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Project #10795 - Glass Doors for Living Room Fireplace

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Customer Comments: The opening measures 35 & 1/2 inches wide by 24 & 1/2 inches high. I was thinking screen but maybe glass? (leaning toward glass doors please that open and have minimal frame). Thank you

Our Comments: Here are some ideas showing glass doors and some other types of screens.

Fireplace Opening: 35 1/2" W x 24 1/2" H


Low End Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is an excellent material for fireplace doors because it does not rust and can handle high temperatures when treated with powder coated finishes. It is also the most affordable.

Phoenix Fireplace Door Option #1: Phoenix Fireplace Glass Door in Slate Gray.

Medium Range Steel Doors

Steel doors are more substantial than the less expensive aluminum doors. They are heavy duty and rugged and are more customizable because the frames are laser cut.

Legend Fireplace Door Option #2: Legend Fireplace Glass Door in Forged Iron.
Carolina WP
Carolina Fireplace Door Option #3: Carolina Window Pane Fireplace Glass Door in Rustic Black.

Other Types of Screens

Single Panel Screen
Solid Brass Fireplace Screen Option #4: 1P10M Solid Brass Fireplace Screen in Antique Pewter.
Single Panel Screen
Solid Brass Fireplace Screen Option #5: 1P10M-BOWED Solid Brass Bowed Fireplace Screen with Double Band in Polished Chrome.
Frame Screen
Fireplace Frame Screen Option #6: CFR85-52 Solid Brass Frame Screen with Half Oval Casting Trim in Black Antique Silver.

Finish Options for Single Panel and Frame Screens

Antique Finishes Gold Finishes Silver Finishes Iron Finishes

Other Pictures

Fig #1 - Closeup
Fig #2 - Room Setting
Fig #2 - Room Setting
Fig #2 - Room Setting
Fig #2 - Room Setting