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Custom Steel Mantels from Design Specialties

Steel Mantel with TV above fireplace

Custom made in any width up to 96" each Design Specialties floating steel mantel shelf is easy to install and available in a variety of Decorative Finishes. You can further customize the look by choosing from a variety of appliques, bands and corbels that attach with magnets giving you the ability to change up the look in an instant.

If you install a TV over your fireplace, a steel mantel will help shield your TV from heat*. Steel is non-combustible, so you can position it closer to the fireplace opening and lower your TV to a more comfortable viewing height. You can fill the mantel with insulation to provide even more protection if you wish to set sound-bar on top of the shelf. Be sure to read the disclaimer below*.

To Order Call: 1-800-201-1193

To ensure you get exactly what you need, we take all orders for custom steel mantels over the phone. Please call to order or get a quote, or take advantage or our FREE Fireplace Design Service where you can email us pictures of your fireplace and we'll show you have your new shelf might look before you buy.


Due to the highly unstable cost of steel at this time all custom mantels are quoted per job. Currently the prices range from approximately $480 to $925 depending on the size. Appliques, bands and corbels are additional. Call for details.


Steel Mantel in Forged Iron

Standard Widths: 36", 48", 60", 72", 84" and 96"
Custom Width, Height and Depth Available

Steel Mantel Measurements

Create Your Own Look

With our exclusive MagnA-Tach appliques, bands and corbels you can design and re-design your mantel long after it has been installed. These options simply attach with strong magnets.

Steel Mantel with Appliques Shown Above: Steel Mantel in Burnished Copper with with Acorn Bar, Citadel Appliques and Bar Bands in Forged Iron

Appliques & Bands

Steel Mantel Appliques and Bands


Corbels are strictly decorative, they do not provide any additional support as they are attached to the bottom of the mantel with strong magnets.

Steel Mantel Appliques and Bands Steel Mantel with Corbels Shown Above: Steel Mantel in Silver Birch with Tri Arch Corbels, Diamond Bar and Diamond Bar Bands in Rustic Black.


Each mantel is available in the powder coat and hand crafted finishes represented below. These computer generated representations are meant to give you a general idea of the finish options. these images will look different on every computer monitor and the actual finish varies between each mantel as they are made one at a time. Even more, the lighting in your room will have a major impact on how the finish looks. For these reasons, we do not accept returns based on the finish. If you are the least bit concerned that the finish needs to be precise, we do not recommend ordering a custom steel mantel anywhere online. If you are worried about selecting the right finish, email us pictures of your fireplace and our experts will be happy to make a recommendation.

Steel Mantel Finishes
Powder Coat - Rustic Black


Installation is very easy. The mantel comes with a hanger that you attach to the studs or bricks in the wall. Once that is done, you simply slip the mantel over the hanger and it locks in place. You can easily remove the mantel by lifting up on it and pulling it off the hanger. To prevent warping and discoloration position the bottom of the mantel at least 10" from the top of the fireplace opening.

Steel Mantel Installation Step 1 Steel Mantel Installation Step 2 Steel Mantel Installation Step 3 Steel Mantel Installation Step 4


*Although a steel mantel will obviously provide heat deflection, we make no guarantee your TV or other electronic equipment will not be damaged from heat. The amount of heat that comes out of every fireplace varies and no specific testing has been done to show exactly how much heat will be deflected by these steel mantels. If you set any electronic equipment (such as a sound-bar) directly on top of the mantel, we recommend you pack insulation inside the mantel. We also recommend you test the temperature of the mantel surface and TV after the fireplace has been running for at least 30 minutes. Refer to the manufacturer of your electronic equipment for information about how much heat your equipment can handle.