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Top Quality Outdoor Ceiling Fans for Harsh Environments

"The Outdoor Fan That Defies Mother Nature"

Outdoor stainless steel ceiling fan in a lanai at the beach during a thunderstorm

Unlike typical outdoor ceiling fans, The Matthews Donaire is made from 316 marine grade stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion. With solid uni-body construction, it is better equipped to handle whatever Mother Nature sends it's way: wind, rain, snow, salt air - it even survived hurricane Irma. Get yours today!

What's the difference between outdoor fans? Wet Rated Ceiling Fans can be directly exposed to rain, washed off with a hose and installed anywhere indoors or outdoors. Damp Rated Fans can only be installed in damp or dry locations that are covered and not exposed to rain (or your hose). If you are unsure about the amount of moisture or salt air the fan will be exposed to or if you want to be able to wash it with a hose, consider Wet Rated Stainless Steel Ceiling Fans.

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