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Ceiling Fans Made in the USA?

Virtually all ceiling fans are now made in China!

Published 6/19/2008 by: Hansen Wholesale
Updated: 3/14/2020

With all that is going on in China, more and more people are searching online for American Made products. If you are looking for a ceiling fan that is made in the USA, this article should help you on your quest.

Shop Big Ass Fans

To cut to the chase, the only company making ceiling fans for residential use in the USA is Big Ass Fans. Although some of their fans are manufactured in Malaysia, their well known Haiku and more recent i6 models are assembled at their USA factory in Lexington Kentucky.

Each of these models are made to order and tested for perfect balance and performance before being packaged and shipped. They keep no inventory on the shelf, so it takes about 30 days to get one of these American Made ceiling fans. The Haiku and i6 models incorporate proprietary SenseMe technology and include WiFi capabilities for use with home automation. They have super efficient DC motors and move more air than typical ceiling fans while using less electricity, so they are among the greenest fans on the planet.

These American made ceiling fans sell for over $1200.00 and those who own them will tell you they are worth every penny. But if that's more than you are willing to spend for a "Made in USA" ceiling fan, the dumbed-down Haiku C and Haiku L models are made in Malaysia for about half the price. Because they are imported, they are kept in stock and ready to ship. So if you want a great fan that is not made in China, the Haiku C and L are great alternatives.

How About Ceiling fans that are NOT made in China!

Shop Matthews Fans

To my knowledge, the only other fans sold in the USA that are not partially or completely made in China are those offered by Matthews Fan Company. Matthews fans are manufactured in South America with some parts manufactured and/or assembled in the USA. Matthews fans are a great alternative for those who prefer not to consider items made in China. However, they fit into a very distinct style niche as you can see from the Matthews fan pictured to the right.

Matthews Fans use motors that are "Made in the USA" by McMillan Electric in Wisconsin. Other components, such as the motor casing and blades, are manufactured in South America with some parts made specifically in Brazil. The controls used in Matthews fans are made by Lutron, which claims to be American Made. According to Matthews Fan Company, the blades, motor casings and motors are then "Assembled in the USA" making Matthews Fans a "Pan-American" product

So then...what about the quality of fans made in China?

Nowadays, most brands of fans have different levels of quality within their own brand. Generally, fans sold at home centers and department stores will be of lesser quality than those sold at ceiling fan specialty stores because they use less expensive components and less quality control, which cuts down on production costs. Unfortunately, these cost savings usually translate into lower quality, less reliable products.

Name brands, like those you see on our site, will have more high quality ceiling fan models to offer than lesser brands. The more automation that is used without the added cost of quality control, the less expensive a product will be...but the less consistent the quality will be. So the difference in quality from one brand to another begins with the level of human interaction that one is willing to pay for to achieve consistency every step of the way during production. But most importantly, the highest quality fans will have more superior components that are engineered to much tighter tolerances and performance specifications, which makes them more expensive. get what you pay for really rings true with ceiling fans.

Bottom line here is that we regret that there are no longer any ceiling fans made in the USA, but are happy to report that there are still quality USA ceiling fan companies that take pride in their products and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the products they have made in China meet or exceed the the level of quality we would expect from them.

For help deciding which fans to choose for your needs, please call Hansen Wholesale at: 1-800-201-1193. We are here to offer you the most excellent service (not offshore either).

For further discussions regarding the differences in quality between ceiling fans, please refer to our Ceiling Fan FAQs page.

Posted: 6/19/2008
Author: Greg Tillotson
Editor in Chief
Hansen Wholesale