Before electricity was a mainstay of modern life, most people depended on task lighting instead of overhead lighting to go about their day. This type of fixture illuminates a specific section of your space and, as the name suggests, hones in on the task at hand. Whether it’s reading a book or getting to work, the right task lighting can add dimension and function to rooms of any size.

The Best Locations for Task Lighting

March 13th, 2017 | Updated: December 10th, 2019

1. At a Desk

Woman working at desk with black, adjustable desk lamp

Task lights in a workspace are essential when you’re writing or typing away for hours on end. Poor lighting can cause eye strain and glare, which makes it challenging to stay focused. For a spotlight on your desk, opt for an adjustable desk lamp that provides concentrated illumination when you need to get to work. Choose a lamp that rests below eye level to eliminate the distraction of the light directly in your eyes.


2. Over a Bedside Table

If you’re the type to read a book before bedtime, a wall task light over your nightstand can be a game-changer. Not only will it give you the necessary brightness that overhead fixtures in bedrooms rarely provide, but it also allows you to continue reading when your partner wants to go to sleep. For particularly targeted task lighting, choose a wall lamp with an adjustable arm to assure the light is pouring over the pages of your book, and not glaring in your spouse’s eyes.

3. In a Reading Nook

Woman sitting on couch reading book under white lamp

A typical dilemma in living rooms, particularly in open-concept floorplans, is how to light the space.

While the main seating area will likely only need tailored overhead fixtures, a bigger room can benefit from a little reading nook, complete with an overstuffed chair and a designated floor lamp. Choose a downward-facing task light to create a sense of purpose for this section of the room, making it a distinct area amongst the larger space.

4. Over a Kitchen Island

As the central prep space in your kitchen, an island needs adequate task lighting over your knife skills as you make a meal. Pendant lights are an excellent option for this area, as you can line up as many or as few as you need. Plus, these fixtures are ideal for nights that the counter stools become the homework station or even the dinner table.


No matter what task you have at hand, Hansen Wholesale has the perfect task lighting to set the tone for your space. From pendant lights to desk lamps, our vast inventory can serve a wide variety of lighting needs. For more information and to discuss our fixture options available, give us a call today at (800) 201-1193.