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FREE Fireplace Design Service

We Create FREE Mockups Showing How Our Custom Screens & Doors Might Look On Your Fireplace!

To Get Started - Follow These Easy Instructions:

  1. Take 3 Hi-Resolution Pictures: See Examples & Instructions Below
  2. Include Measurements: Width and height of opening
  3. Include Phone Number: So our experts can call you to discuss your project
  4. Include Details: Provide a detailed description of what you want
  5. Submit The Form: Once you have the above info you can submit the form below.
  6. Original Size: Make sure you include the images in their original file size. We need the highest quality pictures we can get!

Important Notes. Remove all objects from in front of the fireplace opening. Turn your camera sideways (not vertical). Do not take the pictures pointing down at the fireplace, kneel down to make the opening as square as possible like the examples. We may ask for other pictures if there are details we need to see more clearly.

Design Service Form

First Name:
Last Name:

Choose Your Items

Select the items you plan on adding to your fireplace

Glass Doors Fireplace Screen
Steel Mantel Gas Fire


Provide some details about what you want including any basic finish and style preferences for the items you have selected. Be sure to include some rough measurements.

Upload Pictures

Please follow the instructions for each picture carefully

Upload Image 1
Picture #1 - Main Picture: Kneel down 10 to 12 feet away from the fireplace with the opening as square as possible in your viewer. We want to see the entire fireplace wall floor to ceiling.
Upload Image 2
Picture #2 - Closeup: Take a closeup picture of the fireplace opening...kneel down so we can see all 4 sides square in the opening.
Upload Image 3
Picture #3 - Room View: With your back to the fireplace, take a picture of the room so we can see the decor.

Submit Form

Click the Submit Form Button to get started

Here's What We Do

Once we receive your pictures we will create some mockups so you can see various options like these below. See The Actual Project Here!

Fireplace Door Example 1Mock-Up #1
Fireplace Door Example 2Mock-Up #2
Fireplace Door Example 3Mock-Up #3
Fireplace Door Example 4Mock-Up #4
Fireplace Door Example 5Mock-Up #5
Fireplace Door Example 6Mock-Up #6

Limitations and Disclaimers to this service

3 Mock-up Limit: We are willing to create 3 requested mock-ups at no charge. We may include complementary mock-ups at our discretion if we wish to include any doors that you have not requested. If you want us to create additional mock-ups, we require a $50 non-refundable deposit for an additional 3 mock-ups. Your deposit will applied to your purchase if you order a door.

Rectangles Only: Currently, we provide the mock-up feature for rectangular fireplaces only, but sometimes we are able to do other just depends on the photo you send and the doors we have pictures of. Keep in mind that it is difficult to turn a rectangle into an arch when it comes to computer graphics, so this is a limitation. Regardless of the shape of your fireplace, you will still want to email us your pictures so that our experts will know exactly what you have and be able to help you.

Privacy Note: Your privacy is very important to us, so we will never divulge your email address to any entity outside of our company. However, your picture may be viewable by other visitors to our website, so please do not show anything in the photograph that you do not want to be visible publicly. We will not associate your name or any information about you with your picture aside from any description you might provide. By submitting this form and including a picture, you are giving us all rights to use your photo in any manner we see fit.