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Who Makes The Best Flush Mount Ceiling Fans?
(Low Profile and Hugger Fans for Low Ceilings)

Updated 2/16/2019

The best flush mount fan for you may be the one that is closest to the ceiling, or that runs very quiet, or provides the most light...or any combination of criteria, the answer depends on your particular needs and what you consider to be most important. So we have chosen several flush mount fans that we consider the best in several categories so you can decide which is the best for your particular needs. If something is missing here, please feel free to give us a call or send me an email so that I can add an additional category that may be important to you. Send Email To:

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Modern Forms Aloft

Best 52" Flush Mount Fan (Indoor/Outdoor Wet)

The Emerson Curva Sky LED is our #1 pick for 52" flush mount ceiling fans. Because most flush mount fans are installed in bedrooms and other sound sensitive areas, you will really appreciate the quality of this fan and how smooth and quiet it performs. The six speed remote control has a reverse feature and full range light dimmer for extra control on your level of comfort. In 2018, the light was changed from Halogen to a dimmable LED, which is an additional plus. Because the fan is rated for outdoor wet locations, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors in virtually any location. Even more, Emerson has been making ceiling fans since 1895, so you can rest assured you own a good quality product made by a company with a proven track record of quality and long standing American heritage. See More Size and Finish Options for the Emerson Curva Fans

Modern Forms Aloft

Best 44" Flush Mount Fan (Indoor/Outdoor Wet)

Modern Forms makes the ultimate 44" LED DC Motor Low Profile Fan. This fan has everything you could possibly want in a hugger fan. The DC motor is super quiet and efficient making it perfect for bedrooms and other small rooms. The LED light saves even more energy. It is wet rated, so it can be installed anywhere indoors or outdoors. It is a smart fan, so it works seamlessly with Google Home or Amazon Alexis. It also comes with a remote control. It has 6 speeds forward and reverse and many other functions when used with the Modern Forms exclusive ap. Available in White, Bronze and Titanium finishes.

Kichler Chiara LED 300352NI

Best New Hugger Fan (2019)

Kichler has taken flush mount ceiling fan style to a new level with the 52" Chiara LED. We love the looks of this fan, it is so different than the typical hugger fan. The vintage look with the mesh inlays is very different and works in with industrial style, contemporary, retro and many other styles of decor. It is available in Brushed Nickel (as shown) and Olde Bronze.

Closest To The Ceiling

Looking for the one low profile fan that mounts the absolute closest to the ceiling? The Universal Hugger from Craftmade has blades that are 5.25" from the ceiling, so for applications where maximizing the headroom with your ceiling fan is most important, this fan is as close as it gets and can be installed safely on ceilings that are just over 7.5 feet high. If you have a ceiling that is 7.5 feet high or less, you cannot safely install any ceiling fan. Available in several finishes.

Most Airflow

The Modern Fan Company's Velo Hugger provides the most airflow when it comes to flush mounted ceiling fans. Producing over 6,600 CFM, the wind speed factor calculates out to about 4.42 MPH. This is well above any other hugger fan on our site where the CFM data has been reported, making it the best choice for those looking for a ceiling fan with a very low profile that provides the most cooling breeze. This great looking fan for low ceilings and can be purchased with or without an LED light kit. The no light version comes with a wall mount speed control while the LED version comes with a remote control and wall control. Bottom line, when it comes to low profile ceiling fans, the Velo is the best you can get.

Size & Finish Choices: 48" Bright Nickel | 48" Bright Nickel w/LED Light

Most Efficient (Indoor Only)

The Matthews Irene Hugger is one of the few flush mount ceiling fans on the market that is available with a super efficient DC motor. DC motors use about 75% less electricity than a typical AC motor found in most ceiling fans. DC motors reportedly run cooler and quieter, so overall quality and lifetime is also improved. This particular model does not have a light fixture option, so you will not want to install it when replacing an overhead light without considering other lighting options for the room. The striking contemporary style fan has real solid wood blades with an aerodynamic design for improved airflow. The performance is nearly as good as the Velo Hugger, but since it does not have a light kit option, we opted to include both fans in our review. The Irene is available in 42" and 52" sizes with 3 and 5 blade configurations and various finish combinations. The Velo Hugger is certainly for those who appreciate high design and are concerned about conserving energy.

View all 3 Blade and 5 Blade choices here in both 42" and 52" sizes

Highest CFM (Indoor Only)

The Monte Carlo Cannondale is a 56" classic contemporary style fan that has the highest reported airflow of all our low profile fans tested at well over 7300 CFM. Although the airflow is higher, keep in mind that the larger blade span will spread the airflow over a larger area, so the wind speed comes in second to the Modern Fan Velo. This fan does not have a light, but it is a great looking top quality fan that mounts close to the ceiling yet moves lots of air while running smooth and quiet. The overall height of the fan from ceiling to bottom is just 12", so it is a great choice for bedrooms and other rooms with 8 foot ceilings where a light is not desire or needed.

Options: 56" Brushed Steel | 56" Bronze

The Most Light

The Emerson Prima Snugger: Because hugger fans are often replacing the main overhead light in a bedroom, we are often asked "What flush mount ceiling fan will give us the most light". In response, we have created a customized fan configuration to meet this demand: The Emerson Prima Snugger combined with the Emerson Riley light kit. The Riley light fixture has four 40 watt medium base sockets, which is unheard of nowadays for a single bowl light kits, which more often use just one or two 60 watt Candelabra base bulbs. To meet government regulations using medium base sockets, it must be shipped with four 13 Watt CFL bulbs, which are equivalent to 60 watts each or a total of 240 watts of incandescent light. That in and of itself is a LOT of light for a single light fixture. What makes it even more special is the fact that because it has standard medium base sockets, you can swap out the included CFLs for 17 watt LED bulbs that are equivalent to 100 watt incandescent bulbs each, giving you the equivalence of 400 watts of incandescent light from a single light fixture. Now that’s a lot of light. BTW: This Riley light kit is also available as an option for many other Emerson ceiling fans.

Options: 52" Venetion Bronze (featured above) | 52" Oil Rubbed Bronze | 52" Brushed Steel | 52" Satin White

Most Decorative (Indoor Only)

The Minka Aire Calais is one of the most beautiful low profile fans when it comes to appearance. But don't let the good looks fool you, this is also an excellent fan when it comes to airflow with a reported CFM over 6,000 and Wind Speed Factor of 3.5 MPH, this little fan will do a great job of keeping you cool while enhancing your decor. This is one of our best selling flush mount fans that is NOT contemporary in style. The blades are only 8 1/2" from the ceiling, so this 44" size fan is good for any small to medium size room with a ceiling as low as 7' 9".

Options: 44" Belcarow Walnut | 44" Gilded Bronze

Best Transitional Style (Indoor/Outdoor Wet)

The Minka Aire Traditional Concept is one of our most popular styles. This great looking fan is available in 44" and 52" sizes an is rated for outdoor wet locations, so it can be installed virtually anywhere either inside or outside of your house. Boasting over 6,500 CFM with a Wind Speed Factor of 3.8 MPH (52" version) and a ceiling to blade height of about 7 1/2", this is a great fan from rooms with a ceiling as low as 7' 9".

Options: 44" Bronze | 44" Pewter | 44" White | 52" Bronze | 52" Pewter | 52" White

Tips and Facts About Flush Mount Fans

Introduction: Building codes stipulate that the blades from a ceiling fan must be at least 7 feet from the floor. Most standard mount fans that hang from a downrod will put the blades about 12" from the ceiling making them appropriate for rooms with ceilings that are 8 feet or higher. flush mount fans are designed for rooms with low ceilings that are less than 8 feet. But what you must be aware of is that the closest the blades are to the ceiling with any hugger fan is about 5". So if your room has a ceiling lower than 7.5 feet, you cannot install a ceiling fan. Because each low profile fan hangs at a different height, it is important to look at the actual distance the blades are from the ceiling in order to determine if any particular flush mount ceiling fan is appropriate for your room.

What is a Flush Mount Ceiling Fan or Hugger Ceiling Fan?

Flush Mount ceiling fans (often referred to as "Hugger Ceiling Fans, "Ceiling Hugger Fans" or "Low Profile Ceiling Fans") are fans where the motor casing mounts directly to the ceiling instead of hanging from a downrod.

Ceiling Fans for 7 Foot Ceilings - IMPORTANT NOTE

Because building codes require fan blades to be at least 7 feet from the floor, it is not possible to install a ceiling fan on a 7 foot high ceiling and still meet safety standards. People with 7 foot ceilings will often install fans that are as close to the ceiling as possible (see below), but it is not recommendation due to the safety standards.

For What Ceiling Height Are Flushmount Fans Recommended?

Flush mounted fans are designed specifically for low ceilings. A ceiling is considered a low ceiling if it is "less" than 8 feet high. National safety standards require that ceiling fans be mounted such that the blades are at least 7 feet from the floor. Most standard mount ceiling fans will have the blades mounted 12" from the ceiling in order to meet this standard without hampering the airflow (read below). So any ceiling that is less than 8 feet will require a flush mount fan and since there are no flush mount fans with blades any closer than 6" from the ceiling, the lowest ceiling on which you can install a flushmount fan is 7 1/2 feet.

Can I Install a Flush Mount Ceiling Fan on A Higher Ceiling?

Although you can install a hugger fan on an 8 foot or higher ceiling, we do not recommend them for any ceiling that is much higher than 8 feet because they will not move nearly as much air as a traditional ceiling fan that hangs from a downrod.

Can A Flush Mount Fan Be Installed on an Angled Ceiling?

No, flush mounted ceiling fans have no way of hanging level without being attached to a flat ceiling. Ceiling fans that hang from a pole can tilt to accommodate an angled ceiling because the pole is mounted to a ball that hangs in a metal socket on the ceiling. Flush mount fans mount directly to the ceiling and cannot operate when they are slanted.

Do Flush Mount Ceiling Fans Move Less Air?

A ceiling fan that is mounted flush to the ceiling will typically move less air than a fan with the same motor and blade specifications that hangs down from a pole. This is because the closer the blades get to the ceiling, the more restricted the airflow is between the blade and the ceiling. Ceiling fans operate most efficiently when the blades are least 12" from the ceiling. The blades of a typical ceiling hugger fan are anywhere as close as 10" to 5.25" from the ceiling. As the airflow around the blades becomes restricted, the air has a tendency to bounce up and down between the blades and ceiling rather than flow smoothly around them. The closer the blades are to the ceiling, the more pronounced this effect will be.

EnergyStar Qualified Low Profile Fans!

Currently there is no such thing as an EnergyStar qualified low profile fan. As mentioned above, a flush mount fan is not even considered to be ceiling fan according to the EPA. Even more, the EPA mandated method by which ceiling fans are to be tested does not accommodate hugger fans (see picture at right). Notice there is no ceiling to mount a hugger fan to in the testing apparatus. As of this year (2016) there is legislation in the process that intends to change the testing method so that low profile ceiling fans can be included in the definition of ceiling fans. Once this legislation is enacted, the EPA will likely develop EnergyStar standards for hugger fans.

Do Flush Mount Fans Wobble Less Than Fans That Hang From A Pole?

Whether a fan wobbles and makes noise or runs smooth and quiet depends more on the quality and precision to which the components are made than whether or not it hangs from a pole. Many people buy a flush mounted ceiling fan where a standard mounted ceiling fan would be a better choice because they believe that hugger ceiling fans will not wobble or make noise since they are attached directly to the ceiling. This is actually not true. A fan mounted flush to the ceiling fan can wobble and make noise just as bad or worse than one that hangs from a pole. Although the mounting hardware may be more rigid, any vibration or noise generated from the fan transfers directly to the motor housing and ceiling where it can be reverberated like a loud speaker. Even more, rather than slowly wobbling like a traditional fan does when it is out of balance, a flush mount fan will vibrate and "Shudder" because there is less give in the mounting hardware. So a cheap poorly made fan mounted too close to the ceiling can shudder and make more noise than a traditional fan of similar quality. The important take-away here is that quality is important when considering a flush mount ceiling fan if you do not want to be annoyed when you turn it on.