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Custom Fireplace Mesh Curtains and Frame Screens

Frame screens and sliding mesh curtains provide excellent spark protection and can be made to fit most fireplaces. They come in a wide variety of styles and finishes and can be attached to the fireplace or free standing with feet.

Bar & Mesh Recessed Screens

Recessed screens have a bar attached to the inside the top of the fireplace opening that holds the curtain rod and sliding mesh curtains. You can add a bottom bar (F92) to keep logs from rolling out and a Pet Deterrent Channel to prevent pets and children from getting in. These are available in a wide variety of Trims & Finishes

Pet Deterrent Channel

Adding the F92 bottom bar helps prevent logs from rolling out of the fireplace. This also allows you to use our exclusive "Pet Deterrent Channel" which is attached to the back side of the F92 Bottom Bar or any of the 4-sided frame screens below. The mesh curtain hangs inside the channel making it difficult to push the mesh inwards. This helps keep pets out of the fireplace and and small children from falling into the fireplace when it is lit. For the best protection, add the F92 with the Pet Deterrent Channel!

Frame Screens

These frame screens are hand crafted by skilled artisans at Stone Manufacturing. Most of the custom screens shown here are made from finest quality virgin brass and then finished to perfection using proprietary techniques that create a jewel like finish. There are no finer quality fireplace screens available. View the many Decorative Trims and Finishes From Stone Manufacturing that can be used to create unique custom designs that are not shown here.

Design Specialties

Design Specialties has one model that is available in a variety of finishes. The standard frame width of a Carolina screen is 1 1/2". If a standard frame is used on all 4 sides, the curtain rod mechanism is only 1/4" from the top and recesses back about 2". This does not allow much room for overlapping the opening (about 1/8" max). The top width must be modified to allow for more overlap. If there is a lintel in the way, additional width must be added for the curtain mechanism to clear the lintel. The image below shows a top width of about 2 1/2". View Design Specialties Finish, Handles and Feet Options Here.

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