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  1. 7 Lighting Trends for 2020

    Lighting in your home is more than just a functional necessity. When used right, it can be a standout design choice and a focal point of any given room. In recent years, lighting design has shifted to trends that can endure the test of time, opting for modern twists on classic fixtures. Here’s what interior designers are leaning towards in 2020.

    Illuminating Options for 2020

    Geometric Design


    Black modern lamp with geometric design wire base

    Shown above: Pedregal 1 Table Lamp In Matte Black — EG-202131A

    Lighting design is taking a leaf from a geometry textbook for fixtures in 2020. Featuring lamps and chandeliers comprised of intricate collections of shapes, interior designers are incorporating this style as a way to give statement lighting a more casual feel. From hexagonal table lamps to rectangular candelabras, this design choice provides a versatile option for your home.

    Oversized Fixtures

    White pendant hanging light
    Shown above: Graham 1 Light Pendant In White with Silver Leaf — SV-7-800-1-123

    The mission of light fixtures in 2020 interior design is to create a centerpiece and a lasting impression. Going big in your home with oversized overhead lighting is a popular iteration of this mentality, particularly in open-concept spaces. Wheth

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  2. 4 Home Décor Ideas for Creating a Warm, Inviting Space for Family & Friends

    If you’re hosting the festivities this holiday season, you want your home to feel as inviting as possible for your guests. When you don’t know where to start design-wise, though, you may be concerned that your space is lacking that crucial “cozy” feel. With a few inspired home décor ideas, though, you can convert any space into a welcoming abode.

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  3. How to Fix Common Ceiling Fan Issues

    Ceiling fans are highly effective at keeping homes cool, lowering energy bills, and providing extra lighting. Plus, they can last for a decade or longer. Still, even the most expensive, high-quality models malfunction occasionally. Fortunately, most issues can be easily fixed—as long as you have the necessary knowledge. Here’s what you need to know.

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  4. Fireplace Screen Ideas for Raised Fireplaces

    Fireplace raised in the wall

    If you have a fireplace that is raised in the wall, you are probably having trouble finding a fireplace screen. Due to the odd proportions, Most off-the-shelf screens are going to be too short or simply won't look good.  You are most likely going to need a custom made fireplace screen and a little imagination to properly dress this fireplace.

    Check Out These Fireplace Screen Ideas for Raised Fireplaces below:






    1) The Folding Screen with Doors

    3 Fold Fireplace Screen with Mesh Doors

    Shown Above: TFD33 Solid Brass 3 Fold Screen with Doors and Fleur Del Lis Ornaments (by Stone Manufacturing). The frame is made from a solid brass rope casting and is adorned with Fleur Del Li ornaments. The mesh is silver colored, which makes it more difficult to see through when there is no fire, thus hiding the unsightly raised fireplace. The doors are functional so that you do not have to move the screen aside when tending the fire. There are many choices for Custom Folding Fireplace Screens.


    2) Magnetic Glass Doors

    Custom Fireplace Glass Doors

    Shown above: Brookfield

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  5. 4 Ways to Effectively Use Task Lighting

    Before electricity was a mainstay of modern life, most people depended on task lighting instead of overhead lighting to go about their day. This type of fixture illuminates a specific section of your space and, as the name suggests, hones in on the task at hand. Whether it’s reading a book or getting to work, the right task lighting can add dimension and function to rooms of any size.

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  6. 6 Fireplace Glass Doors to Upgrade the Look of Your Home

    As the weather turns cold this winter, a crackling fire in the fireplace can warm even the most chilled of bones. This critical element of a home gets a lot of use, which is why many homeowners invest in fireplace glass doors to enhance the style and optimize function. Easily customizable, from material to finish and even monogramming, fireplace doors come in a variety of choices to suit any design taste.

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  7. The Do’s and Don'ts of Outdoor Lighting

    Landscape lighting requires more than just a haphazard collection of spotlights in your yard. To highlight the architectural and landscaping features of your home, you need to strategize where the lights should go and what material to make the fixtures, among other details. If you’re unsure of where to start with planning this project, here are the main do’s and don’ts when designing outdoor lighting.

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  8. Is Curb Appeal for Your Business Important?

    Is Curb Appeal for Your Business Important

    Catching the eyes of passersby can make a big difference over the lifetime of your business. Appearance isn’t everything, but it certainly creates first impressions. Exterior wall lights or outdoor pendant lighting can help craft a welcoming ambiance and draw customers in from the curb. Let’s take a look at the huge difference curb appeal can make and how you can increase the curb appeal of your establishment. 

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  9. Modern Living: Benefits of Adding a Fireplace to These Rooms

    One hundred years ago, a fireplace was a staple in every room of the house. The necessity of using them to heat a room created innovative fireplace cover designs and architectural elements. After all, no one wants the most dominant feature of a room’s layout to be unsightly.

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  10. Tips for Choosing a Fireplace to Fit Your Renovation

    Sometimes you need to make changes to your home to improve its layout or appeal. They might be sizable changes, like installing a fireplace, or they might be small changes, like choosing a new fireplace cover. Regardless, it is always essential to do plenty of research before tackling a home renovation.

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