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Ceiling Fan for Gazebo or Pergola

Outdoor structures like a pergola, gazebo or lanai that are not fully covered require a Wet Rated Ceiling Fan. Wet rated fans can be exposed directly to rain and can even be washed off with a hose. If your structure is completely covered and you are confident the fan will never get wet, you can choose a Damp Rated Fan even though wet rated are best. Read more about how to install a fan under a pergola, lanai or gazebo below. Use these links to shop for the right type of fan for your outdoor structure.

Top 4 Best Gazebo Ceiling Fans

Free Gazebo/Pergola Fan Design Service

Email us pictures of your outdoor structure per the instructions below and one of our ceiling fan experts will recommend the best fans for your application. If your pictures are good enough, we may even create a mockup to show you how you fan might look (see example below).

  1. Email pictures to:
  2. Email Subject: Ceiling Fan Design Service.
  3. Include at least one picture taken from a vantage point similar to the picture below.
  4. Include your phone number so we can discuss your options (optional)
Ceiling Fan in Pergola or Gazebo Shown Above: DA-WH-WH Matthews Donaire Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pergola/Gazebo Ceiling Fan in White. Pergola photo from: Structureworks.

Installation Details and Examples

Here are examples of how you can install a ceiling fan in an uncovered location such as a Pergola, Gazebo or Lanai. To install the fan properly, the canopy needs to be covered. The rest of the fan can be exposed directly to rain. In most cases, a box has been built with a junction box inside. This allows the fan canopy to mount flush to the bottom of the box. You can also mount the j-box to the bottom of a wide board and attach the canopy to the junction box, but there will be a gap between the j-box and fan canopy, but you cannot use this method for flush mount fans because the bracket needs to mount to a flat surface.

This is a great video showing how to install a ceiling fan using this special junction box.
Ceiling Fan in Pergola - Example 1 Example #1: J-box is built into a box and the canopy of this 52" Quorum Estate wet rated ceiling fan is flush with the bottom of the box.
Ceiling Fan in Pergola - Example 2 Example #2: Flush mount fans like these two Minka Aire Concept II Wet ceiling fans must have a box built big enough to cover the top of the fan.
Ceiling Fan in Pergola - Example 3 Example #3: This example shows the junction box mounted to the bottom of a board.
Ceiling Fan in Pergola - Example 4 Example #4: Here's an attractive box built to hang for this Traditional Outdoor Ceiling Fan in Bronze.
Ceiling Fan in Pergola - Example 5 Example #5: Another boxed in application
Ceiling Fan in Pergola - Example 6 Example #6: j-box cut into bottom of board
Ceiling Fan in Pergola - Example 7 Example #7: j-box cut into bottom of circular board. See similar Lantern Ceiling Fans.
Ceiling Fan in Pergola - Example 8 Example #8: This is an example of how NOT to install an outdoor fan, particularly a flush mount fan. This can allow rain to get inside the motor and ruin the fan or short it out and cause a fire. See Wet Rated Flush Mount Outdoor Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fan in Pergola - Example 9 Example #9: The image on the left shows how the wiring inside the canopy would be directly exposed to rain if left installed this way. The solution was to build a box between the joists and relocate the position of the fan. The fan picture is the Minka Aire Gauguin Model F581-BG.