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Solid Brass Fireplace ScreensCustom Made To Fit Your Opening

Single Panel Fireplace Screens Shown Above: 1P22M Laurel Leaf Solid Brass Screen with Andiron Cutouts, AR-AN16 Marseilles Antique Recreation Solid Brass Andirons and T-6 Tiffany Solid Brass Fireplace Tools in Polished Brass (call for price).

High End Solid Brass: These luxurious fireplace screens are custom made to fit your fireplace from solid brass*. All hand made in the USA by skilled artisans at Stone Manufacturing. Each screen is hand finished to perfection using proprietary techniques that create a jewel like finish. They are then sealed with a specially formulated scratch and heat resistant baked on enamel coating. No other manufacturer uses this process to produce solid brass fireplace accessories. These are the finest quality screens available in the country, or maybe the world for that matter. Read More Below!

Single Panel Solid Brass Screens

Each of these models can be used to create mockups for our FREE Fireplace Design Service where you can Email Us Pictures Of Your Fireplace and we will show you how it looks in your home. Just let us know which screen you would like to see.

View Materials Used To Make Custom Screens
1P10M 1" Plain Solid Brass Screen with Angle Feet and Square Handles From: $1650.00
BT-VB 1 1/8" Solid Brass Vanderbilt Extrusion w/Flat Feet and Strap Handles From: $3280.00
1P10M 1" Hand Hammered w/Wrought Iron Style Rivet Feet & Square Hammered Handles from $2100.00
1P22M 1" Solid Brass Laurel Leaf Casting Frame, French Feet & Handles (shown w/Andiron Cutouts) from $2800.00
1P48M 1" Solid Brass Floral Casting Frame and Ballerina Feet (extra) from $2800.00
1P52M 1" Solid Brass Half Oval Casting Frame, Leaf Scroll Feet & Handles from $2800.00
1P55M 1" Solid Brass Flower & Ribbon Casting Frame, French Feet & Handles from $2800.00
1P66M 5/8" Solid Brass Bellini Casting Frame, French Handles, Leaf & Scroll Feet From: $2800.00
1P20M 1" Solid Brass Laurel Leaf Casting Frame w/Andiron Cutouts, French Feet & Handles from $2800.00
1P34M 7/8" Solid Brass Mini-Rope Casting, Queen Anne Handles & Feet From: $2800.00
1P56M 1" Solid Brass Bamboo Casting Frame with Bamboo Feet from $2800.00
1P10M 1" Frame, 5/8" 88 Prince Of Wales Casting Overlay, Leaf Scroll Feet & Handles from $3600.00
1P33M 1 1/8" Solid Brass Large Rope Casting, Queen Anne Handles & Feet From: $3200.00
1P54M 7/8" Solid Brass Reed Ribbon Casting Frame, Handles and Feet From: $3200.00
1P51M 2" Solid Brass Reed Greek Key Casting Frame w/Flat Feet From: $3600.00
1P36M 1 3/4" Solid Brass Oak Leaf Casting Frame w/Corner Ornaments, Pineapple Handles and Queen Anne Feet From: $3900.00
1P39M 2 5/8" Solid Brass Wildflower Casting Frame, Feather Feet, French Handles From: $4300.00
1P42M 2 1/8" Solid Brass Victorian Casting Frame w/Pineapple Handles and Feather Feet From: $4300.00
AR-SA7 Antique Recreation Ballerina Fireplace Screen with Double Casting Frame and Scroll Handles From: $4300.00

More Solid Brass Screens

1P30M Steel Frame, Man-10 Solid Brass Feet From: $2800.00
Variation w/Handle Solid Brass From: $2650.00
Plain w/AR-AN12 & T18 Solid Brass From: $5900.00
Dimonte w/Accents Laser Cut Steel Inset From: $3800.00
Arch Custom Ornaments Solid Brass From: $2200.00
Arch w/Rod & Plain Legs Solid Brass From: $1400.00
1P10M Custom Arch With Ornaments
1P10M Variation With Square Flat Feet
1P10M With48 Floral Casting Overlay And 66 Bellini Inner Frame Claw Legs
1P10 Narrow Frame With Square Flat Feet And Knob Handles
1P10 With Custom Handles And Custom Feet
1P10 With EC-5 Insert And Custom Accents
1P20M Gothic Arched
1P27M With Stepped Radius Corners
1P30 Crown Prince
1P34M Arched
1P36M With 99 Wave Scroll Inner Frame And Ornaments
1P52M With Paw Leg
1P55M With Custom Arch Orn 20 And Orn 23 Ornaments
1P55M With Prince Of Wales Arch And Arsa 10 Center Detail
1PST Stepped
1PVB Bowed Custom Corners
AR-SA10 Arched
AR-SA10 Camelback Arch
AR-SA10 La Salle
AR-SA10 Lasalle With 55 Frame In Frame
AR-SA11 Firenze
AR-SA12 Masterpiece
AR-SA1 Cameo
AR-SA1 Cameo Custom
AR-SA2 Marie Antoinette
AR-SA3 Fontainbleu
AR-SA4 Aubusson
AR-SA5 Alysee Custom
AR-SA5 Elysee
AR-SA6 Lion
AR-SA7 Ballerina Gothic Arch
AR-SA8 Windsor
AR-SA9 Balmoral
AR-SA9 Corner

Solid Brass Bowed Fireplace Screens

AR-SA8 Windsor 27 French And 66 Bellini Bowed With Orn 2
AR-SG10 Camel Back Arch
AR-SG10 With Bowler Hat Overlay
BT22 Laurel Leaf
BTVB Belmont
NF-1 Nursery Fender

Solid Brass Folding Screens

3P10M-Triple-Arch Solid Brass
Hellena Arch Solid Brass
Hand Hammered Solid Brass
Camel Back Arch Solid Brass
Camel Back Radius Solid Brass
Double Wire Mesh Solid Brass
3P55M Solid Brass
3P56B-Dogwood Solid Brass
AR-FS1 Solid Brass
(R-SA10F Variation Solid Brass
TFD33-ORN-13 Solid Brass
Rope Casting Solid Brass
Frame in Frame Solid Brass
Egg & Dart Camel Back Solid Brass
Finials & Swivel Handle Solid Brass
Three Ovals Solid Brass
Vanderbilt Casting Solid Brass
Flower & Ribbon Casting Solid Brass
Flower & Ribbon POW Solid Brass
Flower & Ribbon Arched Solid Brass
Half Oval Helena Arch Solid Brass
AR-FS5 Plum Blossom Solid Brass
AR-FS4 w/Ornaments Solid Brass
AR-FS4 Plain Solid Brass
AR-FS2 Bellini Solid Brass
4P10M 4 Fold Solid Brass
EC-01FS Fleur-De-Li Solid Brass
AR-SA8FS Windsor Solid Brass
AR-FS9 Sandringham Solid Brass
AR-FS8 Dubarry Solid Brass
AR-FS6 Prince of Wales Solid Brass

Solid Brass Free Standing Screen Doors

FSD-HHFL Claw Feet Solid Brass From: $2875.00
FSD-Pseudo Arch Solid Brass From: $6100.00
FSD-VG1 Steel/Solid Brass From: $6500.00
FSD-VG1 w/Claw Legs Solid Brass From: $6900.00
FSD-VG1 w/Claw Legs Solid Brass From: $7680.00

Wire Mesh Options

These wire mesh options are available for most screens made by Stone Manufacturing. The screen is normally painted black, but is available in Gold, Bronze and other painted finishes to compliment your selected frame finish. Standard weave is used for screens less than 36" tall when the mesh type is not specified. Standard weave is available in steel or real solid brass. Fine weave mesh is the easiest to see through but is easier to dent or bend and is not recommended if there are small children or pets that may damage the screen. Double mesh is used when you want to obscure the fireplace as it is harder to see through. Heavy gauge mesh is recommended if the screen is going to get lots of abuse such as in public areas, rental properties or just heavy use. Screens taller than 36" or wider than 48" require heavy gauge mesh. Screens taller than 48" require special construction with fixed panels as they exceed the width of the heavy gauge mesh rolls.

More About Our Solid Brass Screens

Custom Shapes and Sizes: We can make most of the screens below to fit any size or shape fireplace. If your fireplace is unusually small or large, arched or rectangular or even multi-sided, most of these screens can be modified to fit your fireplace.

Limitless Variety of Styles & Finishes: What you see on this page are just examples of custom screens that have been made in the past. We specialize in styles like Modern, Minimalist, Traditional, Rustic and European to name a few, but can make a screen to match any style of decor. You can combine features that you seen in one screen with another to create your own look. Even more, each screen is available in a variety of hand applied finishes such as Polished Brass, Polished Gold, Antique Brass, Bronze, Pewter and more. View the many Decorative Trims and Finishes From Stone Manufacturing that can be used to create your own unique custom design.

Heat Resistant Backed Enamel Coating: Our solid brass screens have a proprietary heat resistant baked on enamel coating that can protect the finish for decades. If after years of heavy use the finish begins to wear or gets scuffed, the brass can be refinished to look like new. Screens like this can literally last for hundreds of years.

Avoid Plated Brass: The majority of screens you find online when you Google "Brass Fireplace Screen" are brass plated steel and are mass produced in China. Imported plated brass screens have a thin layer of air-dried lacquer that is not heat resistant, so they do not hold up well around the fireplace and will quickly become spotted with tarnish and eventually start to rust. Most screens sold at Amazon, Home Depot and Lowe's are made this way.

*Brass and Steel: A few of the screens on this page are made with a combination of solid brass and steel. Because brass plated steel is not a durable finish, the steel components are not availble in a polished or satin brass finish. All of the other finishes such as antique brass or bronze are available on the steel components.