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How to Measure and Install Fireplace Doors

Measuring Guide

Although you are more than welcome to Download a Measuring Guide, every fireplace is different and the measuring guide may not describe how to measure your particular fireplace. Plus, each door has it's own special characteristics that need to be considered when you are measuring. So it is best if you email us some pictures of your fireplace first. This way we see can see what you have and taylor some measuring instructions to fit your needs. After seeing your pictures, we will be able to help you avoid mistakes and describe any issues you can expect so there are no surprises when you install your doors. For non-rectangular fireplaces you can download this more detailed sheet: Measuring Sheet for Multi-sided and Arched Fireplaces!

Fireplace Door Videos

Here are some videos that will help you if you have questions about how to measure and install fireplace doors. The first video is a great place to start because it describes some of the important terms you need to be familiar with plus, it shows the difference between some of the frames and how they fit.

Video #1: Measuring Zero Clearance/Factory Built fireplaces

Video #2: Installing a Design Specialties aluminum ZC door on a zero clearance/factory built fireplace

Video #3: Installing Design Specialties steel doors on zero clearance/factory built fireplaces

Video #4: Measuring masonry fireplaces

Video #5: Installing a Design Specialties aluminum masonry door

Video #6: How to measure an arched fireplace opening

Video #7: Installing steel masonry fireplace door

Video #7B: Applying Mortar

This is the same as video #7 above, but just starts at the point near the end where they describe masking the door and applying mortar

Video #8: Refresh Series from Design Specialties

Fireplace Door Frame Profiles

View cross sections of the aluminum door frames all compared to scale

What about Stock Size Fireplace Doors?

Most fireplace glass door manufacturers have a size chart that is used to determine what size fits what fireplace, but unless you know exactly how the door is installed and what the tolerances are that it is made to, you can easily run into problems interpreting these size charts

For example: Let's say you have a brick fireplace where the mortar joints are 5/8" from the edge of the opening (which is actually extremely common for brick fireplaces). If you choose a door from a size chart that is 1/2" wider than your overall fireplace opening, you are going to see holes at each of the mortar joints around the outer frame of the fireplace door because it is not wide enough to cover the mortar joints.

This is a very common problem with people who purchase doors without first speaking to a professional...and a great example of why we request that you email us pictures of your fireplace. Once we see your pictures, we will see issues like this right away and recommend that you either choose a different door that has more overlap, or have one custom made that fits better.

So, I do apologize for not having described how to measure your fireplace on this page, but I simply cannot do that until I (or one of our other experts) have seen your fireplace pictures.

Click Here for instructions about sending pictures.

Greg Tillotson
Webmaster for Hansen Wholesale

Installation Manuals (.pdf)

The installation manuals give instructions for most of the doors made by Design Specialties. For steel doors other than the Carolina, if you do not see the name of the door on the list, refer to the Legend Masonry Instructions as they are all basically the same.

Aluminum Door Masonry Select Line
Aluminum ZC
Brookfield ZC Deluxe Front
Curtain Carolina
Curtain Elite
Hudson Roller
Legend Masonry
Legend ZC Deluxe Rev A Model
Refresh Alum DV Front
Refresh Steel DV Front W Doors
Refresh Steel DV Screen Front
Valance 1
Valance 2
ZC Alternative Mounting
ZC Wedge Fit Brackets

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