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Ceiling Fan Size Chart

Room Size CFM Recommended Fan Size
6' x 6' 3,000 - 4,500 Shop: 24" to 36"
10' x 10' 4,000 - 5,500 Shop: 37" to 48"
12' x 12' 6,200 - 7,500 Shop: 49" to 56"
15' x 15' 7,000 - 9,000 Shop: 60" to 72"
Larger 9,000 - 11,000 Shop: 80" to 99"

What Size Fan Do I Need? BIGGER IS BETTER: The main cooling effect is felt from directly beneath a ceiling fan and drops off dramatically within about 2 feet from the blades. If the fan is in the middle of the room with seating off to the side, use as large a fan as you can handle. If the seating is directly beneath the fan, use a fan large enough to cover the seating area. Read more about: "How To Choose The Right Size Ceiling Fan" or Talk To A Ceiling Fan Expert: 1-800-201-1193.

What Size Fan Do I Need? BIGGER IS BETTER: The main cooling effect is felt from directly beneath a ceiling fan and drops off dramatically within about 2 feet from the blades. If the fan is in the middle of the room with seating off to the side, use as large a fan as you can handle. If the seating is directly beneath the fan, use a fan large enough to cover the seating area. Read more about: "How To Choose The Right Size Ceiling Fan" or Talk To A Ceiling Fan Expert: 1-800-201-1193.

Which Ceiling Fan Brand is Best?

Ceiling Fan Tip: We have over 4,000 ceiling fans on our website from 15 quality brands. While some fans are by all means better quality than others, each brand has their own various levels of quality and the highest quality fans from one brand may be equivalent to that of another. Our exclusive comparison graphs allow you to compare various models from any brand to find the best fan for your application. Learn more here: "Who Makes the Best Ceiling Fans?".

#1 Best Ceiling Fan

Looks Great - Runs Dead Quiet - Moves Lots Of Air

The Emerson Carrera Grande Eco is one of the most energy efficient and eco friendly ceiling fans on the planet. This high quality DC motor ceiling fan runs dead quiet while moving substantially more air (using less power) than AC motor ceiling fans. Even more, it is highly customizable. You can buy the fan with or without a light and there are lots of lights to choose from. Plus, you have over 50 different blade styles and finishes to choose from in sizes from 44" to 72" as well as different finishes for the fan motor. Emerson has been making high quality ceiling fans for over 100 years and this is one of their best ever! View Product Page

Factory Clearance! Elemental Gyro - $1199.85 $499.95
Factory Clearance! Matthews CIV - $810 $299.00
Factory Clearance! Matthews Melody - $440 $199.00

A New Brand Of Smart Fans

WiFi Enabled - Amazon Alexa - Goggle Assistant

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Quiet Please - Nobody Wants a Noisy Wobbly Ceiling Fan!

Ceiling Fan Tip: If you want a ceiling fan that runs smooth and quiet, like for a bedroom or library, be sure to look at the quality ratings in our ceiling fan comparison graphs. Fans with a rating of 4 or 5 will run smooth and quiet without the buzzing or clicking noises common in lesser fans. These fans have higher quality components and are built to closer tolerances for better balance and overall performance. Learn more here: "Who Makes the Best Ceiling Fans".

How Do I Pick A Finish?

Ceiling Fan Tip: Choosing the finish of your ceiling fan can be a challenge if you are not design oriented, so here are some basic ideas: In smaller rooms with average or low ceilings, choose a fan to blend in with the ceiling and it will be less obtrusive in the room. So if you have a white ceiling in such a room, use a white fan. If you have a wood ceiling, choose a bronze fan with wood blades. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with white, brushed nickel or bronze as combined they represent over 95% of all our ceiling fan sales. You can Shop By Finish or just give us a call.

Why Shop for Ceiling Fans at Hansen Wholesale?

We have been in the ceiling fan business since 1973 and online since 1994. We did in fact create the very first ceiling fan website on the Internet, which went live well before there was even such a thing as Google. We tell you this just to let you know that we have a lot of experience with ceiling fans and selling them on the Internet. But what truly sets us aside from any other ceiling fan website is the amount of information we supply for each ceiling fan, and most important, the ability to shop for and compare ceiling fans based on their performance criteria. We are the only website that has a method by which you can compare the actual wind speed of ceiling fans since we have developed our own proprietary method of calculating that based on the size and airflow of each fan. Even more, we have ceiling fan experts on staff who are here to help you choose the best ceiling fan for your needs and make sure that you get everything you need to install it in your room. We highly recommend that you call us before you place your order so you can take advantage of their expertise. You can contact us here!

How To Begin Shopping for Ceiling Fans

There are huge differences between ceiling fans; some will move lots of air while others move very little, some are designed to save more energy while others are wet or damp rated for use outdoors. Our website provides all the information you need to help you find the perfect ceiling fan for your application. To get started, we suggest you read some of the information we have compiled over the years, starting with our ceiling fan buyers guide titled: Who Makes the Best Ceiling Fans. There are links on that page to many other ceiling fan resources. Also, be sure to look closely at our exclusive Ceiling Fan Performance Graphs. Whether you are looking for outdoor ceiling fans, ceiling fans with remote controls, ceiling fans with lights, or any other type of ceiling fan, our Performance Graphs make it easy to compare over 3,000 fans on our site to help you find which is the best for your needs.

Ceiling Fan Questions and Answers

We will respond to email inquiries within 24 to 48 hours. Our Experts can provide quicker and better service over the phone if you choose to include your phone number (not required)

Contact Information

Question: Really like the look of your logs. We have existing fireplace and want vent free logs. Dimensions are 41 front width, 38 back width and 22 deep. may we use a 36 inch log set? Aree they available in vent free?
Answer: Vent-free gas logs are not available in sizes larger than 30 inches. Based on the dimensions of your fireplace, a 30" log set will look best anyways, so even if a 36" ventless gas log set was available, I would not recommend using it. If you give us a call one of our gas log experts will help you choose the best gas logs for your fireplace.
Question: 2 months ago I purchased 4 fans from you. Just had them installed. Can I register the warranties on-line?
Answer: Some of the manufacturers that we carry do have the option to register the warranty online, but without knowing which brands you purchased I cannot answer you directly. Keep in mind that the warranties for your ceiling fans need to be registered with the manufacturer, not us. Please read the warranty cards that came with your ceiling fans and follow the instructions. If there is an option to register online, instructions to do so will be clearly stated on the warranty card, otherwise, there is not such an option.
Question: Our electrician has installed the fan. He says the receiver does not work. How can we get another one? Model UC7067RC
Answer: We need to know the brand and model number of your ceiling fan to be of any help. If it is one of the brands that we carry, we should be able to get the parts you need.
Question: What light kits do you have available for the Hunter fan I have in my shopping cart?
Answer: Unfortunately, I cannot determine what items are in your shopping cart using this forum. Please either give us a call, or let us know which Hunter ceiling fan you are referring to.
Question: A few years ago, I bought some ceiling fans from both Home Depot and Lowes. Some of them make noise or wobble, and none of them seem to cool me off. I have a Casablanca fan that I bought 15 years ago in my master bedroom and it runs quiet and puts out lots of air. Now I am considering replacing the other fans. Can you tell me who makes the best fans nowadays?
Answer: Ceiling fans sold at home centers simply do not compare in quality and performance to those made by some of the brands you see on our website. Casablanca still makes some of the best ceiling fans you can buy, so you may want to consider buying more Casablanca ceiling fans if you can afford them. There are also other brands that offer excellent quality and performance that are worth considering.

The best way to find the best ceiling fans is to use the ceiling fan comparison graphs that you see in our search results. Our search results automatically show the best ceiling fans first by default, so if you just use our search options to narrow down your choices based on style, finish and size, you will be able to find the best fans quickly. If you give us a call, we will be able to explain the differences between each fan that you are considering and help you make you decision even faster.

To learn more about comparing ceiling fans, read Who Makes the Best Ceiling Fans
Question: I just ordered the Minka Air Cobra F-809 glass; however, the order form reads "Minka Aire Shades;" does this mean glass or globe? Thanks
Answer: Shade is a generic term used for the part that covers the light on a ceiling fan fixture. In your case, the replacement globe (shade) you ordered for your Cobra ceiling fan is glass.
Question: Hi We were in a new construction house in Fuquay Varina just outside Cary, in the 2 story great room was a gorgeous ceiling fan with a flouresent up light. Can you point me to your pages that has a similar model? Thanks, Jeff
Answer: We have quite a few attractive fans that include an uplight...although not necessarily fluorescent. Use this link to view them: Ceiling Fans with an Uplight.
Question: I bought a brand new house with a hunter ceiling fan installed in the living room. Since the day I bought the house, I've never been able to turn the fan on. It's very loud and very anoying. Something is wrong inside, it sounds like the berings are grinding. I've tried everything includeing a balance kit and nothing works. Right now it's just a decoration, I can't get any use out of it. What can I do and what are my options. Thanks-Rian
Answer: Most Hunter ceiling fans will run very quietly, so there is definitely something wrong. I would suggest that you contact Hunter Customer Service at: 1-888-830-1326 or visit them online here: Hunter Online Customer Care
Question: which model of your ceiling fans (wih or without lights) are usable inEurope with 220 Volt ? Thanks
Answer: Please refer to this link for information regarding ceiling fans that can be used in Europe: 220 Volt Ceiling Fans for Export.
Question: I have a room that has 8 ft ceilings and is 25 x 10. would you recommend putting two smaller fans in this room?
Answer: Two 50" to 54" ceiling fans that have high CFM ratings would be most appropriate. Since ceiling fans cool you off by creating a wind chill effect, the closer you are to the column of air directly beneath the fan, the cooler you will feel. Ultimately, you will have more CFMs of airflow and a wider range of airflow where you will actually feel the wind chill effect, which is what you need to keep you cooler in a room your size.
Question: Hello, I have purchased a new home with a Hunter Ceiling Fan (Model A), and it contains a Rhine Receiver (Model UC7058RY). I do not have a remote for this receiver, and need to find a replacement. Can you tell me the exact type of remote I need for this receiver and the best place to find one?
Answer: Hunter ceiling fans have model numbers that typically have 5 digits, such as 23856. Please locate the model number on the top of the fan motor housing and then email that to me so I can have someone check the availability of the receiver. Email to Gregt@hansenwholesale.com.

An alternative would be to contact Hunter directly to see if they can help you with just the receiver model that you supplied. You can contact Hunter Customer Service at: 1-888-830-1326 or visit them online here: Hunter Online Customer Care
Question: question My wife and i disagree on should ceiling fans run when no one is home or in the room.
Answer: Here is a tidbit of information for you. The EPA "Requires" ceiling fan manufacturers to include the following statement on the literature and packaging for any ceiling fan that is ENERGY STAR qualified: "Turn Off When Not in the Room. Ceiling fans cool people, not rooms. If the room is unoccupied, turn off the ceiling fan to save energy."

However, I often times leave the ceiling fans on in my home when I am away because our family has several cats that stay indoors and we like to keep them comfortable. I also find that the home is less "Stuffy" if the fans are left on when it is very hot. Although the EPA would consider this a waste of energy, the fans that I have are good quality ceiling fans that are super efficient (such as the Emerson Midway Eco). These fans use less energy than a night light when operating at low speed. So if you have energy efficient ceiling fans like the ECO installed throughout your home, the amount of electricity used is almost negligible compared to most other fans when left on. Given this info, I will let you and your wife discuss this further and reach your own conclusions.
Answer: Please let me know the brand and model number of the fan and what type of control you have.
Question: I want a rugged looking outdoor wet, remote control ceiling fan? Also are there these fans in small size as well?
Answer: Most outdoor wet rated ceiling fans are average to larger sizes since it is less common that smaller fans are needed in such locations. I say this because, as you have likely already noticed in your search online, it is difficult to find smaller "Rustic Style" ceiling fans that are in fact wet rated. Even more, remote controls are rarely used with wet rated fans because most remote transmitters and receivers cannot handle the excess moisture. Although I am quite certain we can help you find a fan that you will be happy with, you will need to give us a call so we can discuss the finish and actual size of the fan you need. One of our ceiling fan experts will walk you through the options on our site and help you narrow down your choices.
Question: We have just added a pergola onto our patio and have already wired for 2 ceiling fans. But a don´t have a place for outlet box. For this reason i can´t isntall the wall controls. If I purchase a remote controls, the funs can operated without a wall control? My order was submitted on 3/9/2010 (Temporary Order ID #11767*)
Answer: Yes, you can use the remote controls instead of the wall controls. However, keep in mind that the remote controls are not recommended for use outdoors with any brand of ceiling fans, which means that you should not leave them outside as moisture can damage them.
Question: I have a fan remote #UC7083T and would like to know how to reverse the blades?
Answer: What brand and model is your ceiling fan? If the remote that you have does not have a reverse button, then you need to reverse your fan manually from a switch that is either on the light fixture switch housing or on top of the motor. Please supply more details about your ceiling fan.
Question: can I order a new remote control for model number 001584. Thanks in advance for your help. Heather Zophy
Answer: The model number that you have supplied does not match anything in our database. We need to know the brand and model number of your ceiling fan as opposed to a generic item number listed on the back of the remote control. If it is a brand that we carry, we can check to see if a replacement remote is available.
Answer: Unfortunately, Harbor Breeze is not a brand that we support or recommend. Harbor Breeze fans are sold only by Lowes, it is their own house brand. You will need to talk to someone at Lowes to see if you can get your fan fixed. If Lowe's is not willing to help you fix your fan and you wish to consider replacing it, please keep us in mind.

Read what others ask about Harbor Breeze fans on our site here: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans
Question: I need to replace the predrilled glass portion of my Casablanca La Fluer ceiling fan. Do you have one?
Answer: We can certainly order the replacement glass for your Casablanca La Fleur ceiling fan. Just give us a call.
Question: I installed a fan and remote control switch. I have control but when i turn on the fan on high, the light comes on. When I shut the light off it won't shut off without shuttng the fan off too. When I turn the just light on, the fan turns on too. When I turn on medium, medium turns on, but not the light. Wehn I turn on low, it works fine. When I turn on medium, the light does work.
Answer: Sounds like the remote is either wired incorrectly, or the remote was not designed specifically for the fan that you have. What is the brand and model of both the fan and the remote and where did you purchase them?
Question: I am wondering if it might be possible to get a replacement fan blade for an Olympia Mfg. Medalist ceiling fan with lights. The serial number on the fan is c05531 and the blade is a plastic brown wood grain finish. Thanks.
Answer: Sorry, Olympia is not a brand that we carry, so we cannot help you. We only carry top quality name brand ceiling fans. Olympia is a lower tier Mfg that is sold by mass merchants. It is quite doubtful that you will be able to find a replacement blade for such a fan.
Question: I am trying to find a discontinued Litex ceiling fan. It is the Litex LN52MBK5CR Lyon 52-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote Control, Matte Black with Snow Mica Glass Light. Please let me know if you have one or can get one. Thank You, Suzie
Answer: Sorry, we cannot be of help to you. We do not carry Litex fans.
Question: have two fans, controlled with a speed controller minka aire. each with a different frequency. The problem I have is when I put the top guard. I fail to control the functions of the fans I was frozen. back to remove the upper guard, some time to recover the functions but not always. all the connections are correct.
Answer: Some remote receivers have a short antenna that must be exposed. Based on what you are saying, it sounds like you are hiding the antenna inside the fan canopy, which would cause your problem. Are the fans also made by Minka Aire? If so, what are the model numbers of your ceiling fans? Also, which Minka Aire remote control are you referring to?
Question: I may need a slope ceiling adapter (up to 45 deg). Please advise if this item is available and how does it cost? Many thanks in advance for your response.
Answer: Sloped ceiling adapters for ceiling fans are not necessarily interchangeable between brands or even models of a brand. So we need to know which brand and model of fan you need your sloped ceiling adapter for. Please email me that information: gregt@hansenwholesale.com
Answer: We cannot help you with parts for Hampton Bay ceiling fans. Those fans are imported directly from China by Home Depot...it is their own brand.
Question: looking for non-Chinese made ceiling fan.
Answer: Please refer to this page regarding where ceiling fans are made: Ceiling Fans Not Made in China
Question: How far down from the 18 foot coffered ceiling should a reversible fan be installed?
Answer: All ceiling fan manufacturers recommend dropping their fans down to the point where the blades are around 8 feet from the floor. This will afford you the best performance. However, it is not always practical to do so on ceilings as high as yours. It also depends on the fan that you purchase. If you purchase a better quality fan with an airflow rating of over 7,500 CFM, then you can compromise and leave the fan higher (say 12 feet from the floor). You should be looking for a large ceiling fan of at least 56" to 60" in span. We will call you to help you select the right fan for your needs.
Question: I have a 2003 ceiling fan, brand name is SMC made in China. It have 3 wire comming out from the motor, white, black and blue. Testing it I hook black to black and white to white the fan works. Hook white to white and black to blue the lights works. Can I connect both black and blue wires from the motor to the black wire without any problem. Thank you
Answer: Yes, that is how you connect a fan with lights.
Question: My ceiling fan is not working and I can't get my life offf. I have changed the batteries. what has gone wrong
Answer: You probably need to replace the remote transmitter and/or receiver. Usually replacing both is the best idea. However, sometimes just changing the dip switches for both the transmitter and receiver will resolve the problem. I need to know what brand and model of fan you own, where it was purchased and how old it is in order to be of any further assistance.
Question: I am looking for a glass shade for an Avion Ceiling fan, model C52-R. Can you help me?
Answer: Avion ceiling fans are sold at places like K-Mart and Walmart. They do not import replacement glass for these fans, so you most likely will not find one. We certainly cannot get one for you. Most people learn the hard way that you must replace these types of fans when you break the glass or anything else goes wrong. If you end up in that place, please consider the higher quality brands that we offer. We actually even have a 5 year FREE replacement parts program that we offer if you buy your fan from use.
Question: how do i disassemble my hobor breeze fan plz contact me asap tyvm
Answer: We do not offer customer service for Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. Harbor Breeze fans are sold only by Lowes, it is their own house brand, so you will need to talk to them and find out if they are willing to or capable of helping you.

For more about this, visit this page on our site regarding Harbor Breeze ceiling fans: About Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans
Question: i have a ceiling fan i dropped the glass dome and broke, dome measures about 6 and 7/8 to 6 and 3/4 the Menards and most stores by me, do not make any that large, in white or cloudy glass, can you help, i do not know anything about fan, its nice and i'd hate to replace it?
Answer: Shades like yours are typically made specifically for a certain brand and model of fan. If the fan was purchased from a home center or department store, odds are you cannot replace the glass and you will be needing a new fan. If it is one of the models that we carry, we can probably get a replacement globe for you. Look on the top of the fan motor to find the brand and model number then email that to me: gregt@hansenwholesale.com
Question: Can I paint the blades on the fan I just ordered. I don't like the midnight Bourdeax color of them?? What type of paint would be recommended?
Answer: We do not recommend painting the blades. It will void the warranty of the fan. If you feel you must paint them, I cannot recommend any particular type of paint without knowing what fan and blades you have ordered. If you ordered your fan from us, then please give us a call.
Question: Looking for a Monte Carlo ceiling fan with light 5Dl52BSD
Answer: I suppose you are referring to the Monte Carlo Discuss which is actually model 5DI52BSD (I not L in the model number). Here is a link to the Monte Carlo Discuss ceiling fan.
Question: hanger bracket harber breeze
Answer: Harbor Breeze is a Lowes prand. Please contact Lowes for information regarding their own products.
Question: Purchased @ Walmart 4/09 Aloha Breeze Brushed Silver 52" fan - one globe broke (has hole for 2 chains fan & light). Replacement needed ?
Answer: I do not believe you can get replacement globes for fans sold at Walmart, particularly those made by Aloha Breeze. This is a very low end product that Walmart imports directly from China and they do not import replacement parts. If you buy your next fan from us and accidentally break the glass, we will replace it for FREE!

Read our 5 Year FREE Replacement Parts Plan. Just another great reason to buy your next ceiling fan from Hansen Wholesale.
Question: I'm looking for energy efficient fans in antique brass, preferably with lights, for the following room sizes. 11x14.5 bedroom, 9x11 bedroom, 13x14 dining room open to livingroom and divided from kitchen by counter and upper cabinets, but light is only 4feet from wall (centered over table area), 9x14 kitchen but light is also only 4feet from wall, in line with dining room, and 23x17 living room. living room only has slanted ceiling. would like similar look for kit/din/liv..
Answer: We can certainly help you find the perfect energy efficient fans for each of your rooms with whatever lighting fixtures and blades you want. Just give us a call and help you.
Question: I have a ceiling fan about 14yrs old,While it was being repaired one of the lampshades were broken. Fan comes from the Beverly Hills Fan Company. It also says Southwest on the manual. Want to replace broken lampshade. You help?
Answer: Send me a picture of your fan and I will see what we can do. gregt@hansenwholesale.com
Question: I have a harbreeze with remote. Everytime we lose electricity, if only momentarily (which is at least 1x/week), the fan stops working. I have 5 other fans in my house including another remote operated, but this is the only one that stops working completely. I've had an electrician in to fix this fan at least 8 times in the last 2 years.
Answer: 1 bad fan out of 5 is about par for the course with fans purchased from home centers. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help you. You need to take up the matter with Lowes since Harbor Breeze is their brand.
Question: what is best company of fans
Answer: Here is a link to an article that talks about "Who Makes The Best Ceiling Fans".
Question: I want to connect a Casablanca fan that takes a threaded down rod to an existing down rod that is .75" OD and is not threaded. Do you carry a coupler or adaptor that will enable me to accomplish this? Thank you.
Answer: There is no coupler made to connect a Casablanca ceiling fan to a non-Casablanca downrod. Casablanca does not allow this because they use their own proprietary mounting system that they have tested for safety. Using any other mounting system would void the warranty and could create an unsafe condition, particularly if the previous fan and downrod was not rated for the same weight as the Casablanca fan. You will find this the same with most of the higher quality brands.
Question: To whom, I love your website, it is so informative and I have used it to purchase the Emerson Eco Midway earlier this year for my home. I am now helping my brother set up a couple of restaurants and wanted some advice on commercial ceiling fans. Are their any obvious differences and what should I be looking for? Thanks Oliver McClarty
Answer: There are not really any "Commercial" ceiling fans. There are what you would call "Industrial" ceiling fans, but those are used in very large open areas such as manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Most restaurants do not use industrial ceiling fans, but rather choose the types of fans you see on our website with all. Most restaurants that we deal with choose higher quality fans that have a particular style and finish that fits their decorative theme. When searching our website, the default sort results will put the higher quality models first, making it easy to find them.

Can you email me some pictures of the restaurant? I'll be happy to offer some suggestions, or forward your response to one of other ceiling fan experts who can take you through the decision making process. Email your pictures to: gregt@hansenwholesale.com
Question: Have a 23X13 bedroom. Looking for recommended ceiling hugging fan. This fan should also have a remote control and several speeds. No light is needed.
Answer: We have quite a few ceiling fans that we can recommend for a room your size, so it is difficult to make a recommendation without knowing more about your room. please call us so we can discuss the style and finish of fan you would like as well as your budget.
Question: I purchase this ceiling fan about 6-mo ago and just this week the fan stopped. I checked inside the switch area and found the capacitor had melted. Can you please help me? It has some numbers on it like this C61----E185116, on it Thank you for any info you can send. David Chase
Answer: David, I checked our database to see if you had purchased your fan from us and found no records listed under your name, email address or phone number, so I assume you are referring to a ceiling fan you purchased elsewhere. I need to know the brand and model number of the ceiling fan that you own in order to be of any help.
Question: My dining room and living room are open to one another with 15ft. ceiling. The ceiling is at an 120 degree angle. The dining room measures 14.5 x 12 ft. living room measures 14.9 x 12 ft. Remember there is no wall between them. There is currently a ceiling fan with light over the living room and a chandler over the dining room. Both do not work. I want to replace both with ceiling fans that have lights. We are looking for advice to see if this is a good idea for a lot of air flow.
Answer: Before we can make recommendations for ceiling fans, we need to know more about the style of decor in your rooms as well as what your budget is. Please email me some pictures...or give us a call. The email address you posted was invalid. Email pictures to: gregt@hansenwholesale.com
Question: Do you sell replacement blades for hunter fans
Answer: If they are available from the Hunter, we can order them for you. Blades are not typically interchangeable between models., so we need to know the model number of your fan in order to check the price and availability.
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