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Project #10813 - Glass Doors for Fireplace

Customer Comments: My fireplace is 47.75 inches wide and 27.75 inches tall. Please let me know if you have fireplace doors that will fit this opening. Thank you.

Our Comments: Because your fireplace has vents on each side right behind the brick opening, we cannot use the aluminum doors from Design Specialties that fit inside the black metal opening. So we must use doors made by Stone Manufacturing that overlap the brick. These doors will ultimately give you a more clean finished look, but they are on the very high end price wise. Here are several mockups to show how they might look. You can choose from many different finishes other than what we are showing.

Fireplace Opening: 47 3/4" W x 27 3/4" H


Overlap Fitting Doors for Prefab Fireplaces from Stone Manufacturing

Important Note: In order to meet the proper airflow needs to keep your fireplace cool, these doors have 1/4" spacers on the back of the frame that prevent them from sealing tightly. You must burn your fire with the doors open.

Fireplace doors made by Stone Manufacturing are hand crafted by skilled artisans from Solid Brass or Steel, depending on the finish that is desired. Very high end, and very refined. Items made from solid brass come in a wide variety of hand crafted patinas and other finishes. Satin Nickel finishes done on solid brass are the finest quality and will not rust like plated steel.

Frameless Door
FLD-1 Frameless Fireplace Door Option #1: FLD-1 Frameless Fireplace Door in Flat Black. This is the least expensive option for your fireplace.
Hidden Hinge
Hidden Hinge Fireplace Door Option #2: HHFL Solid Brass Hidden Hinge Twin Door in Satin Brass.
DF1G Clearview Bifold Fireplace Door Option #3: DF1G Clearview Bifold Fireplace Doors in Flat Black or Gloss Black.
Sliding Door
Solid Brass Fireplace Door Option #4: SD-52 Solid Brass Sliding Fireplace Door with Half Oval Casting Trim in Old English. This door has 2 fixed panes of glass on the right and left sides and 2 sliding panes in the center.
Solid Brass
Solid Brass Fireplace Door Option #5: CD-2: Channel Bifold Fireplace Door in Black Steel with Solid Brass Doors.

Other Pictures

Fig #1 - Closeup
Fig #2 - Room Setting
Fig #3 - Top Left
Fig #4 - Bottom Left
Fig #5 - Damper
Fig #6 - Label