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Design Specialties Warranty, Operating Instructions & Maintenance

Below is a copy of the warranty from Design Specialties as of 11/30/2021. Changes may have been made to this policy since the date we published it, so if you have any questions about this please give us a call.

What does the warranty say in a nutshell?

  • LIFETIME warranty on the glass for breakage under normal use (best warranty in the industry)
  • 1 year warranty on the entire door for material and workmanship defects (typical industry standard)
  • 2 year warranty on all metalwork for material and workmanship defects (typical industry standard is 1 year)

Warranty Information

Design Specialties, LLC warrants the glass enclosures to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of installation. Design Specialties, LLC warrants the metal work (exclusive of the finish) contained in the glass enclosures to be free from defects in the materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of installation. Discoloration of any frame piece is caused by over firing and is considered abuse of the enclosure.


It will, however, replace without cost any glass that breaks in normal use. Design Specialties, LLC will cover shipping cost for replacement glass for a period of one (1) year from the date of installation. Warranties also are not transferable to new owners. All warranty claims should be directed to customer’s local dealer for prompt service. The foregoing limited warranty is not transferable by the customer and does not include the eventual defects caused by improper use or operation of the glass enclosure or by normal wear and tear. Design Specialties, LLC agrees that if the glass enclosure is determined to be defective in manufacture within the applicable written guarantee period set forth above, and the customer provides a written notice of such defects within fourteen (14) days of the end of such period to the customer’s local dealer, Design Specialties, LLC is limited to defects in manufacture, and Design Specialties, LLC shall not be responsible if the glass enclosure has not been used at all times with reasonable care and in accordance with the instructions which accompany each glass enclosure, and/or if any attempt has been made by any person other than Design Specialties LLC or its authorized agents to repair, alter or otherwise interfere with the foregoing undertaking of Design Specialties LLC is limited to the replacement of any determined by Design Specialties, LLC to be defective. Finally, the enforceability of this limited Warranty shall be further subject to compliance with the following requirements:

A. That the customer complies with the instruction set forth above and does not misuse, abuse, alter, or modify the glass enclosure.

B. That the customer does not use the glass enclosure for a purpose other than its intended use.


The limited warranty set forth above, is expressly in lieu of any other warranties, express or implied, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, whether express or implied, and lieu of any other obligation or liability on the part of Design Specialties, LLC. Whether under theories of contract, tort or negligence, Design Specialties, LLC, shall have no liability for any consequential, incidental or special damages by reason of any act or omission, whether negligent or not, arising out of or in connection with the glass enclosure or its sale, delivery, installation, maintenance, operation, performance, or use, including without limitation any loss of use, damage to associated property or the facility, or any other similar and dissimilar losses, cost.

PLEASE NOTE: Design Specialties doors are hand crafted to the specifications of each order. Due to the nature of the anodization process on aluminum doors, and the plating/powder coating process on steel doors, slight variations in color may occur and will not be considered a warranty issue.


Your Design Specialties fireplace door has been designed and built to provide many years of service.

There are a great many different fireplace designs and variables that may affect how you use these doors. The fireplace doors are primarily used to eliminate cold drafts while the fireplace is not in use and to provide a decorative finished look to the fireplace.

Additional benefits to having fireplace doors are reducing the amount of excess air being drawn up into the chimney while a fire is going. While not airtight, the closed doors restrict the amount of warm room air from being drawn up the flue. If your fireplace is fitted with an outside air vent, the efficiency is increased by increasing the draw of air from the outside. Radiant heat is still produced and transmitted through the tempered glass, warming the room. If your fireplace door is equipped with a room draft control, the draft control can be opened or closed to regulate the amount of additional room air allowed into the fireplace while the doors are closed. Observation of the fire will tell you whether additional air is necessary.

A fire that is "slow" or smokey may require additional air. Opening the draft control increases the air going into the fireplace. The draft control is located in the front bottom of the frame. Two black tabs, one on each side allow you to operate the draft. Moving the control to the right opens the draft, left is closed. For the steel door products we make, the draft control is located behind the glass doors on the bottom center of the frame. It is operated by sliding the control forward or back. Back is open, forward is closed. Depending on the individual fireplace, it may be necessary to operate the fireplace with the fireplace doors in the open position.


Your fireplace door was made from extremely durable materials. Generally, an occasional cleaning is all that's required to keep the function and beauty of the fireplace door. To clean the glass, use a glass cleaner specifically for glass. Avoid any products with lye or abrasives. Some fireplace cleaning products contain both caustic and abrasive compounds. Do not use these products on any glass or metal surface. The use of very fine (0000) steel wool on the glass with a glass cleaner will break up the creosote buildup on the glass easily. Don't use steel wool on any metal surfaces. To clean metal surfaces, use a soft cotton cloth and diluted dish detergent and gently wipe off dust and fingerprints from the metal. Don't scrub or use a strong cleaner as this could remove the protective lacquer coating used on some of our fireplace doors. Avoid leaving fingerprints on delicate polished surfaces. If your fireplace door is equipped with optional mesh curtains, heat and moisture can cause surface rust on the curtain rods making the curtains hard to use. Open the curtains and gently clean off the rods with some steel wool. Should the doors require adjustment, refer to the installation / adjustment instructions that came with the fireplace door.