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Ceiling Fan Size Chart

6' x 6' 3,000 - 4,500 24" to 36"
10' x 10' 4,000 - 5,500 37" to 48"
12' x 12' 6,200 - 7,500 49" to 56"
15' x 15' 7,000 - 9,000 60" to 72"
Larger 9,000 - 11,000 Over 72"
What Size Fan Do I Need? BIGGER IS BETTER: The main cooling effect is felt from directly beneath a ceiling fan and drops off dramatically within about 1 foot from the blades. If the fan is in the middle of the room with seating off to the side, use as large a fan as you can handle that has the highest wind speed (refer to our MPH ratings). If the seating is directly beneath the fan, use a fan large enough to cover the seating area. Read more about: "How To Choose The Right Size Ceiling Fan" or Talk To A Ceiling Fan Expert: 1-800-201-1193.

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Ceiling Fan Resources

Why Shop for Ceiling Fans at Hansen Wholesale?

We have been in the ceiling fan business since 1973 and online since 1994. We did in fact create the very first ceiling fan website on the Internet, which went live well before there was even such a thing as Google. We tell you this just to let you know that we have a lot of experience with ceiling fans and selling them on the Internet. But what truly sets us aside from any other ceiling fan website is the amount of information we supply for each ceiling fan, and most important, the ability to shop for and compare ceiling fans based on their performance criteria. We are the only website that has a method by which you can compare the actual wind speed of ceiling fans since we have developed our own proprietary method of calculating that based on the size and airflow of each fan. Even more, we have ceiling fan experts on staff who are here to help you choose the best ceiling fan for your needs and make sure that you get everything you need to install it in your room. We highly recommend that you call us before you place your order so you can take advantage of their expertise. You can contact us here!

Helpful Hints

There are huge differences between ceiling fans; some will move lots of air while others move very little, some are designed to save more energy while others are wet or damp rated for use outdoors. Our website provides all the information you need to help you find the perfect ceiling fan for your application. To get started, we suggest you read some of the information we have compiled over the years, starting with our ceiling fan buyers guide titled: Who Makes the Best Ceiling Fans. There are links on that page to many other ceiling fan resources. Also, be sure to look closely at our exclusive Ceiling Fan Performance Graphs. Whether you are looking for outdoor ceiling fans, ceiling fans with remote controls, ceiling fans with lights, or any other type of ceiling fan, our Performance Graphs make it easy to compare over 3,000 fans on our site to help you find which is the best for your needs.

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Ceiling Fan Location Chart

This chart shows the differences in locations for Dry, Damp and Wet rated ceiling fans

Indoor Locations Wet Damp Dry
Indoor Living Spaces x x x
Garage x x x
1/2 Bath (no shower or tub) x x x
Full Bath (with shower or tub) x x
Damp Laundry Room x x
Indoors Near the Ocean x
Outdoor Locations Wet Damp Dry
Fully Covered Patio/Porch x x
Partially Covered Patio/Porch x
Direct Exposure to Rain x
Direct Exposure to Snow x
Pergola or Gazebo x
Near Sprinklers x
Near the Ocean x
Other Factors Wet Damp Dry
Simple To Clean (Hose it Down) x
Completely Sealed Motor Housing x
Rust/Corrosion Resistant x
Non-Corrosive Screws x
UV Inhibitor Coating x