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About Fan Operation

  • How do ceiling fans help heat in the winter?

    Ceiling Fans can help heat during the winter with the use of its reverse function. The reverse function helps circulate the heat that rises to the ceiling by dispersing it alongside the walls and back around the room. To know your fan is spinning in Reverse, it should be spinning clockwise. To know if your fan is spinning forward, it should be spinning counter-clockwise.

  • Fan Operation: Which direction settings should I use?

    Reverse during the cold season, and forward during the hot season. To know your fan is spinning in Reverse, it should be spinning clockwise. To know if your fan is spinning forward, it should be spinning counter-clockwise.

  • I am missing parts. How do I replace them?

    Please call 1-877-332-6700. Some good information to have beforehand would be the fan Manufacturer, Model Name, Model Number. Model Numbers are typically found on top of the motor housing. If none of this information is available please take a picture of the ceiling fan and e-mail Note: We do not carry parts for Hampton Bay or Harbor Breeze.

  • Can you send me a catalogue and price list information?

    The simple answer is no. All prices are listed online and are not to be e-mailed to consumers. Catalogues are strictly for brick-and-mortar businesses.

  • My fan is making a clicking sound. How do I make it stop?

    Check to see if a screw or nut is loose. Check the fan pole mounts to make sure it’s secured. Check the mounting bracket located under the canopy to make sure it’s secured to the junction box and ceiling. Make sure that all screwed and nuts are tightened.

  • My fan sounds like it is grinding or humming. What is wrong?

    Check the wall switch to see if there is a regular light dimmer on the wall. This may create restrictive power to the fan causing the motor to not operate properly.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    We do ship worldwide. As far as payment methods go, Wire Transfer is definitely recommended over any other payments as far as ease of the process. If you have any questions about worldwide shipping, international orders, or international payment methods give us a call at 1-877-332-6700, or send us an e-mail to

  • Do you carry any 220 volt AC Fans?

    We have two manufacturers that carry 220 volt fans. Fanimation 220 volt fans are available here and purchasable online. Modern Fan Company also carries 220 volt fans, which you can view their product line here; though Modern Fan Company does not currently sale 220 volt fans online, you must call 1-877-332-6700 to place an order for a Modern Fan 220 volt fan. Depending on the manufacturer some fans can be custom ordered to be 220 volt but only can be requested if the order is a bulk order. Call 1-877-332-6700 for details.

  • My fan is wobbling. What can I do to fix this?

    Check that the hanger ball (on the downrod) is locked into its slot in the hanger bracket. Also, check to ensure that each blade holder is screwed into the flywheel securely. If wobbling continues, try rearranging the blades around the flywheel.

  • Some Technical Specifications are missing for the fan I am interested in (Dimensions/CFM's)?

    We provide the most current and up-to-date CFM’s and specifications for our fans. If the technical specifications or CFM’s are missing it is due to the manufacturer being unable to supply us that information.

  • How can I tell if my fan requires a 9 ft. ceiling or higher?

    Most fans that have and up-light or a large upper motor housing require a 9 ft. ceiling or higher. Please call our toll free number for more information. 1-877-332-6700.

  • How can I tell if a ceiling fan is reversible?

    If the control included with the fan does not state it is reversible. Then call our toll free number and speak with one of our live ceiling fan specialists whether or not certain ceiling fans are available to reverse or not. 1-877-332-6700.

  • Why is there such a large cost difference in between fans? They look the same!

    While each manufacturer differs, each fan within a manufacturer differs as well. High end fans typically use quality parts, high end motors to larger sized motors which move more air, motor housings are a die cast metal instead of a stamped metal, blades are made of high quality furniture veneer layers in comparison to particle board. While this information is not conveyed via text, it definitely is represented in the price. You get what you pay for.