What size chandelier is right for my dining room?

    A quick and easy way to size your chandelier diameter is:

  1. Add the length and width of the room measured in feet
  2. Take that total and replace feet with inches (32 feet becomes 32 inches)
  3. ...that's it!
  4. Example:
    Your Dining Room is 20 feet by 12 feet. Add 20 to 12, you get 32 feet. Change to inches: you should look for a 32 inch diameter chandelier (technically a range of 24" - 35" will work.)

Of course, there are other factors when choosing the right chandelier, such as size and shape of the table, and what you will be doing at the table. For example, eating only requires ambient light, whereas if kids do homework or read at the table, you need direct or task lighting.

Anna Lee, The Lighting Lady, Certified Lighting Expert at Hansen Wholesale

Anna Lee Lights it Up!

By Anna Lee,
the Lighting Lady
Certified Residential Lighting Specialist
at Hansen Wholesale

I'm pleased to introduce our Lighting Blogger today - Anna Lee. She's a Certified Residential Lighting Specialist credentialed through the American Lighting Association. She's been with Hansen Wholesale for 20 years, and does she know her stuff! I've convinced her to share some of that valuable knowledge with you. It wasn't hard - she loves being helpful, but anyway: you're welcome!

What Size Chandelier Should I Get for my Dining Room?

January 16th, 2017

When the time came to meet the in-laws for the first time, of course it happened on Christmas. I walked into the lovely lit room with the cornucopia of red and green baubles on the oak dining room table, a large Angel Ornament dangling from the classic Williamsburg chandelier nailed me in the forehead. The chandelier was gorgeous, but hanging slightly over one side of the beautiful table.

As I drifted into a slight daze of confusion and hysterical laughter… I vowed to save all the people of the world from bad chandelier placement.

Ha! Just kidding... I'm pretty sure I just made sure I didn't fall face first onto the floor. BUT... I have always wanted to make the world brighter. And I don't want anyone else getting hurt. So, here we go....

A chandelier in a dining room is a classic thing of beauty, or a modern piece of conversation, or a thing to hang streamers from on your family's most memorable celebrations. Any way you see it, there are thousands to choose from so that you will find the perfect fit, look, and function for your style. Choosing the correct size chandelier ensures the correct aesthetic and function to make a beautiful room.

Generally speaking the easy answer is Room Length + Room Width = Take the Sum and Call it Inches instead of Feet (10 foot x 10 foot room needs a 20 inch chandelier). You must also consider the size of your table along with a few other tips:

Table Diameter

Table minimum width minus 12 inches is a good start for largest diameter. That will keep the chandelier small enough that it is away from the edge of the table and give those around your table ample room to stand up and move around without fear of concussion.


48" table - 12" = 36" maximum chandelier diameter. You could look for 24 inch to 36 inch diameter chandelier.

Ceiling Height

If you have a standard 8 foot ceiling then shoot for 30 inches to 34 inches above the table top. You can go higher up, just do not go below 30" or it will get in the way. If you have a higher ceiling, most literature will recommend adding 3 inches of diameter for each extra foot. Again, this is just a starting point, take into consideration the feel in the room.

Table Shape

Most think of chandeliers as being round, but there are linear, round, oval, and square chandeliers. Consider the shape of your table when choosing your chandelier and its size.

You can make an impression with a round table and a square chandelier for a more modern feel, or create balance with a rectangle table and a linear chandelier. The choices are endless.

If the table is on the large size for the room, a smaller chandelier size may look out of place, or you might even need more than one. If the dining table is small, a large chandelier may overpower it.


What do you want to do at the table? If this dining room table is just used for eating, a chandelier that provides only ambient light will suffice. If you plan on game night or doing work at the table, you might choose a chandelier that can provide both ambient and task lighting. Do this by choosing how many lights are in the chandelier and which direction they are facing (up, down, or both).

If you need full, even task lighting and your table is longer than it is wide, you should get an oblong chandelier. This should brighten up more of the work area. If your table is square or round (same width and length), a correctly-sized chandelier of similar proportion might better suit your needs.

When you call in, if you need help one of our lighting experts will be able to guide you in the right direction. We only sell quality products, and I know we can get you a great deal, sometimes well below the normal retail price. You should also know that if you find a certain style but it is the wrong size, our manufacturers often make similar styles in multiple sizes to fit many rooms.

There you have it, just a few tips that will help you and your guests not get beaned in the head with a dangling ornament. And of course, place your perfectly chosen chandelier of just the right size over the center of the table in your beautiful dining room for everyone to enjoy.

I hope I helped brighten your day!

- Anna Lee, the Lighting Lady
Certified Residential Lighting Specialist, Hansen Wholesale