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About Energy Efficiency (Energy Star, Airflow, Electricity Use, Airflow Efficiency, Energy Information)

Energy Star

Many fans with the Energy Star logo are all about the bang for your buck. Saving money over the years, while running your ceiling fan full time, part time, or purely seasonal. Energy Star qualified ceiling fans provide even greater energy efficiency than normal ceiling fans. Any fan that has the energy star logo and an included light fixture will be equipped with CFL (Compact Fluorescent) Bulbs. If the fan does not include a light fixture and you decide to go with anything but CFL Bulbs, energy star will not apply. So if interested in Energy Star ceiling fans, look for the logo! Or check out or energy star section here.

Airflow, Electricity Use, Airflow Efficiency

Every fan under its Technical Specifications will have its CFM Ratings. ‘CFM’ stands for “Cubic Feet per Minute” and directly measures the amount of air moved at high speed. The higher the rating, the more air the fan moves.Eletricity Use is the wattage in which the fan uses. The Airflow Efficiency is the fan's CFM rating divided by the Electricity Use. For Example. If you have a fan with an Airflow of 5000 CFM, and an Electricity use of 91, then the fan will have an Airflow Efficiency of 54.9 per minute per watt at high speed.