be a unique way to incorporate lighting without sacrificing space. A fun approach to this fixture can be a geometric candelabra, which plays into the modern dispositions of 2020’s lighting trends in a fresh way.Modern Lighting trends with Bedroom furiture pieces for 2020


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