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Custom Aluminum Fireplace Doors

Aluminum does not rust or tarnish and is rather impervious to heat, so it makes an excellent material for fireplace door frames. The frames are pieced together with mitered corners from aluminum extrusions and are custom made to fit your fireplace. You can choose from Powder Coat, the hand applied Artisan Premier or Anodized finishes, each formulated for extreme durability and resistance to heat. The glass is 1/4" thick fully tempered safety glass with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and, unlike cheaper brands sold at home centers, you can burn your fire with the doors closed.

Stock Aluminum Fireplace Doors

These two aluminum door models come in a variety of sizes that are available for quick assembly at the factory. Unlike other brands that make stock doors, these are assembled to order, so you can choose from a wider variety of finishes and options. If you are looking for a less expensive alternative and have a basic rectangular masonry fireplace, give us a call and we'll see if any of these will fit your fireplace.

Carolina Series - Steel Bar Stock Fireplace Doors

The Carolina series of fireplace doors by Design Specialties are made from 3/16" thick solid steel barstock with welded corners that are sanded smooth. The available finishes are designed to coat the steel so the seams are not visible, so there are less finish options than the Legend series. Carolina doors are available made using either 1 1/2" or 2" wide barstock for the outer frames with a 1" or 1 1/2" maximum overlap respectively.

Legend Series - Laser Cut Steel Fireplace Doors

The Legend series fireplace glass doors are made using state of the art computerized laser cutting machinery combined with expert hand craftsmanship. They are laser cut from a solid sheet of 3/16" thick steel so there are no seems in the corners. Laser cutting allows us to create a variety of shapes and patterns on the doors, and because there are no sanded welds, they can be finished to perfection in a wider variety of powder coat and hand applied finishes. There are also less restrictions on the size of the frame and we can even customize a door from your own concept or pattern.

(Call for Details)(#16) Legend Window Pane
(Masonry & ZC)

(Call for Details)(#19) Essex
(Masonry & ZC)

(Call for Details)(#29) Slim Modern Single
(Masonry & ZC)

(Call for Details)(#30) Legend Rec. Arch
(Masonry & ZC)

(Call for Details)(#33) Tuscany
(Masonry & ZC)

Fireplace Barn Doors

These unique fireplace doors are inspired by the concept of a barn door that slides on rollers. The barn door design fits in perfectly with today's ever widening variety of home decor styles from steam punk to modern craftsman and all kinds of retro modern mixes. The Hudson Roller Door from Design Specialties captures the essence of craftsman style because it really is hand crafted in a rustic iron look. The Moderne Roller and Odyssey Roller both take the barn door fireplace doors into the realm of contemporary style. The Hudson Roller door can also be made with a flat wire mesh if you are looking for a Barn Door Fireplace Screen without glass.

(Call for Details)(#35) Moderne Roller
(Masonry Only)

(Call for Details)(#36) Odyssey Roller
(Masonry Only)

Forged Iron Fireplace Doors

Our forged series of doors takes the steel door to a different level. Some of these doors require a skilled blacksmith to create the look and textures that you see. Doors like these look best on rock or brick fireplaces, although when done in the right finish, will flatter a marble or tile fireplace just as well. These doors are pricier than our other steel doors because of level of craftsmanship required to make them.

(Call for Details)(#39) Blacksmith Sq. Arch
(Masonry & ZC)

Custom Surrounds and Door Panels

We can do all sorts of custom things to make your doors unique. Below are a few examples of how we can use various patterns to customize the outer surround or the door panels for a unique look. You can choose from our existing louver patterns below or email us your own pattern. Call for pricing on all of these doors since they are not in any price book and each one is unique.

(Call for Details)(#1-Surrounds) Tuscan Surround
(Masonry & ZC)

(Call for Details)(#2-Surrounds) Prarie Surround
(Masonry & ZC)

(Call for Details)(#3-Surrounds) Blocks Surround
(Masonry & ZC)

(Call for Details)(#5-Surrounds) Prarie Surround
(Masonry & ZC)

(Call for Details)(#4-Surrounds) Tuscan Surround
(Masonry & ZC)

(Call for Details)(#5-Surrounds) Prarie Surround
(Masonry & ZC)

(Call for Details)(#6-Surrounds) Blocks Surround
(Masonry & ZC)

(Call for Details)(#5-Surrounds) Prarie Surround
(Masonry & ZC)

Arched Fireplace Doors

Although almost any of the steel doors we have can be made with an arch, we have a few here for you to see. If you have an arched fireplace opening, we will tell you how to make a template that we will use to make your door. We can also make an arched door that fits a rectangular fireplace without the need for a template. The Buckingham and Black Rock are examples of these because they have a wider frame that can cover a rectangular opening.

(Call for Details)(#50) Stronghold Arch
(Masonry Only)

Large Fireplace Doors

We specialize in custom fireplace doors for large fireplaces. Fireplaces that are over 48" wide or 34" tall almost always require special doors made with "Fixed End Panels". Most of the fireplace doors you see on this page can be made with fixed end panels for larger fireplaces. Read more about Large Fireplace Doors or give us a call at: 1-800-201-1193

Large Fireplace Doors Shown Above: Brookfield with Fixed End Panels

Corner Fireplace Doors

Most of the doors you see on our site can also be made for corner fireplaces. Every corner fireplace is different and some have more limitations than others when it comes to how a fireplace door can be made or installed. Send us some pictures of your fireplace and we will let you know what the limitations are. Please call for pricing and options.

Corner Fireplace Doors Shown Above: Brookfield (left), Shadow (center), Brookfield ZC Deluxe (right)
To Order Call: 1-800-201-1193

Specialty Items

Here are some other items that we would be happy to discuss with you. Please call for details about these items: 1-800-201-11936

Base Price: $2600 and up
(Call for Details)(#54) Outdoor 301 Stainless
(Masonry & ZC)

Base Price: $100
(Call for Details)(#55) Grate Heater Cutouts
(Masonry & ZC)

Base Price: $800
(Call for Details)(#56) Grate Heater
(Masonry & ZC)

Door Options

Not all options are available on all doors. Please call for details

Custom Vent Covers and Louvers

If you have a heatilator type fireplace with vents or louvers in to the masonry, we can custom make vent covers and louvers in the same style and finish as your fireplace door for a more complete elegant look. (Call for Details)

Vent Covers


Design Specialties Fireplace Doors Logo

We specialize in fireplace glass doors made by Design Specialties. With a broad range of styles and a wide price range from stock size doors to custom made hand forged fireplace enclosures, Design Specialties is the premier fireplace door manufacturer in the USA. Not only are their products made to withstand the heat of a fire and rigors of use over the years, they are one of the only fireplace door brands with a Lifetime Warranty on the glass for breakage, and you can burn your fire with the doors closed. If you read the fine print from most other fireplace door warranties, they may cover the glass for 90 days to a year and will instruct you not to burn the fire with the doors closed. So what's the use if you can't close the doors? Read more about Design Specialties.

Why Use Fireplace Glass Doors?

When you have a fire, often times you leave the damper open all night and your chimney acts like a vacuum sucking the heat right out of your house. Once the fire dies out, the process is reversed and cold are rushes into your home the rest of the night. It's worse than leaving a window open in the dead of winter. Who would do that? Closing your fireplace doors as your fire starts dying out reduces prevents this from happening and and minimizes the heat loss from your chimney, which saves lots of energy and lowers hour heating bill.

Important Information about Fireplace Glass Doors!

Before you begin shopping for fireplace doors, you need to know if you have a masonry or zero clearance fireplace (also called "ZC" or prefabricated fireplaces). Because masonry fireplaces are built from non-combustible materials that insulate the fireplace from the rest of your home, there are no special requirements for the doors to keep the firebox cool. However, zero clearance fireplace, often referred to as prefabricated or prefab fireplaces, have special requirements that must be met in order to keep the fireplace cool and safe. So it is critical to know which type of fireplace you have before you purchase glass doors. You can read more about this here: Fireplace Doors: Masonry - vs - ZC. However, before you buy a fireplace door anywhere, we recommend you call and speak with one of our fireplace door experts. Call: 1-800-201-1193. Below are some links to more helpful information about fireplace doors.

Fireplace Door Resources:

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