Free Fireplace Door
Design Service

Email us pictures of your fireplace and we will show you how your fireplace doors will look before you buy them.
"Hands down the best way to shop for fireplace doors online!"

If you email us pictures of your fireplace, we can do a mock-up to show you how your doors will look before you buy them. Even more, our experts can make sound recommendations if they see anything that may affect the way your doors need to be made or installed. We will help you avoid some common costly mistakes that many people make when ordering glass fireplace doors online. Our ultimate goal is to help you find the perfect doors for your fireplace, show you how to measure for them, and help you get them installed. This is hands down, the best way to shop for fireplace doors online!

Instructions for Pictures

Take your pictures in landscape (wider than tall) at the highest resolution you can muster. Try your best to take your pictures straight in front of and at the same level of the fireplace opening. Try to get the fireplace as straight on and square in the picture as possible. When we superimpose fireplace doors on your picture, they will look much nicer if we don't have to distort the frame. See these examples:

Not So Good

Email your pictures to our webmaster: gregt@hansenwholesale

We may also add your picture to our Fireplace Door Photo Gallery so others can benefit from seeing your photos

Here's a before and after example

Original Photo
Digital Mock-Up

See More Examples Here >>

Email Instructions:

Email Subject: Please state the subject matter of your email as: "Fireplace Glass Door Help" since we will not open emails that have attachments if we do not know what they are regarding.

Measurements: Please include measurements of your fireplace opening if possible.

Phone Number: Please include this if you wish to talk to a fireplace door expert.

What happens next? This is a manual process done by one of our fireplace experts on staff who also happens to be adept at manipulating computer graphics. It can take up to 48 hours for us to mock-up your image, although most of the time it is much quicker (sometimes within minutes). There is no charge for this service, so it is well worth the wait!

Rectangular Fireplaces Only

Currently, we provide the mock-up feature for rectangular fireplaces only, but sometimes we are able to do other just depends on the photo you send and the doors we have pictures of. Keep in mind that it is difficult to turn a rectangle into an arch when it comes to computer graphics, so this is a limitation. Regardless of the shape of your fireplace, you will still want to email us your pictures so that our experts will know exactly what you have and be able to help you.

Privacy Note: Your privacy is very important to us, so we will never divulge your email address to any entity outside of our company. However, your picture may be viewable by other visitors to our website, so please do not show anything in the photograph that you do not want to be visible publicly. We will not associate your name or any information about you with your picture aside from any description you might provide. By submitting this form and including a picture, you are giving us all rights to use your photo in any manner we see fit.

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