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DXF Fireplace Screens with Laser Cut Decorative Patterns

The screens on this page are laser cut from solid steel using DXF patterns. Although they are all shown in Black, each one is available in a Wide Variety of Finishes (see below). We have many more patterns available that we can share with you depending on your desires. The pattern will vary slightly depending on your size and the type of screen you desire. Some patterns can be stretched to fit while others have more or less variation to the pattern when made larger or smaller. Prices are based on sizes up to 40 x 30. You can also provide your own design and we can attempt to replicate it for an additional $400.00.

Available Screen Types

Each screen is available as a flat screen, bowed screen or free standing screen with operable doors

(From: 1695.00)
(From: 1795.00)
Operable Doors
(From: $2095.00)


Hearth Creations Finishes

Note from the Webmaster: Finishes appear different on every computer screen, so there is no way to accurately represent any finish on the Internet. They also can look quite different depending on the lighting in your room and the lighting when they were photographed. These are pictures of samples that we took in natural sunlight. Some of the samples have scratches and imperfections from being handled over time, so they do not represent the true quality of the finished products. Samples are available for purchase (call for details).

Standard Powder Coat Finishes

Starting Price: $1695.00

Powder coat finishes are applied electrostatically, and are then cured buy heat. This type of finishing process is superior to high temperature paint because it forms a hard coating over the metal that is highly impervious to heat and will not rust. The process is precisely formulated and produces very consistent results with fewer imperfections. It is also the least expensive finishing process, although it has limitations and cannot replicate the more expensive artistic finishes that are hand crafted.

Premium Finishes

Starting Price: $1895.00 (Cabinet)

Premium finishes are either hand crafted or must go through multiple steps to be applied. Because these are hand applied the finishes are not as consistent and each product will have slight variations from another. If you are looking for a more consistent finish we recommend you stick with the powder coat or anodized finishes. Stainless steel is included in this group just because the cost is the same as other premium finishes.

Plated Finishes

Starting Price: $2495.00)