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Fireplace Door Photo Gallery

Surcharge Notice: Due to skyrocketing material costs Design Specialties will add the following surcharges to orders placed after 8/27/2021: Steel Doors (except Carolina) +$200 | Carolina Steel Doors, Aluminum Doors, Custom Screens +$100. This is in addition to prices posted on our website or any prior quote.

Outdoor Fireplace Screens and Doors

Don't Make This Mistake!

Rusted Outdoor Fireplace Screen Shown above: Ordinary steel fireplace screen made for indoors all rusted out.

Proper Materials for Outdoor Fireplace Screens

To avoid having a fireplace ending up like the one pictured above, you need a screen made from one of the following materials:

Prices are for Glass Doors. Other types of screens are substantially less.

  • Powder Coated Aluminum: From $955.00
  • Stainless Steel: From $2800.00
  • Solid Brass: From $2995.00
  • Zinc Coated Wrought Iron: From $5900.00

Some of the Custom Fireplace Screens and Fireplace Doors you see on our website can be made in the above materials and will last many years outdoors. If you are near the ocean where there is salt air, it is even more important to use high quality materials like these to help keep mother nature at bay. Below are just a few examples to give you an idea how they might look

Outdoor Fireplace Glass Doors

Glass Fireplace Doors are the most commonly requested of our outdoor fireplace screens. They offer the most functionality overall and are very convenient because you just open and close them instead of having to lift them out of the way when you are building a fire. When burned with the doors closed, they block the breeze, which can cause a fire to burn erratically and blow sparks and smoke around. They also offer the best protection from sparks. Glass doors can be made from stainless steel, powder coated aluminum, solid brass and zinc coated steel. Mesh options include stainless steel sliding mesh curtains and gate mesh backup doors are made in stainless steel and can have a natural finish or can be painted black. Models from Design Specialties can be burned with the glass closed whereas doors from Stone Manufacturing cannot.

Legend Fireplace Door Option #1: Legend Outdoor Fireplace Glass Door with 1" Stainless Steel Frame and Hardware in Brushed Stainless Finish and Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Backup Doors Painted Black. View This Project >>>

Outdoor Fireplace Mesh Doors

Mesh fireplace doors provide excellent spark protection and functionality. Because they are attached to the fireplace, they are sturdy and do not need to be moved aside when tending the fire. They will block some wind from blowing into the fireplace, but not nearly as well as glass doors. These can be made from any of the outdoor materials.

Legend Fireplace Door Option #2: Legend Outdoor Fireplace Mesh Door All Stainless Steel with Rustic Black Powder Coat. View This Project >>>

Outdoor Free Standing Mesh Doors

For those who prefer a mesh door but do not want to bolt it to the fireplace, the free standing mesh doors is a great option. These can be made from Stainless Steel, Solid Brass or Zinc Coated Iron.

Single Panel Screen
Carolina Single Panel Screen Option #3: Carolina Free Standing Screen Door made from Stainless Steel in Vintage Iron Powder Coat. Includes Stainless Steel Mesh Painted Black.

Outdoor Fireplace Screen - Single Panel

Single panel screens are a great alternative for outdoor fireplaces and can be made from stainless steel, solid brass and zinc coated steel. These provide excellent spark protection and will block some wind. Free standing screens can also have 3 panels if you prefer a folding screen.

Single Panel Screen
Solid Brass Fireplace Screen Option #4: 1P10M Solid Brass Fireplace Screen Painted Black. View This Project >>>
Outdoor Wrought Iron Screen
1P30M Free Standing Wrought Iron Screen Option #5: WI-1P30M 58 X 30 Single Panel Arched Outdoor Zinc Coated Wrought Iron Screen in Rust. Shown with Matching WI-T1 Granada Wrought Iron Tools, WI-WB1 Wood Holder and WI-AN9 Liege Andirons. View This Project >>>

Outdoor Fireplace Mesh Curtain Screen

Often referred to as a "Bar and Mesh" these sliding screens are less expensive than other options. The mesh is stainless steel and can be painted black as shown below. The bar can be stainless steel, solid brass painted black or zinc coated steel.

Frame Screen
Fireplace Frame Screen Option #6: C92 Sliding Mesh Curtains with Hammered Edge and Rivet Ends. Made from Zinc Coated Steel with Stainless Steel Mesh Painted Black. View This Project >>>

More Outdoor Fireplace Screens

Most of our Solid Brass Fireplace Screens can be Painted Black or be made in the Antique Brass Waxed finish. There are limitations to the styles that can be made in stainless steel and wrought iron.

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