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Custom Carolina Screens for Two Fireplaces

"The fireplace screens have served us well, and we expect they will continue to do so for a long time. They are exactly the kind of understatement I was seeking while keeping the rooms spark free. You were prompt in providing us what we were looking for, and the turnaround time was perfect.

Thanks very much,


After Photo
Screen #1
After Photo
Screen #2

Order Specifications:

This describes the items featured in this project exactly as they were ordered:

Screen #1: 
Brand: Design Specialties
Carolina Rectangle
Single Panel Screen
Window Pane
Classic Foot
Ancient Age
Square Handles
Fixed End Panels

Make to size is
46 1/2" W x 47 1/2" H
Screen #2: 
Brand: Design Specialties
Carolina Rectangle Free Standing
Single Panel Screen
Contemporary Foot
Classic Bronze
Square Handles

Make to size is 40" Wide x 36" High

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