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Project #10803 - Glass Doors for Fireplace with Ledge

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Our Comments: Here are several doors that work well with a fireplace that has a ledge. These are all designed to fit under the ledge and overlap the sides with the exception of the Option #1, which has no frame on the sides.

Fitting Doors Under a Ledge: The height of the door will be made 1/8" to 3/16" shorter than the smallest height from the hearth to the bottom of the lintel (the steel bar at the underside of the ledge). It is imperative that you measure accurately to find the lowest and tallest height across the opening. Option #1 & #2 are made to a 1/32" tolerance, so they will be made to within 1/8" of the lowest height. All of the other options are made to +- 1/8" tolerance, so we must make those doors at least 3/16" lower than the lowest height to ensure there is room for play to fit under the ledge.

Fireplace Opening: 36 1/4" W x 24 1/2" H


Medium Range Steel Doors

Steel doors are more substantial than the less expensive aluminum doors. They are heavy duty and rugged and are more customizable because the frames are laser cut.

Hybrid 2 Fireplace Door Option #1: HYBRID-2 Bifold Fireplace Glass Door in Flat Black with Clear Glass. This door fits completely inside the opening and has no frame on the sides. It is made exactly to the lowest height to fit under the ledge, so this is the cleanest look for this type of fireplace. There is about 1/8" room for play in the height as the door is assembled on the job, so you must measure accurately for this door.
Sliding Door
Solid Brass Fireplace Door Option #2: SD Sliding Fireplace Door in Flat Black with Satin Nickel Waterfall Handles. This door has 2 fixed panes of glass on the right and left sides and 2 sliding panes in the center. It will be made to overlap the sides 1/2" and with a 1/8" clearance under the ledge at the lowest point.
Legend Fireplace Door Option #3: Legend Fireplace Glass Door in Rustic Black with Gray Glass. Overlaps the sides 3/4" and made 3/16" lower than the ledge.
Slim Moderne
Slim Moderne Fireplace Door Option #4: Slim Moderne Fireplace Glass Door in Textured Black with Satin Nickel Doors and Low Reflective Black Glass. Overlaps the sides 3/4" and made 3/16" lower than the ledge.

Low End Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is an excellent material for fireplace doors because it does not rust and can handle high temperatures when treated with powder coated finishes. It is also the most affordable.

Stiletto Fireplace Door Option #5: Stiletto Fireplace Glass Door in Rustic Black with Clear Glass. Overlaps the sides 1/2" and made 3/16" lower than the ledge.

Other Pictures

Fig #1 - Closeup
Fig #2 - Room Setting
Fig #3 - Top Left
Fig #4 - Bottom Left
Fig #5 - Damper
Fig #6 - Underside of Ledge