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About Design Specialties

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Headquartered in Milwaukee since they opened their doors in 1983, the state-of-the-art, 40,000 foot square foot manufacturing facility where every product and part rolling off the line is American made. Design Specialties was the first in the industry to design fireplace doors with aluminum, 32 years later Design Specialties continues its legacy as a pioneer in fireplace door design and manufacturing. Millions of homeowners and designers have come to rely on their cutting-edge designs - from custom laser-cut steel, full vision glass doors to rustic hand-finished options. No matter the scope, they have something for everyone.

Custom Solutions

"We build all of our doors and screens when we receive the order; there's no off the shelf here. Each door is built by hand to ensure quality and a perfect fit. And with doors and screens for masonry, gas and vent-free fireplaces, you can create the perfect door that will complete the look of your fireplace." (quoted from Design Specialties).

Handcrafted, unique artistry

Untouched by competitors, their specialized approach truly differentiates our products. Using a skilled blacksmith, high-end custom fire place doors are forged and finished by hand - not machine - resulting in unique, one-of-a-kind creations other manufacturers can't replicate or commoditize.