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Glass Doors for Fireplace In The Wall - Project #11031

See the actual after pictures for this project here!

Customer Comments: We are considering alternatives to improve the look of an existing Master Bedroom gas fireplace. The unit is a Superior RD 3800 installed in approximately 1980. It functions fine, using a wall switch as on/off with a running pilot light. The doors must be in the "open" position when it is running. Currently there are two bi-fold doors that function fine, with clear glass. I am wondering if a modernized door system would provide a more updated look?

Our Comments: This fireplace is an open slate and there are many directions you can go with it. The mockups below are meant to stimulate your imagination and come up with a direction that works for you. Some of the doors can only fit inside the opening while others can overlap the wall. This has to do with safety requirements and how they are met by the two different manufacturers that make these doors.

Fireplace Opening: 39 1/4" W x 20 7/8" H

Note: These mock-ups are not to scale and are meant to help you choose the model of your screen or door, not the finish. Although we may create a general representation of black, iron, bronze, gold and silver tones, you must choose your finish from our samples using the links below. Ask your project manager which samples apply to the items in your project.

Finish Samples: Design Specialties Finishes | Stone Manufacturing Finishes | Hearth Creations Finishes

Important Note:
About Finishes!

After: This is the actual after picture sent to us by the customer. They chose Option #4C SD Sliding Door in Hardwood Bronze with 18" Charred Oak Gas Logs. See more after pictures of this project here!

Design Specialties

These doors can only be made to fit inside the opening. They are made from aluminum or steel

Brookfield Fireplace Door Option #1: Brookfield ZC Fireplace Glass Door in Natural Iron (Aluminum).
Carolina Fireplace Door Option #2: Carolina Fireplace Glass Door in Classic Bronze (Steel).
Slim Moderne
Slim Moderne Fireplace Door Option #3: Slim Moderne Fireplace Glass Door in Slate Gray with Satin Nickel Doors and Gray Glass (Steel).

Stone Manufacturing

These doors can overlap the opening: These doors are hand crafted by skilled artisans from solid brass, Steel or wrought iron depending on the finish that is applied. Very high end, and very refined. Items made from solid brass come in a wide variety of hand crafted patinas and other finishes. Satin Nickel finishes done on solid brass are the finest quality and will not rust like plated steel. We feature several "Sliding Doors" where the outer two panes of glass are fixed and the inner panes slide left and right to open and close. Sliding doors are ideal for this application since they do not stick out when the doors are open.

Sliding Door
Sliding Fireplace Door Option #4A: SD Basic Sliding Door in Satin Nickel. This is the sliding door described above.
Sliding Door
Sliding Fireplace Door Option #4C: SD Basic Sliding Door in Hardwood Bronze.
Sliding Fireplace Door with Surround Option #5: SD-SURROUND Sliding Door in Hand Hammered Rustic Swedish with Dark Bronze Wrought Iron Surround. The outer two glass panes are fixed while the inner panes slide left and right. This is ideal for a fireplace raised in the wall since the doors do not project out when they are open.
Sliding Door
Sliding Fireplace Door Option #6: SD-WIDE Sliding Door in Light Oil Rubbed Steel.
Sliding Door
Fireplace Door Option #7: SD Sliding Door with #99 Wave Casting Trim in Satin Nickel.
Sliding Door
Fireplace Door Option #8: SD-LAYERED Sliding Door with More Contemporary Layered Design in Satin Nickel.
Bifold Door
Sliding Fireplace Door Option #9: HLD Basic Hingless Bifold Door in Satin Nickel. These doors swing out like your existing doors.
Fancy Fireplace Door Option #10: DF1G Bifold Door with AR-SA10 Fancy Solid Brass Casting Trim in Satin Nickel. This door is very expensive.
Wrought Iron
Fireplace Door Option #11: WI-DF1G-SCROLL Hand Made Wrought Iron Door with Full Scroll and Leaf Detail in Roman Bronze.

Finish Options for Stone Manufacturing

Antique Finishes Gold Finishes Silver Finishes Iron Finishes Wrought Iron Finishes

Solid Brass Castings

Use your imagination to create the perfect fireplace screen with these solid brass castings from Stone Manufacturing. Compliment architectural details in the mantel or other furnishings in our home, or simply create your own unique look. Available in a wide variety of finishes.

Narrow Castings

#66 - 5/8" Bellini (French Gold)
#88 - 5/8" Prince of Wales (Ormolu)
#54 - 7/8" Reed & Ribbon (Oil Rubbed Bronze)
#34 - 7/8" Mini Rope (Bronze Patina)
#35 - 7/8" Ornate Beaded (Aged Brass)
#20 - 1" Egg & Dart (Old English)
#22 - 1" Laurel Leaf (Antique Brass)
#27 - 1" French (Old English)
#33 - 1 1/8" Rope (Black Antique Silver)
#44 - 1" Circle Dot (Satin Nickel)
#52 - 1" Half Oval (Antique Pewter)
#55 - 1" Flower & Ribbon (Amber)
#48 - 1 1/8" Floral (Antique Brass)

Wide Castings

#77 - 1 1/4" Desert Palms (Oil Rubbed Bronze)
#99 - 1 3/8" Wave & Scroll (Old English)
#36 - 1 3/4" Oak Leaf (Hand Polished)
#46 - 2" Tulip (Burnt Sienna)
#51 - 2" Greek Key (Satin Brass & Black)
#42 - 2 1/8" Victorian (Brown Antique Silver)
#39 - 2 5/8" Wild Flowers (Highlighted Old English)
#95 - 1 1/2"-3 1/2" Shell (Polished Brass)

Other Pictures

Fig #1 - Closeup
Fig #2 - Room Setting

Mesh & Insulation Options

The Mesh options are behind the glass so you can burn the fire with the doors open and still have spark protection. Great for real wood or gas logs since most gas long manufacturers insist that you have a screen in front of the logs when they are burning. Mesh panel doors are the most popular and are best for when there are toddlers present because they will not open backwards whereas the mesh screens are easily pushed in. Insulation goes between the back of the frame and the fireplace facing, providing a better seal.

Black Mesh Curtains - These slide back and forth on a rod behind the glass
Gate Mesh Doors - These are separate doors behind the glass that have a flat wire mesh and a black frame.
Insulation: Provides a better seal between the fireplace face and the door frame.

This page was created as part of our Free Fireplace Door Design service. Anyone who has a fireplace and is considering glass doors can take advantage of this program. All you have to do is email us some pictures of your fireplace and we will create digital mock-ups showing you how various fireplace doors will look on your fireplace. This is hands down the best way to shop for fireplace doors. Click Here to Begin Your Own Project!