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Bungalow Custom Fireplace Door

Base Price:
$1155.00 (Masonry)
$865.00 (ZC)

Final price depends on size and selected options
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The Bungalow fireplace door is custom made to fit your fireplace. This door features a very distinct wide rounded frame and is available for Masonry fireplaces only. This is a great looking contemporary style door for those who want something more substantial to draw attention to the fireplace. A wider frame is also helpful when there are wide mortar joints or other defects around the fireplace opening that need to be covered.

The frame is fabricated from aluminum extrusions that are either anodized or powder coated. The extrusions are mitered in the corners and pieced together much like a picture frame.

Aluminum is an excellent material for fireplace doors because it does not rust or tarnish and is quite impervious to heat. It is a much sturdier material than sheet metal and less expensive than solid brass or solid steel.

The glass is 1/4" thick fully tempered safety glass with a Lifetime Warranty for breakage, and you CAN burn the fire with the doors closed if you wish.

  • Fits Masonry and Zero Clearance Fireplaces.
  • Custom made to fit almost any size rectangular fireplace 12"-96" Wide x 12"-60" Tall.
  • Can be burned with doors open or closed.
  • 1/4" thick fully tempered safety glass w/Lifetime Warranty for breakage.
  • Heat resistant aluminum frame with precision mitered corners.
  • Choose from 26 heat resistant powder coat or anodized finishes.
  • Comes with Easy-To-Install hardware.
  • Optional mesh curtains or wire mesh backup doors.
  • Can be made with mesh doors instead of glass.
  • Many other custom options.

After you email us pictures of your fireplace along with your dimensions, our experts will use the specifications below to determine if this door is appropriate for your fireplace. The facing material on the fireplace, the location of the lintel and the recessed depth of the frame is critical knowledge in making this determination.

Masonry Fireplaces
Glass1/4" Thick
Standard Overlap2 1/2"
Max Overlap2 1/2"
Frame Width3 1/2"
Frame Depth1 1/8"
Recess DepthNA
Zero Clearance Fireplaces
ModelNot Available
Standard OverlapNA
Max OverlapNA
Frame WidthNA
Frame DepthNA
Recess DepthNA


Examples from people who used our Free Design Service

Try Our: FREE Design Service.

Bungalow in Satin Nickel with Mesh Backup Doors (overlap fit)
Bungalow in Satin Nickel (overlap fit)
Bungalow in Ancient Age (overlap fit)
Bungalow in Satin Nickel (overlap fit)
Bungalow in Classic Bronze (overlap fit). This was made to cover up a 3" wide concrete lip.
Bungalow in Rustic Black for Large Fireplace (overlap fit)
Bungalow with 4-Sided Frame in Satin Nickel (overlap fit)
Bungalow in Rustic Black (overlap fit)
Bungalow in Rustic Black (inside fit). Made to cover up interior brick lip.

Custom Options

Talk To A Fireplace Door Expert
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Because every fireplace door is custom made, there are many options and configurations to choose from. When you call and talk to one of our fireplace door experts, they will walk you through each of these options so you know exactly what they are and how they will affect the look and overall cost of your door.

Powder Coat Finishes

Powder coat finishes are applied electrostatically and then cured buy heat. This type of finishing process is superior to high temperature paint because it forms a hard coating over the metal that is highly impervious to heat and will not rust. The process is precisely formulated and produces very consistent results with fewer imperfections. It is also the least expensive finishing process, although it has limitations and cannot replicate the more expensive artistic finishes that are hand crafted.

Artisan Premier Finishes

Artisan Premier finishes are hand applied by skilled craftsman and then coated with a heat resistant baked on enamel for durability. These are hand applied textures and finishes, so each product will differ slightly and have a character of it's own. If you are looking for a more consistent finish we recommend you stick with the Powder coat finishes.

Aluminum Anodized Finishes

(not available on all aluminum doors, please call for availability)

Anodized Aluminum finishes are impervious to the heat of a fireplace and do not rust or require an enamel coating. This makes it perfect for highly polished or satin finishes because they will not tarnish or easily become discolored from heat. When a plated steel finish gets scratched through the enamel coating, it will eventually begin to rust and spread beneath the enamel over time. This will not happen with anodized aluminum. Although the silvery color of the aluminum may show in a scratch, it will not rust or get worse.

*Candlelight brass is similar to a brushed satin brass finish but is more orange in color

Door Patterns

Non-Standard window pane options are available in powder coat finishes only

Standard Rectangle
Standard Window Pane
Sunrise Window Pane
Mission Window Pane

Mesh Curtains & Mesh Doors

If you are burning real wood or gas logs, you should have some sort of mesh protection behind the glass for when you burn the fire with the doors open.

Black Mesh Curtain
Stainless Steel Mesh Curtain (great for outdoors)
Gate Mesh Only (No Glass)
Twin Gate Mesh Panel Doors (black)
Single Gate Mesh Panel Door
Stainless Steel Mesh Panel Doors (great for outdoors)

Glass Colors


Beveled Glass

For added elegance you can have the vertical edges of the glass beveled. Choose your glass color above and then add the desired bevel. The examples below are clear beveled glass.

1/2" Bevel (any color)
1" Bevel (any color)

Door Handles

(Not all handles are available in all finishes)

Child Safety Clips

Child safety clips make it difficult for children to open your fireplace doors while easy to access by adults. This is a great option for those who have very curious toddlers.

Other Basic Options

*Some options are only available for certain models or for masonry fireplaces.

  • Bi-Fold or Twin Doors
  • Overlap* or Inside Fit*
  • Outdoor Hinges (stainless steel)
  • Alternative or Wedge Fit Brackets
  • Child Safety Clips
  • Special Mounting Brackets
  • Fixed End Panels for Large Fireplaces

Very Nice Matching Accessories

Design Specialties also makes Fireplace Tools and Wood Holders in Powder Coat and Artisan Premier finishes to compliment your fireplace doors. These are heavy duty accessories made from 3/16" thick solid laser cut steel, so they are functional and durable and will add class and beauty to your fireplace. See style options here!

How To Calculate Base Price

The Base Price is determined by the overall United Inches of your door frame. United Inches are simply the sum of the width and height of the finished door, not of the fireplace opening. A typical door will be made to overlap the fireplace opening 1" on the top and sides, which adds 3 united inches to the size of your fireplace opening. The overall price of your door will be determined by the Base Price, the finish category and any other custom options you choose. Here's an example of fireplace measuring 36"w x 24"h:

36 + 24 + 3 (overlap) = 63 United Inches.

Referencing the chart below you see that 63 UI falls into the 60 -70 UI price column, giving this door a base price of $905.00 in a powder coat finish. The "Cutback" option for the Stiletto doors is an additional $150-$250 depending on size.

Masonry Fireplaces
Powder Coat or Anodized$1005.00$1055.00$1130.00Call
Artison Premier$1080.00$1130.00$1205.00Call
ZC Fireplaces
Powder Coat or Anodized$865.00$880.00$980.00Call
Artison Premier$940.00$955.00$1055.00Call