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Ceiling Fan Reviews: Westinghouse 7861400
Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Ceiling Fan with Ball Hanger Installation System, Brushed Nickel

Ceiling Fan Review by: Greg Tillotson

How does the Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial Ceiling Fan Compare to the Competition?

Take a close look at the specifications between the 5 similar fans below and you will see that the Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial ceiling fan underperforms in nearly all aspects of important specifications. Noteably is the lack of airflow compared to the other fans with a mere 6254 CFM compared to the 10649 CFM produced by the 60" Emerson Heat Fan. Even the Emerson Loft, which is rated for use in both residential and industrial applications, produces more airflow than the Westinghouse fan (which is for industrial use only).

The only notable difference in which the Westinghouse fan compares better is the price, which is substantially less than the other fans. The low price indicates that lesser quality components are used to make up the fan, which explains the lack of performance.

Because the Westinghouse 78614 series fans only have a single capacitor, you can expect them to be noisier as well. Very few fans on the market today use a single capacitor as opposed to a triple capacitor, but this is one way that less expensive more generic brands cut back on the cost of components in order to keep the price under $100.00. If you are planning to put a fan in a sound sensitive area, it is important to have a triple capacitor.

Overall, the Westinghouse 7861400 industrial series ceiling fans are not the best choice. The exception would be for those who are on such a budget that limits the price of the fan to the cheapest available

For industrial applications, I recommend the 60" Emerson HF1160 heat fan and for residential applications where a clean contemporary or industrial looking ceiling fan fits the decor I suggest the 60" Emerson Loft. The extra dollars you pay for these better quality products will be worth it when you feel the cooling breeze and enjoy the smooth quiet "wobble-free" operation.

Emerson HF1160BS
60" Heat Fan

Emerson CF765BS
60" Loft

Emerson HF956BS
56" Heat Fan

Montecarlo 3SU54BP
54" Studio

Westinghouse 7861400
56" Industrial Fan
Blade Span 56" 60" 60" 54" 56"
Airflow (CFM) 10649 7530 9757 7962 6254
RPM Range 75-175 60-180 75-175 40-154 ?-260
Watts 90 79 103 92 60
Efficiency 118 CFM/Watt 95 CFM/Watt 95 CFM/Watt 87 CFM/Watt 104 CFM/Watt
EnergyStar No No No
Motor 188mm x 25mm 188mm x 15mm 188mm x 15mm 188mm x 22mm 153mm x 17mm
Blade Pitch Airfoil (varies) Airfoil (varies) 12 degrees 10 degrees 9 degrees
Capacitor Triple Triple Triple Triple Single
Speeds Variable 4 Speeds Variable 3 Speeds 5 Speeds
Included Control Sold Separately Wall Control Sold Separately Pull Chain Wall Control
Reversible No Yes No Yes No
Light Adaptable No No No Yes No
Warranty 5 Year Lifetime 2 Year Lifetime 15 Year
Application Industrial Only Industrial or Residential Industrial Only Industrial or Residential Industrial Only
Distance from floor 10 Feet Minimum 7 Feet Minimum 10 Feet Minimum 7 Feet Minimum 10 Feet Minimum
Outdoor Rated No Yes (Damp) No No No
Quality Rating
(5 is best)
5 5 5 3 2
Price $200.00 $271.00 $190.00 $199.00 $70.00