Glass Doors for See Thru Fireplaces

A see through fireplace is one that is open on two sides and you can see right through it from one room to another as shown above. If you have a see thru fireplace or are planning to turn a single sided fireplace into a see through fireplace by knocking out the back side of the fireplace, there are a few things you need to know about adding glass doors.

If you add glass doors to both sides of your fireplace, you can either burn the fire with both doors closed or both doors open, but not with one open and one closed. The doors will have a draft assembly at the bottom that allows air into the fire when the doors are closed so will come into feed the fire from both sides at the same time causing the flames and smoke to go straight up. If you wish to burn the fire with one door open and the other closed, it is not safe to do so. Basically, this will turn the closed side into the back of the fireplace and the flames will blow against it. The fully tempered safety glass used to make fireplace doors cannot handle that amount of heat. Even very expensive ceramic glass cannot handle that much heat and can potentially shatter.

We have had many customers who wish to have a door on one side and a fixed panel of glass on the other. For the reason above, we will not make a fixed panel of glass. You will either need two glass doors or no doors at all.

Gas Fires: It is important to know that you cannot burn gas logs or other gas fires with your fireplace doors closed, they must be fully open. This is just a rule with gas logs since the controls are not made to handle the heat build up with doors closed and the air to fuel mixture is incorrect, which will cause the logs to soot up and produce too much carbon and carbon dioxide (toxic gas). This rule is for gas logs that are made to be installed in a wood burning fireplace, this does not apply to certain gas fireplaces that cannot ever burn wood, they are special appliance that draft completely differently and are made for such purposes.

If you want to add glass doors to your fireplace, please Email Pictures Of Your Fireplace to us so we can make some recommendations.

Example of See Thru Fireplace with Glass Doors

Legend Glass Door Option #1: Legend Fireplace Door in Forged Iron. (inside fit with custom frame)

FREE Fireplace Door Design Service

This page was created as part of our Free Fireplace Door Design service. Anyone who has a fireplace and is considering glass doors can take advantage of this program. All you have to do is email us some pictures of your fireplace and we will create digital mock-ups showing you how various fireplace doors will look on your fireplace. This is hands down the best way to shop for fireplace doors. Click Here to Begin Your Own Project!

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