modern wall lightingLight pollution is an issue in nearly every major city, and many smaller towns are starting to see the effects of this problem as well. To help rectify the issue, people have banded together to start the Dark Sky Movement, which intends to decrease light pollution using outdoor lights called dark sky lighting. Not only does light pollution prevent us from observing the night sky, it can disrupt ecosystems and natural environments by tricking plants and animals into thinking that it is still daytime. Similarly, light pollution negatively impacts humans by confusing our circadian rhythms and melatonin release. Join the movement and help overcome these effects by installing dark sky lighting in your outdoor areas.

What Is The Purpose of Dark Sky Lighting?

Dark sky lighting is a method for reducing light pollution by creating outdoor light fixtures that avoid throwing light up into the sky. Using shields on the top and sides of lights, dark sky lighting projects the light only towards the desired area and often adds other features to reduce waste and pollution. Motion sensors and low-wattage bulbs help people to conserve energy in these outdoor spaces.

Why Use Dark Sky Lighting?

Whether you're interested in environmental issues, an amateur astronomer or just concerned about the effects of this issue on humans, doing your part to help solve the problem of light pollution is important. Dark sky lighting is affordable and easy to find, plus it can help cut energy costs by more efficiently lighting your outdoor areas.

black wall sconceWhat Is Dark-Sky Compliance?

Founded in 1988, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) has spearheaded the initiative on introducing people to dark sky lighting and promoting its use throughout the world. The organization reviews outdoor light fixtures to assess whether or not they meet certain  requirements that reduce light pollution. When shopping for outdoor lighting, you can find out whether or not the fixtures are compliant by looking for the IDA Fixture Seal of Approval. Lights that meet the requirements reduce the amount of blue light sent into the sky and minimize glare.

How to Choose the Perfect Dark Sky Lighting

Before purchasing dark sky lighting fixtures, consider the area where you plan to install the lights and determine how much lighting is necessary. To decrease light pollution, you want to avoid adding too many lights to an area but not so much that it’s difficult to see the space. Once you’ve calculated how many lights are necessary, you can opt to include additional features like motion sensors to further reduce your outdoor area’s impact on the environment.

You can easily recognize which light fixtures are dark-sky compliant by the way they are designed. Any fixtures that have some type of buffer around the light source are typically made to reduce light pollution and funnel the lighting on a specific area. There are dozens of different dark sky lighting designs to choose from that are both decorative and less intrusive, so you won’t have to sacrifice appearance for compliance.

Select the areas that need light most and try to focus on only installing dark sky lighting in these spots to eliminate excess pollution while still creating a relaxing environment. With dark sky lighting, you’ll be able to gaze at the night sky from your back patio or deck without too much intrusive artificial light.

Our Favorite Dark Sky Lighting Options

hanging pendant lightPineview Slope Outdoor Wall Mount

This beautifully designed wall mounted light is available in black, sand silver or sand bronze, each with gold accents. The Pineview Slope Outdoor Wall Mount is dark-sky compliant and provides the perfect amount of light for any outdoor area.

Carriage House LED Outdoor Hanging Lantern

For a more antiquated look, consider the Carriage House LED Outdoor Hanging Lantern with a traditional lantern-style design featuring a glass case, which surrounds the light, limiting the amount of blue light that is emitted into the air.

Franklin 10” Outdoor Pendant Oil Burnished Bronze

If your outdoor area features a dining area, you may consider adding a hanging fixture that still meets the dark-sky guidelines. This Franklin 10” Outdoor Pendant features an elegant appearance without contributing to light pollution.

Find the Perfect Dark Sky Lighting at Hansen Wholesale

When seeking out beautiful dark sky lighting fixtures, browse our collection of outdoor lights with dark-sky compliance. From shielded wall lights to ornate lanterns, Hansen Wholesale has everything you need to create the perfect outdoor space with minimal light pollution. Browse our collection of dark sky lighting options and select your favorite.