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Casablanca Fan Company Video - Featured in Designing Spaces Military Makeover

Published on Jan 6, 2015: Casablanca Fan Company recently partnered with Designing Spaces™ on Lifetime Television to help transform the home of a young military family in South Carolina. The three-part series "Designing Spaces of Hope Military Makeover - A Home for the Holidays" aired on November 21, November 28, and December 5. The second show in the three-part series featured three fans provided and installed by Casablanca.

The “Military Makeover” series took viewers on a three-part journey through the home and life of Purple Heart hero Stephen Lunt and his family. Throughout the series, Designing Spaces worked with Casablanca to enhance the family’s home with artfully crafted fans that match the design integrity of each unique space. Casablanca and Designing Spaces helped transform the overall look of the house with inspiring showpiece fans and educated viewers on the benefits of ceiling fans.

Casablanca Fan Company Video - Custom Casablanca

Published on Jun 14, 2013: The customimzation feature shown in this video is no longer available at the Casablanca website. However, our website offers more flexibility and options when it comes to customizing your Casablanca ceiling fan.

Casablanca Fan Company Video - Worlds Best Ceiling Fans

Published on Aug 16, 2013

Casablanca Fan Company Video - Design

Published on Aug 16, 2013

How did Casablanca Fan Company gain the reputation for making "The Worlds Best Ceiling Fans?"

It starts with the fact that Casablanca is the only ceiling fan company in the United States with its own in-house design team. Casablanca has never blindly followed the latest trends; rather they prefer to explore, imagine, lead and set the trends. Their world-class designers, who come from the Paris fashion houses and leading toy companies, craft each fan prototype to perfection.

To be a leader one must always originate and not merely imitate. Seizing the initiative, Casablanca set a lasting precedent by establishing the Industry's premier in-house design and engineering team. Their exclusive mission is to create original and authentic fans of the highest quality. New ideas emerge from many sources; a page from history, an art exhibition, and travels to remote lands. Casablanca's designers search everywhere for new inspirations, uncovering treasures from earlier times and charting new trends in decor.

The fans depicted here are of the finest quality and design in the world! Casablanca Ceiling Fan Company was founded in 1974 by Burton A. Burton. By the late seventies the company was represented throughout the USA by over 1,000 lighting showroom and ceiling fan specialty stores.

Casablanca integrated the latest technology into the ceiling fan design process and secured engineering and design patents for a variety of innovations including: lightweight die-cast construction, electronically reversible motors with variable speed and silent operation and the Hang True canopy which permitted easy installation of ceiling fans on flat or sloped ceilings.

In 1983 Casablanca introduced Inteli-Touch to the ceiling fan industry, a computerized wall control which, for the first time, offered a choice beyond the traditional three-speed pull chain method. Comfort-Touch ceiling fans were introduced in 1990 as an RF controlled programmable multifunction ceiling fan, lighting and climate control system that remains unique within the industry to this day. The Versa-Touch ceiling fan control was introduced in 1995 as a RF controlled hand-held, multi-functioned remote control.

Custom Casablanca

In 2013 Casablanca introduced a new concept and called it "Custom Casablanca". Custom Casablanca fans do not include blades or lights, so you pick and choose the components you want in order to design a Casablanca ceiling fan that fits your room setting. Although Casablanca Fan Company has had many customizable ceiling fans over the years, Custom Casablanca models are different in that they ALL share similar design components that allow the blades, light fixtures and controls to be interchanged.

The decision to make this possible required design changes from the bottom up for each Custom Casablanca fan in order to make this possible. Things such as the fan canopy and light bottom cap had to be redesigned in order to accommodate the remote receiver unit and light kits. The blade holders all had to have the same hole patterns so that the blades would fit, yet each model has blade holders of different styles and shapes. Consolidating these components allows for greater flexibility and cuts back on the amount of SKUs that need to be made and kept in stock. This consolidation also cuts back on the cost of offering all of the potential custom combinations without cutting back on the quality and integrity of the product. So it is a win-win for both the manufacturer and consumer.

More Great Information...

Not all fans are created equal...Before you purchase a ceiling fan there are some very important things you should know about how fans work in general and what makes some fans better than others. Knowing what questions to ask is important so here are some comparison guidelines.

Shaking and wobbling have their place on the dance floor...Movers and shakers are great to watch on the dance floor but not on your ceiling. There's nothing more annoying than a ceiling fan that wobbles. A Casablanca fan however has been specifically engineered to eliminate fan wobble. Each set of our real wood veneer blades are carefully weighed and balanced ensuring smooth operation.

Ceiling fans should be seen and not heard...An electric motor hum is a trademark of cheap fans and can be very trying on hot summer nights when you are trying to sleep. Cheaper ceiling fans have stamped metal parts which can amplify buzzes or hums within the fan's motor housing. Casablanca motors feature heavy metal castings and precision sealed ball bearings top and bottom to ensure silent operation and a long maintenance-free life.

Don't let your ceiling fan leave you hot under the collar... Just because a ceiling fan moves air doesn't mean it moves enough air to keep you comfortable. The blade pitch (or angle) determines how much air is moved when the fan is on. Some fans have blades with a very shallow pitch because their motors are not powerful enough to handle the extra demand made by steeper blade pitches. Casablanca fans use a motor which is engineered to be more than powerful enough to operate fan blades with a full 14 degree pitch. So you always get the right amount of air to keep cool and comfortable.

Ceiling fans should lower energy costs not raise them... Rather than just offering you a cooling breeze on a hot summer day or re-circulating ceiling-trapped hot air in the winter, Casablanca ceiling fans come with an energy saving promise. If used properly our fans can help to reduce your energy costs. It is important when selecting a fan to make sure the motor is large enough to operate it efficiently or you won't enjoy comfort or energy savings. Even though Casablanca fans, running at full speed, consume about the same amount of energy as a 100 watt light bulb, they are also extremely powerful and exceptionally efficient. Cheaper fans with smaller with smaller motors use more energy.

A powerful long term investment that pays dividends daily...Casablanca fans are made to last a long time. At the heart of every Casablanca fan is a powerful motor, superbly engineered and guaranteed for the life of your fan (except for our moisture-resistant fans, Cascade and Delta VV). Many manufacturers use motors which were designed for appliances other than ceiling fans. These "off the shelf" motors can be cheaply made and are often less powerful. They can wear out prematurely and provide very little value for your investment.

Is it finished like a Casablanca?
It s bright and shiny! That's how your Casablanca fan will look for many years because of the extra time and expense we take with our metal finishing. Many manufacturers use cheap stamped metal parts that are plated by the least expensive method possible. The result is a finish that looks thin, rough and lacks depth. Eventually, these finishes will oxidize and corrode because they are not even given a protective coating.

Casablanca's thick shiny brass finish begins with quality, precision die-cast parts. Then we plate them utilizing a multi-step process that includes polishing and buffing. The resulting finish is thick, clear and jewel-like. And to make sure it stays that way we bake on a clear protective coating.

Our color finishes perform equally as well. All visible metal parts are coated with a sophisticated electrostatic applied dry powder epoxy. The epoxy powder melts and fuses to the metal in a high temperature oven. The resulting finish is exceptionally corrosion free.

Complete comfort and convenience is at your fingertips with one of our advanced computerized control systems...With Casablanca's innovative electronic control systems you can program the environment of each room for dependable comfort and energy savings. In addition to the Three-Speed, pull chain models, Casablanca offers three advanced control systems which are microcomputer driven.

The Inteli-Touch Control System puts complete control of all fan functions at your fingertips. This includes turning the fan on and off, selecting the speed, dimming or brightening the lights and reversing the fan drive action. With the "Fan-Minder" Program you can stay comfortably in bed knowing that Inteli-Touch will automatically compensate for the cool night air. You get additional comfort with the Home-Safe feature, a controlled lighting cycle that makes your home look occupied when you're not there. With all this advanced technology Inteli-Touch is extremely easy to operate and installs quickly in an existing light switch junction box no special wiring is required.

Casablanca's exclusive Advan-Touch Control System features a completely wireless remote control which operates fan and light actions within a 50-foot radius of the fan. Easy to read and use, the remote control can be wall-mounted or, for added convenience, carried to bedside or easy chair. Comfort-Touch wireless remote control can be wall mounted or can be taken to your favorite chair for even greater Comfort-Touch controls are available in black or white and feature twin microcomputer technology.

Versa-Touch wireless remote control can also be wall mounted or taken to that favorite chair where you can operate both fan and light functions within a 35-foot radius. With 32 programmable transmission channels one controller has the ability to operate several fans.

To ensure the quality control, computer control systems each assembly is tested using sophisticated equipment which probes the circuitry and brings any defect to the testers attention.

Casablanca - Quality Inside and Out

The philosophy of the Casablanca Fan Company has, over the past two decades, made them leaders in the ceiling fan industry. It's a commitment to the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of the business, from manufacturing specifications, to fan motors, to the quality after-purchase service.

Casablanca Fan Company is committed to provide the widest range of quality ceiling fans and accessories at price points to suit every pocket.

Casablanca continually tries to respond to, and exceed customers requirements in the key areas of functional value at all price points.

Casablanca has the product with the right price the customer expects to pay.

Blades are carefully weighed and matched to ensure Casablanca's fan blades are made from 8-ply hardwood veneer to provide warm, real wood finishes and to resist warping. Each set of smooth, wobble-free fan operation.

Metal components on Casablanca fans are made by pouring molten zinc into precision dies - not by the less expensive cold-cutter method attempting to provide suitable detailing and depth of finish not possible with other methods.

The finest woods, metals and crystal take shape under the skilled hands of Casablanca craftsmen yielding a beautiful piece of functional art that performs superbly.

From the beginning Casablanca fans incorporated many time consuming, expensive, extra steps to ensure the impeccable quality and efficient performance of the finished products. And these methods prevail.

Casablanca's commitment to quality is evident in every part of their fans.

For example, instead of using inexpensive metal stampings, most of Casablanca's metal fans are die-cast for better appearance, durability and silent operation. All fan blades (except our composite all-weather and fabric blades) are laminated with real wood veneers which means they finish like a fine piece of furniture and resist warping. Wood blades on each Casablanca fan are also color and grain matched and balanced.

Engineered to be maintenance free, the Casablanca motor was developed exclusively for use in their fans and is powerful enough to run the fans efficiently, yet silently, for the life of the fan. Motors feature precision, sealed ball bearings top and bottom to ensure quiet operation and a long maintenance free life. Precise design and manufacturing tolerances result in a fan assembly that is noise and wobble-free in operation.

Finishing touches like thick, glistening brass that never pits or discolors and real hand-etched, lead crystal shades reminiscent of fine crystal make Casablanca fans the glittering focal point of any room.

Each die-cast metal part goes through a 10-step, brass plating process. The jewel-like finish is protected by a baked on enamel that bonds to the plating, preserving the finish for many years to come.

Most color finishes are achieved with a sophisticated electrostatic applied epoxy which is fused to the metal in a high temperature oven. The resulting coating is exceptionally resistant to abrasion and oxidation.

Casablanca was the first manufacturer to embellish ceiling fans with real, hand etched lead Crystal shades to add sparkling elegance to any room setting.

About the Motor:

What's inside your fan
counts most!

And what's inside a Casablanca fan is best!

(Cross Section of Casablanca Panama with XLP Motor)


Stable Operation: Perma-Lock™ Downrod is a heavy-duty 3/4" design (not 1/2") for solid, wobble-free operation.
Advanced Technology: Sophisticated and reliable electronics provide convenient fan speed and light control for Comfort-Touch® and Inteli-Touch® models .
Greater Efficiency: Larger copper windings and taller stack height provide greater operating efficiency.
Motor Protection: Stator is coated with a protective varnish that resists damaging effects of humidity, indoors and outdoors.
Precision Engineering : Dynamically balanced rotor and shaft eliminate vibration and wobble.
Maintenance Free : Lifetime lubricated precision ball bearings ensure maintenance free performance.
Silent Operation: Silent-Flex® Flywheel contributes to smooth, noise-free operation .
Light Fixture Adaptable: Rugged die-cast Switch Housing provides seamless attachment of optional light fixtures.

A Critical Difference
The heart of a fan, the motor is responsible for producing quiet operation while supplying the power to drive fan blades for maximum air movement. The motor must be designed and engineered to work flawlessly over a long period of time. Rather than buy “off the shelf” generic motors, Casablanca designs, engineers and manufactures motors for each specific fan application. Casablanca produces two types of motors in several sizes.

Casablanca XLP-2000 Series vs. Other Motors
Casablanca has designed, engineered and manufactured a new ceiling fan motor that delivers unprecedented performance. Larger and more powerful than any competing motor, the Casablanca XLP-2000 series motor uses more raw materials and better insulation, which results in cooler operating temperatures and longer life. The Casablanca XLP-2000 series motor received a UL Class A Rating from Underwriters Laboratories. The XLP-2000 series motor, when combined with Casablanca’s shock-absorbing Silent-Flex® flywheel delivers noise free operation. Choose a fan of lesser quality and you will hear the difference.

Application Motors
Smaller, less powerful motors found on other ceiling fans may have to strain, producing higher operating temperatures, lower air output, noisier operation and potential for failure.


Casablanca Direct Drive Motors
Casablanca Direct Drive motors lead the evolution of design, engineering and material quality in ceiling fans. Premium steel and copper, superior material densities and laminations combine with extra engineering steps that ensure perfect coordination with housing, blade holders and blades. The result is higher performance, cooler and quieter operation, and a lifetime of enjoyment.

The XLP motors are found exclusively in select Casablanca fans

Powerful and Reliable...
Quiet and Invisible...
Quality Exceeding Expectation...

What's inside?...What's inside a high performance Casablanca fan is just as important as what's on the outside. Although the motor is totally silent and hidden inside the body of the fan, you can rest assured that it will be there "quietly" working "hard" for you day and night for as long as you own your Casablanca ceiling fan. 

Not an Ordinary Motor...The XLP ceiling fan motor is not just an ordinary application motor like those used in most ceiling fans. It is a high performance motor that was designed by Casablanca from the ground up to operate the World's best ceiling fans.

Technically Speaking...The XLP2000 or XLP2001 is a stationary 18-pole permanent split induction motor with a rotating drive shaft. A dynamically balanced rubber Silent-Flex flywheel is used to stabilize the fan from wobbling while its turbine-like fins, molded into the flywheel, provide cooler running temperature with higher performance.

Layman's terms...What this really means is the XLP2000 fan motor has much more power, does not wobble, moves more air, and lasts longer than other fan motors...and it does this without making a noise!

True Comparison...Most other fan manufacturers use what commonly referred to as  "application motors". These motors are not designed specifically for ceiling fans. They are mass produced for generic applications and might be found in appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, garbage disposals and so on...These inexpensive motors are much less powerful, and more likely to wobble, burn out, and make noise.

Don't Settle For Less...