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Custom Formed Steel Fireplace Doors

Burn Open or Closed? Hearth Creations glass doors must be open when your fire is burning. You can close them temporarily to help start the fire (which works great) or when the fire is dying out. They use 1/4" tempered safety glass but do not cover glass breakage or frame discoloration caused by excessive heat. When burning gas logs or alternative gas fires, the doors should always remain open due to gas safety standards.


Formed steel doors are made by bending 14 gauge steel to make the door frame. Unlike laser cut steel, formed steel will have seams on the top and sides. Formed steel can also have additional steel trim added on the outside of the frame and on the door frames themselves for an interesting combination of finishes. Doors shown with trims can also be made without the trim if you do not want combined finishes. The standard frame is 2" wide and can overlap the opening the full 2". Custom widths can be made from 1 1/4" to whatever width you want. Below are just a few pictures of the Formed Steel doors in different finish combinations.

Closeup Side View: This shows how the formed steel frame is 3/4" deep. This example has a plated brass overlay wrapped around the formed steel frame.
Front View: This the depth of the frame, how the hinges look. The 1/4" gap in the glass is only used for zero clearance fireplaces to allow airflow into the firebox for cooling. The gap will not be there on doors made for masonry fireplaces.
Back View: This shows how pressure mount tabs are added. It also shows air slots that are cut into the sides of doors used on zero clearance fireplaces. Slots will not be cut into the frame when doors are made for masonry fireplaces.
Handle Options for Formed Steel Doors