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Why Stock Fireplace Doors May Not Fit

Here are two cases that show why stock doors may not fit your fireplace even though the size chart says they will. This is why we recommend you email us pictures of your fireplace and talk to our fireplace door experts. We will look for these things and make sure the doors you order are going to fit your fireplace and look great.

Case #1: Wide Mortar Joints

When a size chart says a stock door will fit your fireplace, you need to make sure the frame is wide enough to cover the mortar joints. In this example, the opening measures 35 1/2" wide and the stock size door measures 36", which allows for a 1/4" overlap on each side. This is fine if the fireplace is faced with marble or tile. But with a brick facing like this, the mortar joints are over 1/2" wide, so you see gaps between the mortar joints and the frame. This fireplace really needs a door that is at least 2" wider than the opening so that it overlaps at least 1" on each side.

Case #2: Lintel In The Way

Most fireplace doors have a subframe that extends back into the fireplace 1" to 1 1/2" (Fig #1). If the lintel drops down lower than the minimum height of a stock size door, you must make sure it is far enough back so that it does not get in the way of the subframe. In the example below, the lintel is only 1/2" back from the face and it drops down almost 3/4" (Fig #2). If the size chart says the door will fit an opening between 23" and 25" tall and the opening measures 23 1/2" (to the bricks), this door will not fit even though the size chart says it will.

Fig #1: Frame Depth 1 1/2"
Fig #2: Lintel Height 3/4"