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Featured Fan #2

Pictured Above: Minka Aire Artemis IV LED Model F905L-LN. If you want a contemporary ceiling fan, nothing makes more of a statement than the new Artemis IV in the Liquid Nickel finish. The smooth sexy curves of the Artemis are accentuated by the reflective surface that captures its surroundings. Not only is this fan fiercely attractive, it is also super efficient with a built-in LED light and an energy saving DC motor that uses up to 75% less energy than typical ceiling fans that have AC motors. Click Here for Details

The Best Ceiling fans

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans

Over the years we have seen thousands of ceiling fans come and go, some good, some not so good. Currently we have about 3,000 fans on our website and after comparing every model, we have put together our top 10 recommend fans below. Although there are other ceiling fans on our site with similar levels of quality and performance, we had to choose only 10 and these models have been very popular over the years with a proven track record. If you want a ceiling fan that runs quiet, moves lots of air and will give you years of trouble free operation, we can tell you with the utmost confidence that you cannot go wrong with any of these fans...they simply are amont the best of the best. With that said, if none of these fans fit your taste, just give us a call and we will gladly recommend other great fans that may be appropriate for your application.

#1 Best Ceiling Fan Overall (Traditional)

The Emerson Carrera Grande Eco has won our number #1 pick for the overall best ceiling fan since 2014 through today. This is currently our #1 best selling ceiling fan and is the perfect solution for those looking for a high quality fan that will run dead quiet and move lots of air for years to come. Having been awarded "Most Efficient 2014" by the U.S. Government Energy Star program, we cannot recommend a better fan. Not only is it a great looking transitional style that fits in almost any decor, it has everything going for it that we recommend you look for in a ceiling fan. Inside is a powerful work-horse DC ECO Motor that is super efficient and friendly to the environment. Not only does this fan produce over 7,100 CFM of airflow (tested with 60" blades), it uses only 20 watts of electricity in the process. The Carrera Grande Eco has an EPA efficiency rating of 360 CFM/Watt, which is roughly 400% more efficient than your typical ceiling fan. The blades are sold separately in various furniture grade finishes and are available in 54", 60" and 72" sizes, so you can design this fan to fit in most any average to large size room. If you need a ceiling fan with lights, there is a wide variety of light kits to choose from that can be added to this fan including Incandescent, Fluorescent, Halogen and super efficient LED. For added convenience and range of performance needs, a 6-Speed remote control is included with a reverse function and light dimmer (should you choose to add a light). The motor housing comes in several popular finishes including Oil Rubbed Bronze (the most popular), Brushed Steel and White for additional flexibility in matching your decor. Due to the success of fans like this, Emerson has expanded upon their line of super efficient ECO fans to include various other styles with the same level of quality and performance. Read more about the Emerson Eco Fans.

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#1 Best Ceiling Fan Overall (Modern)

OK, so how can we have two #1 best ceiling fans overall? Well, the Emerson Luray Eco is a more recent addition to the Emerson Eco fan line-up using the same high performance components as the Carrera Grande Eco featured above, but in a different body style. If you prefer a more modern look and still want the best fan you can buy, you will be super impressed with the Emerson Luray Eco. We get more complements about how much air this fan moves...and how smooth and quiet the motor runs no matter which of the 6 speeds it is on. It also has the brightest dimmable LED light of any ceiling fan we've seen so far, which puts it over the top. Be sure to check out the Other Emerson Eco Fans that are just as good as this fan.

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The Best 52" Hugger Fan

The Emerson Curva Sky brings a fresh look to the unibody style hugger fan. The sleek slim curvy design is "Sexier" than similarly designed flush mount ceiling fans that appear bulky or heavy looking in a room. Equipped with a remote control that has 6 speeds forward and reverse along with a full range light dimmer, the Curva Sky is ideal for average to larger size bedrooms or kitchens that have low ceilings. See More Recommended Best Hugger Fans Here!.

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The Best 44" Hugger Fan

The Concept II 44 was introduced by Minka Aire over 10 years ago (2004) and was the very first hugger fan with the blades built in to the center of the fan body. The fan industry calls this a unibody hugger fan. This unique design rocked the ceiling fan industry when it first came out and it has proven to be one of our all-time best selling ceiling fans. By now, most other fan manufacturers have copied it to some degree (see the fan above), but it is still one of our best recommendations for smaller rooms with low a ceilings.Read more about the Best Hugger fans here.

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Matthews Donaire

This fan survived hurricane Irma!
(photo supplied by amazed fan owner)

The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This Fan Survived Hurricane Irma!

Matthews Atlas Donaire: Introduced by Matthews Fan Company in 2016, the Donaire is the ultimate in outdoor ceiling fans. This fan actually survived hurricane Irma when other fans in the neighborhood were demolished. As you can see in the picture, the only damage was that the canopy cover came loose, which was easily put back in place. As one of very few ceiling fans made of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, it is made to better to withstand the cruelest punishment mother nature has to offer from wind, sun, rain, moisture and salt air. Although much more costly than the typical steel used in other fans, Marine Grade Stainless Steel is highly resistant to corrosion. The Donaire comes with a remote control and built-in dimmable LED light kit. It also includes a bottom cap that can be installed instead of the light for a super clean look if you don't need light. The Stainless Steel is finished in bronze or brushed stainless, both equally durable.

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Ceiling Fan with the Most Light

Emerson Laclede Grande Eco: Need a ceiling fan that puts out lots of light? Look no further...the Emerson Laclede Eco provides the equivalent of 540 Watts of incandescent light (using just 117 watts), which is more light than any other ceiling fan we've ever seen. It has 4-13 Watt CFL bulbs in the uplight and 5-13 Watt CFL bulbs in the downlight for a total of 117 Watts of Fluorescent light, which is approximately equivalent to 540 Watts of incandescent light. Although the bulbs are not dimmable*, if you need a fan that puts out a lot of light, this is your best choice. The amazement does not stop there...Not only is this fan super bright, it is also super efficient because it has the new DC Emerson ECO Motor which uses 75% less electricity than typical ceiling fans, yet it produces even more airflow. This is a real bright idea and one of the best ceiling fans ever made! View More Emerson Eco Fans Here!

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The Best Contemporary Ceiling Fan of All Time

OK, so we are splitting hairs between the Luray Eco as a Modern fan and the Casablanca Stealth as a Contemporary fan. But we just had to find a place for the Casablanca Stealth because of it's long standing history: The Stealth was truly one of the very first contemporary style ceiling fans ever made and the sleek jet setting style of this fan was years before its time when it was first produced nearly 2 decades ago. Eventually, every other ceiling fan manufacturer copied the unique mid-body design of the stealth in one way or another and it is still the icon/standard when it comes to high end contemporary ceiling fans. There are several versions of the Stealth available today...this being the latest greatest iteration with a DC motor and an LED light, keeping it up with the times.

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The Best Contemporary Energy Star Ceiling Fan

Emerson Midway Eco: DC ceiling fans were introduced into the market by Emerson and this was the first DC motor ceiling fan they made. The precursor of the Carrera Grande Eco featured above, Emerson Eco Fans represent some of the most efficient modern ceiling fans on the planet. These super efficient fans feature a futuristic DC motor that is up to 350% more efficient than typical ceiling fans and the Midway Eco model is also Energy Star qualified. DC motors connect to your AC power, but have permanent electromagnets. The little electricity they use is for the electronics that control the fan speeds and light. There are several Eco Fans to choose from, each of which represent our #1 picks among the best ceiling fans you can buy. This fan was also awarded "Most Efficient 2014" by the U.S. Government Energy Star program. View More Emerson Eco Fans Here!

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The Best New and Innovative Fan

Montecarlo Minimalist: The Minimalist is not just minimal in style, it is minimal in energy consumption. Incorporating a super efficient DC Motor and 16 Watt LED light fixture this fan uses less than 30 watts on high speed while generating over 7,700 CFM...giving it a high efficiency rating of 288 CFM/Watt (with lights off). On low speed it only uses about 2.64 watts, which means you could run 36 of these fans (lights off) using less electricity than a single 100 watt light bulb...quite amazing!

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The Best Large Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Odynn This 84" fan is one of the largest ceilings fans made for residential applications. The Odynn captures the character of industrial HVLS fans (High Volume Low Speed) made popular by the Big Ass Fan company, and other industrial fan manufacturers, and brings it into your home at a fraction of the price. Most HVLS fans made for industrial use can be rather noisy, yet the Odynn runs virtually dead quiet with a super efficient 6 speed DC motor that uses a fraction of the electricity of typical ceiling fans half its size. It installs like any other residential ceiling fan and does not require additional construction as would an industrial HVLS fan. If you are looking to make a real statement in a large open room...the Odynn is the best large fan for you!

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We have been in the ceiling fan business since 1973 and online since 1994. We did in fact create the very first ceiling fan website on the Internet, which went live well before there was even such a thing as Google. We tell you this just to let you know that we have a lot of experience with ceiling fans and selling them on the Internet. But what truly sets us aside from any other ceiling fan website is the amount of information we supply for each ceiling fan, and most important, the ability to shop for and compare ceiling fans based on their performance criteria. We are the only website that has a method by which you can compare the actual wind speed of ceiling fans since we have developed our own proprietary method of calculating that based on the size and airflow of each fan. Even more, we have ceiling fan experts on staff who are here to help you choose the best ceiling fan for your needs and make sure that you get everything you need to install it in your room. We highly recommend that you call us before you place your order so you can take advantage of their expertise. You can contact us here!

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There are huge differences between ceiling fans; some will move lots of air while others move very little, some are designed to save more energy while others are wet or damp rated for use outdoors. Our website provides all the information you need to help you find the perfect ceiling fan for your application. To get started, we suggest you read some of the information we have compiled over the years, starting with our ceiling fan buyers guide titled: Who Makes the Best Ceiling Fans. There are links on that page to many other ceiling fan resources. Also, be sure to look closely at our exclusive Ceiling Fan Performance Graphs. Whether you are looking for outdoor ceiling fans, ceiling fans with remote controls, ceiling fans with lights, or any other type of ceiling fan, our Performance Graphs make it easy to compare over 3,000 fans on our site to help you find which is the best for your needs.

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